Beginners question, how long does 1 cycle of IVF take?

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    ally New Member

    Hi there,
    Sorry for the ignorant question. I'm currently in my 2ww from an IUI and trying to map out my next steps should this not work out for us.
    I've tried researching on the net but was unable to find an answer. When doing IVF does 1 cycle take 28days or do you need to have the follicles extracted and then they are transfered next cycle?
    I'm travelling in the fall so I'm trying to figure out my schedule should we be moving on to IVF next.

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

    wantbaby07 New Member

    It depends on your protocol. If you take BCP's, then the cycle length is appx 45 to 60 days. If you go directly with stims, it will take appx 28 days. Mostly for the first cycle, REs put on BCPs to suppress the hormones.

    Hope it helps

    ally New Member

    Thank you for your reply, that does help!

    irena_adler New Member

    You generally transfer the embryos just a few days after retriving them, so in the same cycle. I think that it's usually a bit longer than the 28 days because they want everything to be as stimulated as possible before they trigger.

    Christa New Member

    Hi there, I just wanted to give you an etimate based on my experience. I started bcp on April 30th for 3 weeks, then lupron ended up being 3 weeks alone then added stims on 5/31. My ER was June 12th and transfer was the 17th. so it was more like 45 days plus a few to rest.

    Good luck

    jerseyjandj New Member

    everyone is a lil diff i was on bcp from feb then in march 10 started lupron then stimmed then triggered in april at had er4/3 and et on 4/9 good luck hopefully you wont get here and this iui works :pray:

    amfandrmf New Member

    Everything took me longer than the estimated protocol. My follicles were not growing as they should be and the whole cycle needed to be restarted. So, it really is hard to plan around this. I actually had to cancel a vacation we had planned to Disney World due to the timing wasn't what I had thought it would be.

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