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    Hi everyone, I took my first round of Clomid this month. I have been charting my basal temps for several months. I had an ultrasound on cycle day 14 and had two mature follicles. My cycles are usually 26 days apart. I am now on cycle day 28. My temp on cycle day 26 was 97.63, cd 27 was 96.86 so I expected to see :af: . I have been cramping but no show yet. My temp today on cd 28 was 97.02. Still cramping, still have very sore breasts. Could I still be pregnant even with a low basal temp? If any of you have had a drop in basal temp and have still be pregnant please let me know!:babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:

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    If you were pregnant your temperature should be above the baseline and should be elevating. The temperature should never decline. When it does it usually means your not pregnant and your expecting your period.

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    I agree, it would be going up, not down. I just had a cycle were I was 2 days late and I never do that....I also had some cramping until AF appeared today and I never usually do that either. Your cycles can get a little wacky when you take stimulation meds.
    Congrats on the two mature follies! That awesome...



    I did read on one website about some people being pregnant even with a temp drop. I don't have personal experience of it though. You'll just have to go by the HPT, I guess.


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    It's great that you're tracking your temps! Observation:
    --I assume you are saying that your cycle day 26 temp (97.6) is supposed to represent the post-ovulation higher temps. If that is the case, I'd ask for thyroid tests - and even if they come back normal, I'd consider adding kelp tablets (iodine - good for thyroid) to your diet and a potent multivitamin like Optivite. 97.6 is in the range of normal PRE-ovulatory temperatures, not post.
    --For the temp drop: 98.6 and 97.0 are again... really low. Is it safe to assume you're trying to take your temp at approximately the same time every day, getting at least 6 hours of sleep? That's the best way to do it :)

    Keep us posted, friend :)


    I agree ..

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