Any success after uterine septum resected?

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    Hey all!! I'm new here and looking for some new found hope! I've been on the roller coaster journey they call infertility 3 years now, and 3 miscarriages later! I was finally given an answer for them back in feb...a MRI revealed a septum in my uterus. This was resected 6/3! :clap: Just praying it works! My post op appt is the 21st! We will schedule an iui then for next month. Is there anyone that has had a success pregnancy following septum removal after RPL? :bsv: To everyone out there!

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    No hope but a similar story...

    I unfortunately don't have any hope for you but I have been enduring infertility for the past 26 months. I went in for a HSG in Feb. and they thought I had an arcuate uterus but didn't think it was effecting my infertility and we underwent IUI. I went to a new Dr. in April and he performed a sonohysterogram and found I indeed had a septum and it needed to be removed before we went any further. I had it removed 5/31/11 and after a month of excruitiating waiting, we are finally able to begin treatments again. I am really hopeful that the septum removal will finally allow me to become pregnant and I hope your little miracle is able to arrive soon as well!

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    Hi Khembree

    I had a divide uterus(2 surgeries and it's gone:clap:) and I still do have a septum in my cervix that leads to a double opening in my vagina. Sounds fun, right ?!? I will have to deliver by c-section no doubt....So all in all the good news is a divided uterus or septum in the uterus can be fixed. I am proof of that. Mine was so extensive it took two surgeries to remove. First one was April 2010 and last one to remove the remaining portion was December 2010. I can give you details on the surgery if like, just message me. It's not all that bad.

    I am currently 5 weeks pregnant from my second IUI. I also have PCOS so Femera worked great for me as well.

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    Success after uterine septum removed

    Hello all, I wanted to share my story with you to give you some hope if you have been diagnosed with uterine septum or unexplained infertility. My husband and I were trying to concieve for two and a half years. We were referred to our local hospital (Hull). After a horrendously stressful six months, it was discovered that I had a uterine septum during a scan. My consultant advised me to have it removed by key hole surgery. I had the operation done. It was fine, over in one afternoon and a lovely week off work. Before the surgery you have a womb thinning injection which down-regs you to not have a cycle. I suffered awful hot flushes but it was worth it. My cycle came back after a couple of months and four months later I was pregnant. Now 15 weeks! My consultant didn't promise anything, but as everything else with us was normal it was our last hope before IVF.

    We were two weeks away from IVF waiting list when we found out. The day I was supposed to go I got a letter from my consultant saying congratulations. Words can't describe...If you are offered the surgery you have nothing to lose - GO FOR IT. If you aren't offered, beg and plead.

    p.s I used acupunture throughout which was great and played a big part I feel, even if its just to reduce stress or ease period pain. My practitioner identified that she thought my womb was the problem within an hour of meeting her which took the NHS 6 months.

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    There is hope!

    I was diagnosed with a uterus septum last year and had the surgery to remove it in July of 2010. After 2 miscarriages this was a relief. We finally had an answer and we could do something about it. At first they thought it was a bicornuate based on an ultrasound, but an MRI told differently.
    We became pregnant after the surgery in October but miscarried after about a month. This was very frustrating as we thought we had found an end to miscarriages! IT turned out to be a chemical pregnancy and did not miscarry due to my surgery. Then in Jan we became pregnant again! Nervous and anxious about dealing with more loss - I tried not to get too excited, but the 7 wk ultrasound showed a HB! And we continued to get good news.
    We now have an 8 week old son. I can honestly say that now it feels like all of the wait was worth it. The hurt has melted away as I watch him grow and smile. HE is perfect and healthy and I was actually a week overdue with him before I had to be induced. I had a natural delivery and everything went perfectly.

    With time, good things can happen! Keep trying and stay positive if possible. :)

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    Uterine septum

    This is my first time posting so bare with me

    I had a uterine septum removed as well as 3 polyps removed in Aug of this year. Last year I also had 6 polyps removed last year. I was wondering how many women have gotten pregnant after septum removed that hadn't gotten pregnant before. I was also wondering how your periods are after your surgery. Since I've had the surgery my periods are super light but I'm having the cramps like I have never had before.

    This is the first month were back on clomid so wish us luck.

    takeawalk22 New Member


    I looked back in my journals to try and remember any significant cramping. I believe that the pain meds helped a lot and then I was on Estrogen and Progesterone, which seemed to get my cycle back on course. I have always had light periods and I do not remember that being different after the surgery, but yes, my husband says he remembers me having significant cramping for a few days.
    One thing to mention is that you may have conceived in the past and never new it. I was told that the life of a conception with a septum is due to the amount of blood flow on that wall. So if you have a little blood flow you might carry to 7-8 weeks, if you have none than you may miscarry a few days after it 'sticks'. This would result in a period basically right away. Mine had slight blood flow and seemed support up to 7 weeks.

    One thing my journal was full of was positive self talk, I remember picturing my body working just as it should for quite a while and trying to have the mind set that 'we just WOULD have a baby'. Absolute fact. We miscarried (chemical miscarriage once more after surgery). and 2 months later was our son...
    I wish you and your husband the best. I know it's a hard road. You may be sportin twins in a year!!


    this is interesting post, i like it ..

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    I just wanted to say thanks for your posts... I am curious whether my recent septum removal will give us any good luck! I have no idea whether the septum was significantly large or not, and whether my tubes were open... they never told me anything other than I had mild endo.

    I have been ttc for 2.5 years now (!!!) and we started when I was 35 years old. Now I'm 37 and the clock is ticking!! I am so scared that it will never happen for us!
    I have never been pregnant to my knowledge! That's why I'm unsure if my septum removal will help at all. They removed the septum and the endo all in one surgery.

    We will try IVF (for the 3rd time) out of pocket, after 2-3 mos trying naturally. I am on my first post-op cycle ttc and clomid 100mg day 2-6, and then estrace on day 10 and progestin too. After the surgery, my cycle was so messed up that I had to take provera to get my period back, and then the clomid was my idea and the doc was cool about it.

    Any success stories from you ladies would make me feel alot better.... I feel that those who have had miscarriages before, at least know that they can get pregnant! For me, I've never been --so I just won't know.... Ahhh... my curiousity is killing me... All I can do is hope and pray, and have lots of sex!

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    I feel horrible and I know that he needs to see his kids, but I can't control when things happen in my body. Just today I was sitting in the dr's office talking to my DH on the phone. I mentioned that the Dr might want to do my IUI this weekend and DH said "Well, we can't. This is our weekend to see the girls in the States." I wanted to burst out crying. He understands that certain things have to happen at certain times, but I'm not sure he really cares all the time. To him, it doesn't matter if we try this month or next or 6 months from now. To me, every month we don't try seems wasted.

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    I'm sorry Haneeya. Is he able to go to your Dr. appointments with you? My husband seems so much more a part of things when he's gone to appointments and heard things from the Dr. with me. Maybe you can talk to him and see if he can join you for your next appointment?

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