3rd failed IVF - how many times have people tried IVF?

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    LibraMommy New Member

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I have just received my negative result from a 3rd ICSI. My husband and I are very sad and wondering why we are having such a tough time. We're quite young, but husband has severe low counts and motility. How many cycles have people done and why?

    Some people around me are saying things like: 'maybe it's not meant to be for you', 'how many times are you going to do this to yourself', and so on, and I have a tough time with that. I feel as though I should continue until I have a child, but boy do I feel discouraged today...

    I feel like our life is on hold while everyone else is moving on.

    Lilyrose1 New Member

    :welcome: I'm new to the ivf process, but your post caught my eye. I wanted to tell you I'm so sorry you haven't had a successful cycle yet. I hope you get good feedback. I've seen lots of posts in my first month here of people doing many cycles. Some people think we're going too far just doing ivf in the first place, but my supports keep telling me if you and your husband really want a child together, don't let others thoughts make your decisions. Easier said than done!

    Best of luck to you, and I hope you get you :bfp: soon!

    MK78 New Member

    Welcome! You can see from my signature that we went through two fresh IVF/ICSI cycles and one FET before getting pregnant the first time, only to lose our baby girl at 17.5 weeks. Two FETs later, we're pregnant again and looking forward to meeting our little one in November...I can honestly say I never expected to go through this many cycles. But, I'm very glad I did!

    There are many, many women on the boards who have endured multiple cycles before bringing a baby home. Of course, how much is too much is a question only you and your DH can truly answer. Each unsuccessful cycle is more devastating than the last, and everyone has that moment where they pick themselves up for one more try or decide that it is time to consider another way to build a family.

    Hang in there, sweetie!!

    BabiesAreCute New Member

    Has your doctor ordered any blood work that tests if you have overactive antibodies/autoimmune issues? If not, he/she ought to because your body could be attacking the embryos and you might need heparin.

    If that's not the issue, you might want to ask the doctor why the embryos didn't implant. Could it be an embryo quality issue, which is mainly related to egg quality? You & your husband should meet with the doctor and go over what went wrong and ask what your next step should be.

    aasher New Member

    Hi LibraMommy,

    When I went for my IVF consult my RE I asked what the odds were of my husband and I needing ICSI. He told me that they are low and then he went on to explain the ICSI process and the reasons it would be needed. He also mentioned that the success rates decrease when ICSI is involved. So, with that said, it may just take you a little longer because of the ICSI factor. I hope this helps and good luck!!


    Sorry for all the bad luck. My wife was 23 and I was 28 when we did our first IVF cycle. We were unexplained and thought it would be 1 try and thats it. We endured chemicals, miscarrriages you name it. It took us 6 cycles of IVF and over 5 years before we conceived our twin boys 10 months ago. Was it worth the wait, time, money stress on the marriage. absolutley yes!!

    One of the things that I remember doing after the first IVF was telling my wife that we have one life to live, and having a genetic child was something that I did not want to look back on life when I was old and not have. She agreed, and we just knew we would do as many cycles till it happened.

    One of the things that irritated me the most is when others would say "this wasn;t mean to be, or we should adopt etc... I never viewed having a baby medically as any other issue, the same way some people are born with eye issues, hearing issues, mobility proble,s, some women have trouble getting pregnant

    Stay with it

    LibraMommy New Member


    Thank you all so much for answering. It feels so good to get support from people who actually know what we're going through.

    We have an appointment with RE on the 28th, and I'll ask her about the autoimmune issues. I'm very interested in hearing what she has to say about this failed cycle. (This is my first cycle at a new clinic).

    Congratulations for those who already have their little bundles of joy and good luck to you who are still trying!!:babydust:

    Cassiesweet New Member

    We're on our 6th IVF (5 Fresh/1 FET). I had 3 chemicals before we switched Drs. With our new Dr I am having intralipid treatments and we did genetic testing. I'm in the dreaded 2ww and have my beta this Saturday, the 25th. I keep telling myself this is the last one and that I can't go through this again emotionally or physically, but then the drugs/hormones where off and sanity comes back and I remember why we keep doing this. I am not sure how many more. I hope this time works, but worry it didn't. If you have the resources and the strength I would say keep going and don't give up, but definitely change your protoccol. Don't keep doing the same thing if the results are the same.

    All the best,


    LibraMommy New Member


    Just wanted to give you all an update that my last IVF cycle in August seems to have been successful! I am now 5 weeks pregnant, with a 1 blastocyst transfer at day 5. We have two more in the freezer.

    I guess 4th time was the charm! We did a protocol with Gonal F/Menopur and Ganirelix. 9 eggs retrieved, 5 fertilized, 3 made it to blast stage. This is the most successful cycle we've ever had, never had even 1 blastocyst before!

    I know it's early, so I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic. By first beta at 12dp5dt was 638, second beta at 14dp5dt was 1396. (are those good numbers?) Going to get my first US at 6 wks 2 days.

    Again, Thanks for the support!

    emily.w Guest

    I do have IVF success on the very first try and I do believe it was all because of the acupuncture sessions that I have been attending with. And I would highly recommend it to everyone out there to somehow boost chances of IVF success. :cheer:

    almond New Member

    Congrats Libramommy

    Hey all,
    I just had a 3rd failed ICSI So, thought to look for some related stories and got bumped to this post. felt so happy after seeing libramommy last post .
    Congrats libra Hope everything went well :clap: .

    :pray: I ll also get a BFP soon .

    80imagine New Member

    In the same boat

    Almond, my husband and I are on a break after our 3rd failed ICSI too (our last cycle was in February). We did all three cycles in a 6-month period. I had a BFP after the first cycle, but ended up with a vanishing twin from week 6 to week 7, and then I mc'd the other one at 11 weeks.

    I am so fortunate to have VERY generous in-laws willing to pay for up to 3 rounds. Fortunately, they wrote the checks to us, and so technically we were the ones who paid - which thankfully led to a VERY hefty tax refund. My RE's office is working with us, since we will be coming back AGAIN, and so instead of trying an FET with the 4 questionable embies, we're actually going to be able to do a final fresh cycle (thanks to that refund!). But this will be our last fresh one. If it's unsuccessful, then we're going to try an FET with the remaining ones, but that may very well be it. I don't think we'll have the resources to go further than that.

    I never ever imagined (as I'm sure most women on here haven't) that fertility would be an issue for us - and especially that the problem would be me, as I was so regular!! It's been particularly tough lately, as my bff, who had her first (and successful) IUI concurrently with our first IVF/ICSI round and ended up with the same due date I originally had as well. And of course, she's almost at 34 weeks with a very healthy baby.

    But enough about me....how are you (and anyone else out there) handling these multiple devastations?

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