Blocked tube(s) and pregnant

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    MrsElkins New Member

    To inspire those who are down about blocked fallopian tubes, has anyone gotten a BFP when RE said chances were slim to none of conceiving w/o IVF?


    Thanks a lot

    kysweetheart New Member

    Unblocking Tubes

    Has anyone has success unblocking their tubes?

    christinacarmichael New Member

    I did!!!!

    I had a tubal reversal and then my regular OB ordered a HSG to check my tubes. The OB said they were 100% blocked and I would never conceive. those were her words! I was crushed. I told her she didnt know me very well if she thought I would never conceive. 4 months later I was pregnant!:bfp:

    So what I found out is that the HSG has a 70% error rate. My OB didnt even research possible false positives.

    I got good and pissed and started fighting to get pregnant. I sent the HSG xrays to my tubal reversal surgeon (out of state) for his opinion. I started talking to him about re-doing the surgery. He told me about the error rates with the HSG and told me that if I wasnt PG in 4 months we would do another HSG and the surgery if needed (FOR FREE!).
    I found out that the HSG can cause your tubes to spasm and clamp shut around the beginning of the tubes. Especially if not done correctly!

    I used fertile Aid - controlled my uterine PH - and charted my cycles on fertility friend. I was pregnant within 4 months. I'm 7 months along with my gift from GOD!:preg:

    Best wishes to you in your journey!!!

    kysweetheart New Member

    Thank You

    Thank you christinacarmichael for your positive story, so happy for you. I had my HSG 9 months ago which showed both tubes blocked. I go for a lap. next month to see if my doctor can unblock my tubes (if that is the case). So please cross your fingers for me. :cross: Thanks again for sharing your story.

    kez29 New Member


    Just in response to this topic i had HSG then a Lap first they had to stop HSG as it was to sore so then referred me to have a Lap, I just thought nothing wrong must be a mistake but after the lap which i am glad i had done found out both tubes were blocked at the beginning, eeeeek i thought that was it and IVF was the next step my thoughts were where will we get the money for this! anyway got told to go back 6 weeks later which felt like a lifetime to find out Gyn was reffering me to a City Hospital for Recanalisation that was 4 weeks ago still not had a date my Gynae says it could take a while for app. I really hope i have sucess with this or else its down the IVF road and god only knows how we will afford this, I hope urs goes well kysweetheart and keep us up to date they r not offering to unblock my tubes with lap it recanalisation but i am from Scotland not sure which country u r in so may be different either way good luck to all

    kysweetheart New Member

    Surprise pregnancy w/blocked tubes!

    I just want to tell all of you with blocked tubes not to give up hope. I have been TTC for over 3 years and I was told that both my tubes were blocked...and then surprise :preg: (I'm pregnant :woohoo: ). Still not sure how but I guess miracles do happen. So all of you out there don't give up hope, those little things have a miracle way of making themselves through. I have gained alot of support through this website and believe in the power of sticking together. I will say prayers for all of us wishing to be mothers. And again please don't give up hope, I know it's hard sometimes but stay positive. Thank you all who have given me words of advise and pulled me through sticky times.

    trishthedish New Member

    I have been TTC for 2 years now. I have a tube that is blocked on my left side but my right side is good. The doctor thinks I ovulate every month on my right side and my cycle lasts about 30-32 days. I have ovarian surgies from cysts when I was 16 and eventually had surgery in Germany to fix all the scar tissue I had from 4 prior surgeries. The doctors say I should be able to get pregnant but I can't. I did get pregnant once almost a year ago on clomid but I miscarried right away. So now all I hear is to just relax, it happened once, it'll happen again. Meanwhile I feel like I am getting more stressed every month that I don't get pregnant. I have gone as far as using clomid but my DH doesn't want to do anything major so I feel like I am out of options. Does anyone have any ideas or are in the same position? PLease Help!:pray:

    samoy New Member

    In need of support

    Hi guys.

    I have blocked tubes and hyperprolactima. I'm having the laposcopy done day after tomorrow, Friday.

    I'm sooo scared. Has anyone had this?

    Also, I turn 45 on Tuesday and get kicked off my fertility plan for my insurance. Does anyone know of anything I can do to stay on for an additional year.

    I'm severely stressed and looking for support in motherhood. I don't know what I'm doing and have little or no support, but I know somehow, I will be a Mom.

    My period, for the first time in my life, came four days early. This has never happened. It's not as heavy, but doesn't seem to be implantation bleeding, i think. Or it just could be age. :confused::confused:


    MrsElkins New Member


    It's been so long since I've been on here due to discouragement, but reading these posts make me feel 100% better. I was told 3/2010 that my right tube was blocked and my left was blocked at the horns. Have been trying naturally ever since. I changed a few things with my overall health and started using preseed for an extra boost. Thanks for the kind words everyone hopefully I get a BFP Valentines day. AF is due on the 13th, will test the 14th:cross: if she doesnt attempt to ruin my life:pray:

    MrsElkins New Member


    Reading your previous posts and this one is truely inspiring

    Cupcake26 New Member

    blocked tube

    had an HSG last week and it confirmed blocked tubes.

    Is this reversable... i gather lap can help but has anyone in the UK explored baloon tuboplasty? or recarnalasation?:pray:

    AEV13 New Member

    I personally dont have blocked tubes but my sister in law did. The doctors told her there was no chance of her getting pregnant due to endo scare tissue blocking well everything... well needless to say i have a beautiful six month old niece. So it can happen ladies :) goodluck to everyone awaiting their :bfp:

    MrsElkins New Member


    That's great to hear. How long was she trying to concieve??? Was she blocked on both sides???

    AuntieDani New Member

    Thinking this might be my issue

    What kinds of symptoms did you guys have before being diagnonsed? I was on the pill for 13 years with no issues, then about 6 months after stopping, I started to get a dull ache on my left side. This ache intensifies during the time that I would be ovulating and only every second month. I can always kind of feel it. I have pain during sex occasionally, and only if it's around ovulation time. It's like he is stabbing it (sorry for the visualization :) and have bled twice after sex. I am scared that these are symptoms of a blocked tube but most websites say "most don't experience symptoms". What are your experiences? I go for the dye test in the next couple weeks, provided AF comes to visit. Here's hoping it does not. :cross:

    VML23 New Member

    tubal cannulation to unblock!

    Hello- I had HSG done in November and it showed that my left tube is blocked! I have been TTC for a while now with no luck at all, even when I OV on the Right side! My RE suggested I get a tubal cannulation to unblock. Does anyone know anything about this procedure? Any feedback would be helpful and appreciated! I go for the procedure on March 10, 2011. I am nervous but hopeful that this will help me get closer to my :bfp: ! Babydust and best wishes to all! :bsv:

    MrsElkins New Member

    Sorry I am not familiar with that particular procedure, but please keep me posted when it happens. It may be something I may try in the future. I have a blocked right tube and havent been able to fall preggo either. strongly considering IVF.

    VML23 New Member

    The cannulation procedure is also know as recanalization. This youtube video explains the procedure I am getting on March 10th to unblock.

    YouTube - Fallopian Tube Recanalization

    :pray: for :bfp: for everyone here!

    SRAMZ New Member

    :clap: That's great news! Congrats! I was wondering what type of fertile aid did you use?


    VML23 New Member

    SO I have had a CRAZY coiuple of days! On Monday 3/7 I was still bleeding, thought it was unusually long af, so I took an HPT and it was :bfp: ! BUT then went through 2 rounds of bloodwork last week and found out I had an ectopic pregnancy. I had to have an injection of methotrexate which led me to miscarry. :grr:
    Obviously my tubal recanalization was canceled. I am so down in the dumps and broken hearted! Eerything is on hold now for a couple of months to get my body back to normal! :pray: for us all!

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