3 day transfer success/multiple rates

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    KELLIF4 New Member

    I was alway's lead to believe we would do a 5 day transfer. I alway's had lot's of follicle's that were growing well. Then reality sat in, we only have 5 embryo's to work with so they want us to do a 3 day transfer.
    First question ... How many did you girl's transfer ? and did it work for you ?
    I was under the impression a day 5 transfer is better ? So now Im worried ......

    I'd appriciate any advise :)

    hopefull79 New Member

    I did a three day transfer, we transferred two 8 celled embryos. We only had four embryos, we were able to freeze the other two. I was also worried about not doing a 5 day, but there are lots and lots of success stories around here with 3 day, I'm one of them!! Just try to trust your RE, he knows what he's doing. Good luck!!!

    KELLIF4 New Member

    Thanks, I know there are some positive stories out there, I just thought it would help to hear them :)

    I would love to transfer 2 Embryo's but my DH is nervous that we wouldnt know what to do with 2 at once. I just see the odd's are much better with 2 and not necessarily having twins but singleton as well.

    Congrat's !!!!!!!

    hopefull79 New Member

    I think two is an excellent number, any more than that and I would be a wreck!! You have to do what is best for you, but depending on how your embryos are doing on the day of the transfer, I think two is the way to go!!! Good luck to you, I hope this is IT!!!

    kennedysmom New Member

    Kelli-Hi! I posted a message to you on the July IVF thread about the number of embryos to transfer. But, I also saw this thread you started about the 3dt success rate. From what I have read & what my RE has told me there is not more of a success rate using the 3dt vs. the 5dt & vice versa. RE's usually give the 3dt to women who do not have alot of embryos fertilized. They just don't want to take the risk of waiting 5 days & then they have none to transer. Just imagine though, with a 3dt your embabies are gonna be inside you where there should be, which is really awesome!!!

    And don't worry about getting twins. God is only gonna give you what he thinks you can handle. You never know, maybe he thinks you'll do absolutely great with 2!!!....Lol

    :bsv: :bsv: :bsv:

    KELLIF4 New Member

    Your Right :)

    Thanks for being so upbeat ...


    I had a 3dt and cell division wasn't the best but one little bugger stuck! I'm almost 13 weeks!


    yolieight New Member


    I had a BFN in June so I'm always hesitant to post but I did want to share my story with you.

    We did a three day transfer of two great 8 cell embryos and DH was very concerned about having twins and only wanted to transfer one but at the end we decided on two, neither stuck so I'm not sure that one or two would have mattered but we are doing a FET in September and are planning to put back the 3 remaining frozen embryos that we have that are also 3 day great 8 cell embryos.

    Good Luck in whatever you decide.

    KELLIF4 New Member

    I guess with transfering two, I know that we did what we could. If we only transfer one and it doesnt work, I will feel like we didnt do everything ..... I realize that even 2 may not work ...

    want2bemommy New Member

    I did a 3dt with 3 Embabies and only one stuck. I say go with what you feel comfortable and what your RE recommends. My DH was set on putting back 2 but RE suggested 3 and we trust our RE. :)

    babycrzy New Member

    I did a 3dt with 2 8 cell embies - one a grade 5 (best at my clinic and a grade 4+ - they both stuck......we had 7 more that grew great until day 5 and they all didnt make it......they were all a grade 4+. So, if I would have waited...there would have been none to transfer. When I found out that all the other embies didnt make it I was so sad.....I thought that meant that I wouldnt wind up preg with the other 2. The embryologist says that is no indication of what they are doing on the inside. That their petre dishes have nutrients in there for them to survive but that it is not a replication of what is inside your uterus. So, with that being said I think a 3 day transfer is just as good as a five day.

    KELLIF4 New Member

    That's really making me feel more hopeful! Congrat's !!! You ladies are giving me more hope on my 3 day transfer :)

    CaribbeanQueen New Member

    We always had 3dt as well... I got pregnant on our 3rd and 4th fresh IVF cycles. No worries--your RE will decide what's best for you based on your embryo quality.

    Good luck! It *does* work! We're all proof of that!

    mckfp New Member

    Children Mentioned.

    I always had the impression that a 5dt was better and my RE always questions where I ever got that info. I am not sure where I heard it either but 3dt are very common in Massachusetts where I live.

    We had success on a 3dt of 3 8 celled embryo's in 2003 and have almost 4 year old twins now.

    crescendo97 New Member

    We did 3 day transfer with 8 & 9 cell embyros. We are pregnant with twins!!!

    charms New Member

    i did a 3dt with 2 eight-celled embies went just over 20wks with twins.

    i also did a 3d fet with 2 embies and neither took

    all of our embies are frozen at the 3day phase, to allow us the option when thawing if we want a 3d or a 5d FET.

    good luck!

    Sprink New Member

    Hi - We did a 3dt with 2 great embryos and now I'm preggo with a singleton. Dr. thinks the other one implanted but didn't develop. Our other embryos were left out til day 5 or 6 (not sure) and 4 were frozen at blast stage. Our doc only does 3dt.
    Good luck!

    southhampton New Member

    Hi - We did 2 3dt 1 8 cell 1 7 cell and I had a beautiful little boy. We froze 2 with that cycle on day 3 and both made the thaw and 1 did not lose any cells and the other only lost 1 cell which we had ET last friday :pray: for the same outcome. Day 3 is great. Best of luck to you.


    historyteach New Member

    i am no expert but the information that i got was that a 3dt and 5dt have very similar success rates but you have a 10% of multiples when you do 3dt and a 25% of multiples with a 5dt, that is at least at my clinic. good luck and i can't wait to see you posting that you are going to be a mama!!!:babydust:

    KELLIF4 New Member

    Thanks ladies for all your good success stories !! I feel a lot better going into tomorrow's transfer ...

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