"Astheno Teratozoospermia" - lazy, low Mortility+Morphology

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    I have a child from my first marrige. Now I am divorced and engaged with a lady whose ex had interfility issues. Naurally she requested a semen analysis and the result I got is not very good since the Motility is only 34% (vs >50% required) and Normal Forms Morpholoty only 6% (vs > 14% required). I am a bit surprised how could I get my first child with only 2 months try. Please let me know how bad it is to have another child and what are my options?

    ph = 8
    vol = 4 ml
    concentration 20M/ml
    total count = 80M
    Round cells = 1/occ
    Clumping <5
    Sperm viability = 83%

    Total Motility = 34% (Rapid 0%, Forward 5%, Slow 86%, Non Prog. 9%)
    Morphology: Normal 6%, Head Defects 85%, Neck-Mid Defects 5%, Tail Defect 4%, Immature cells 0%

    Comments: Astheno Teratozoospermia (slow, low quality sperm)

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    My numbers were somewhat similar to yours, had two SA's done.

    First time, 2 days abstinence
    Count 20M/ml, total 80M
    WHO morphology: 30% normal (the criteria are different and much less strict than for kruger morphology - above 30% is considered "normal"
    Motility: 24%
    Had a strange note on the result saying something about an incomplete sample so I tried it again

    Second time, 5 days abstinence
    Count 60M/ml, total 300M
    Kruger morphology: 6% normal
    Motility 15%

    Wife and I had been trying for a year with no luck. We went to see a fertility specialist in mid Feb. He said that he had seen counts much worse, there was a chance that IVF w/ICSI might be necessary given the low morphology and motility. He mentioned some supplements that might be worth trying before going down that road. Since IVF is so expensive, our decision at the time was to see what supplements could do for 3 months (since that is how long it takes for sperm to form and mature.)

    Strangely, though, about a week after our first appointment my wife got a positive result on a pregnancy test! Unfortunately that ended in an early miscarriage at about 5-6 weeks. Great, we thought, with crappy sperm like mine, it'll take us another YEAR for this to happen. And perhaps the poor sperm was a factor in the miscarriage in the first place, too.

    But strangely enough, the very next month another positive pregnancy test! And we weren't timing or charting or anything this time, either. So far we're at 7 weeks and hoping this one sticks. Wife just started getting morning sickness this week (which sucks for her, of course, but they say it's a good sign for the viability of the pregnancy.)

    We've discussed my going in for another SA just to see if my parameters have changed or something. But they usually say your semen parameters don't vary that much, you're pretty much stuck with it. So, given that, and given your numbers, I would say it's far from hopeless.

    One note, though. Until about January, I was very thin and obsessed with staying so. My BMI was within the normal range at just under 20 but I was very physically active and always watched what I ate. Around January, I made a conscious decision to eat more protein and gain a bit of weight. My BMI is now at just over 21. Then, two months after changing my diet, and again another month or so after that, we were able to conceive. There's this thought in the back of my head that maybe, just maybe, this change in diet is what made the difference. But who knows, it would be difficult to make a conclusive link.


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    Tech - although you have problems in two areas, your count is great. My husband had problems with his morph and mot but his count was 1.9 so our choice was only IVF w/ ICSI. Luckily it succeeded the 1st time we tried and we are expecting twins in October. I just wanted to tell you that worse comes to worse, it is a very viable and reasonable option. They say the greatest percentage of positive outcomes with IVF is when it is male infertility related. But i would def. give it all that you got for a year naturally before thinking of moving forward with any treatments. IUI - inseminations, would probably be a decent route for you to try as well (if that year would have brought you no luck). Best to you !


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