6 weeks - no heartbeat??!!!!

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    kcarr1120 New Member

    So today I was exactly 6 weeks and my ultrasound only showed the gestational sac at 11mm and a possible yolk sac, but no heartbeat. The RE warned us there may not be one yet, but I am terrified this is going to turn into last November all over again! Any input???

    Diorbeauty_pr New Member

    Maybe you ate running a few days late in your pregnancy. If the yolk sac is starting to be visible now you could be at 5 weeks and some days. Your re should re do a ultrasound in the next following days to a week for progress. And to check hcg levels.

    mares84 New Member

    That totally normal. Trust your RE. If he said its fine then it is.

    One of my twins had a heartbeat at 6 weeks and one didn't. The next ultrasound it was there.

    nikki82 New Member

    I totally understand why you would be nervous.. heck im still doing betas, and a wreck..can't imagine what i will be like in a few weeks waiting for the heartbeat, but i honestly think there is no majic day, and everyone develops slightly differently.. will be praying that the heartbeat will show up next U/S :cross: :bsv:

    jazzcat New Member

    That is really normal in some cases but I completely understand you being worried. Nothing we will say will make you feel better until you see the flicker of a heartbeat. I can say on my first scan they saw no fetal pole whatsoever, I went a week later, fetal pole and a hb. Hang in there!

    google_eyes New Member

    don't worry, it's normal!

    I went in for my first u/s at exactly 5w6d, and we saw 2 sacs and 2 yolk sacs. We didn't even see the fetal poles yet. I was terrified, but the RE assured me that things were looking good and on track.

    Exactly 1 week later we went in at 6w6d and there were 2 fetal poles with 2 strong heartbeats 125 and 133.

    amber_k New Member

    At the beginging of my pregnancy I had a gestational sac at 5 weeks with a yock sac then at 6 weeks an empty gestational sac with no baby, nothing and the sac had barely grown in a full week. 5 days later my us showed a baby with a beating heart. Even my dr was shocked. Just keep the faith and try to get lots of rest!! Best of luck!

    kirstyloo New Member

    If it helps, my RE wouldn't even try to find a heart beat until 6.5 weeks. At 6 weeks, he had so many healthy pregnancies cause panic. He would only locate and measure the gestational sac and look for a fetal pole. When he did this for us, he found a HB the next week...when he looked.

    Best of luck and keep the faith! You are on the way!

    kcarr1120 New Member

    Thanks ladies for all your encouraging words! I was supposed to have my 2nd u/s today, but we opted to wait until next Monday when we get back from my stepdaughters graduation - just hate to put a damper on a happy time if things don't look good.....I will be 7w6d on next Monday :pray: for a strong hb and good measurement!

    MrsM New Member

    I will just pile on here. It's totally normal. With my son my RE was going on vacation so he scheduled an early u/s at 5w6d to ensure it was't ectopic (I had non-doubling betas too!). We were encouraged to see a gest sac and yolk sac but no HB yet or fetal pole. I had to wait two whole weeks until he came back. Talk about torture!

    At 7w6d, there was a glorious little heart beating away measuring right on track. That little bean is now 6 months old!

    Best of luck to you!

    vangel34 New Member

    Praying for you today! Please let us know how the u/s goes!

    Diorbeauty_pr New Member

    Hope you have a promising sonogram today :pray:

    kcarr1120 New Member


    So today at 7w6d my baby measured 6w6d and there was no heartbeat! I can't believe this has happened again! D&C on Wednesday, but I am making them check one more time....:pray: :pray: :pray: for a miracle!

    vangel34 New Member

    I'm so sorry :( Hopefully you'll get good news on Wednesday! Praying for you!

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