Bed Rest after Transfer ??

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    Mrs.Windex New Member

    I know that this subject has probably been talked about a lot & views on it are constantly changing. I used the search function & found several threads about it, but they were all older...

    So here is my question... how many of you do best rest following your transfer (either fresh or frozen)? If you do, how long do you stay on bed rest?

    One of my local friends who recently did IVF (fresh transfer) had an ectopic pregnancy and she wonders if it was from her 3 days of bed rest (laying horizontally maybe promoted the egg traveling into her tube?) ??

    What are your thoughts?

    abradabra New Member

    My transfer was on a Friday, so I stayed on bed rest until Monday morning. I think it probably doesn't make a huge difference -- it just made me feel less anxious.

    My11:11wish New Member

    My RE wants you to take the rest of the day off your feet except to go to the bathroom but the following day you can resume normal activity but no heavy lifting, working out, etc. The new theory is that movement is actually better because it gets the blood flowing which is needed.

    My11:11wish New Member

    I think another thing to note is what the RE makes you do immediately after the transfer. Some let you get up and leave right away and others make you lay there for 10 to 30 mins with you feet elivated higher than your head.

    Mrs.Windex New Member

    The blood flow thing is a good point. I hadn't thought about that...

    racheldenise New Member

    My new RE's office just said to take it easy the first 3 days. No bedrest needed. This was the first time I did not do bedrest. I sat and watched movies and baked.

    With pregnancy the good ole fashioned way, women are not on bedrest and at time most don't even know they are about to be pregnant.

    Good luck! rach

    stillpraying New Member

    My RE had me do 72 hours of bed rest. My BFF, who was a gestational surrogate, also had to do 72 hours of bed rest. I don't think it's actually necessary, but that is what my RE asked, so I did it.

    Good Luck!!

    kmasher New Member

    Ugh, I struggled with this after my frozen transfer last week! I just stayed in bed mostly the entire first day and until about 5 the next day. My household is so hectic with step kids and my husband, so the second day had a lot more up and around than the first. My RE subscribes to the spend the first day in bed as much as possible and then resume normal around the house exercising, heavy lifting, etc. Good luck to you!

    Brooke New Member

    For all of my transfers, I remained on bed rest the rest of the day. For a few days afterwards, I took it easy but resumed regular activities (except no house cleaning!). After about 2-3 days of that, I was back to normal activity although I made it a point to avoid anything too strenuous.

    missingmy#2 New Member

    My RE says i'll need atleast 48 hours bed rest. I don't know if that will be strict bed rest or not though.

    kika New Member

    After my transfer, my RE tells me to lay there for 10-15 minutes, and then I move on with my life. I go to work, make light cleaning. Sometimes I exercise, sometimes I don't. I just had a transfer earlier this week, and I've been helping my DH build a shed in the backyard. Now that I'm reading this thread, I'm thinking a little bed rest wouldn't hurt.
    I try not to let my fertility life rule my normal life, and I think changing my routine during that HORRID 2WW would cause unneeded stress.

    Marsupilami New Member

    My RE had me lie there for about 10-15mins after transfer, which if I stayed any longer my bladder would have burst!

    He then said I could go about my usual activities, which in my case was go to the movies & dinner with hubby. I had mild OHSS so I really couldn't walk to quickly/over exert myself anyway.

    vwelyn New Member

    After my transfer my RE suggested that I get up right away and walk around a bit. She said that new studies have shown that it may be more beneficial to get the patient moving after the transfer. She also suggested that I not stay in bed all day, but get up and do some normal, light activities like cooking, etc. Nothing too strenuous.

    I looked around to see if I could find the study she mentioned, but no luck.

    daisyduck New Member

    My fertility clinic follows a standard protocol of 30 min lying down after the transfer and 24 hours bed rest thereafter. Although my RE specifically said that I could practically run a race after the transfer. He said the embryo is safe in the uterus and doesn't fall off as we seem to think. Anyway, I followed the fertility clinic's protocol of 24 hr bed rest. RE asked me too since he is associated with the fertility clinic :) I stayed in bed all day except for the restroom part. In the end I had a chemical pregnancy - looks like implantation occurred only partially. I wonder if too much bed rest caused it or too little bed rest caused it or is it something else. Or is it hard luck like always??

    Here's a blog I found in Google search. Interesting...

    Francesca13 New Member

    My clinic tells you to "take it easy" after transfer, but mostly because they put me on valium beforehand. According to them, there is research that valium relaxes the uterus and makes it more susceptable to implantation???? Anyway, they just said to be cautious the rest of the day and take it easy, but no bed rest. I also didn't lay there at all after transfer.....headed right home.

    I'm a teacher and was back at work the following day. Did my best to sit when I could, but it's a very demanding job and I was on my feet a lot. Am now 18 weeks along, so I think a lot of the bed rest requirements are more for specific situations or for patient's peace of mind (so you feel like you are doing all you can).

    Take it all with a grain of salt and best wishes!!

    InfertiliBaby New Member

    I've only done fresh cycles with my RE but my guess is it's the same for a FET.

    I do bed rest all day the day of transfer and the day after so - 48hrs. Then, no intercourse or orgasms until after a blood test. Don't do anything too strenuous just kind of take it easy.

    I don't think bed rest would cause an ectopic.

    FWIW both my IVFs were successful the first round with 48hrs bed rest after each.

    nicuRN1225 New Member

    InfertiliBaby: How many blasts did they transfer??? Congrats on the twins!!!!

    HumDucky New Member

    Mine said strict bed rest for 48 hours then light duty for 3 days. No sex or exercise except walking or swimming. To increase blood flow I did acupuncture two hours after transfer and twice a week after. I am now 5 weeks pregnant with twins. I would do the bed rest for your own piece of mind. I do not think that it causes etopics. Good luck.

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