Anyone take an HPT to come back negative, then 1st BETA is positive?

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    dancingdiva1225 New Member

    Good Morning Ladies,
    1st congrats to all those who get positive HPTs prior to their 1st BETAS. I'm losing hope. I am 10dp3dt and got a negative HPT. My 1st BETA is not until 6/27. I do not know why they wait that long to do a BETA at my office, but they do. complete torture so I caved today. It was my last test and I'm not going to buy anymore. I used a 1st response.

    Anyone out there get a negative HPT and come time for their BETA it was positive. I need some ounce of hope. I'm reading that by now everyone has at least a faint line.


    Elizabeth621 New Member

    I did an HPT at 8dp, 3dt, it was a clear blue digital test and it was negative. I went for my beta at 11dp, 3dt and it was positive at 111.

    Best wishes to you.

    MelissainVA New Member

    I'm hoping right along with you. I am 14dpiui today, took my last HPT on the morning of 12dpiui and :bfn: . My beta is on 6/24, hoping for a :bfp: !!!

    Sgetek New Member

    I didn't have that experience, but I do know ladies that have and that's why my doctor tells us NOT to do an HPT because you could get discouraged and then your BETA comes back positive.

    So, hold out hope! There is a chance!

    I do know the feeling of seeing a BFN and worrying myself sick and thining "Why didnt I wait for the **** beta!"

    aryan39 New Member

    Danciing-- I know women who have gotten a positive beta after negative poas. I'm praying for the same result. I've been testiing since Thursday and no BFP yet. My beta is monday too!! FYI I went to the dollar store and bought 5 tests only one left now. Good luck to you on Monday!!!

    Laurattc New Member

    Just wanted you to know I was taking dollar store tests and NEVER got a positive but had positive FRER and clear blue first beta was 100....never got a positive. I just say this for you to beware of them. They are sketchy!

    Ps my friend at work has mild pcos and was pregnant 7 weeks...never got a positive urine and had to go in for a blood test before she was told her blessing!

    Good luck to all :pray: For you to get :bfp: 's!

    essemkay New Member

    I took a urine test at my RE right before my first beta and the line was soooooooo faint, if I hadn't had previous lines on other tests, I would have been sure it was negative. And my beta -- which was drawn about 5 seconds later -- was 806. So you never can tell. Urine tests simply aren't always definitive as there are so variables that come into play, how diluted the urine is, how much dye is in that test, etc., etc.

    brit1612 New Member

    I don't have a personal story for you, but I was very skeptical about getting a "late positive" until I read a story on an infertility board. The lady took a pregnancy test the morning of her beta, just to set herself up for the news. She got a negative and was devestated. Later that day she got the call and it was positive. Can't remember the number but I think it was around 100. Hope you get your positive soon! Good luck to you.

    dancingdiva1225 New Member

    GOOD LUCK!!! Our BETAs are the same day. I'll be praying for you. I am still testing negative and holding out hope due to others' success stories and negative HPTs. hope it's the same for US!!!!!!:pray: :pray: :pray: :babydust: :babydust: :cross: :cross: :cross:


    Kat72 New Member

    Hi -- I also have beta tmrrw 6/27. I have POAS using multiple dollar store tests.All negative. QUESTIOn to all -have you been having period symptoms ? I mean not just general menstrual symptoms. I have specific symptoms that I get every month, like achy knees and night sweats. And it also happened this month. So I am not holding out much hope.

    aryan39 New Member

    Kat-- I've been having symptoms too of :af: . I tested again this morning and still negative.

    I hope we all get surprised tomorrow with a positive beta!! I'm trying not to lose hope.

    Godiva4me New Member

    FYI- The Dollar Tree hpt tests will not detect hcg unless it is 50 or higher. I recommend buying a test that says on the box, Early results, such as First Response Early Results which is known to detect the lowest level of hcg on the market! I won't test with any test but this one, I have had others not register and I was pregnant with twins. This is the test that confirmed it before beta! :)
    Good luck to all of you.... I am in the 2ww right now, and will beta on Friday!

    Kat72 New Member

    Lets all hope for a bit of luck!!!:cheer: :grouphug:

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