Both tubes blocked, but pregnant now, thanks to herbs

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    mrose36801 New Member

    I have read many posts over the past year in my quest for getting pregnant, but have never written anything. I wanted to write now, so maybe somebody else can be helped by what I did by accident. A year ago, I had a dye test done, which determined that both of my tubes were 100% blocked, likely because of gonoreah. My husband and I prepared for invitro, which the doctor said was the only way I could get pregnant. The first attempt at invitro was cancelled because my follies were not growing big enough. That was March of 2009. I was about to go for attempt 2 in December 2009, so to prepare, I started taking many herbs and vitamins back in August so that I would have good quality eggs and hopefully have a successful invitro. (I am 34, youngest child is 11, have not gotten pregnant since, and have smoked for 15 years.) I found out the last week of November 2009, that I am pregnant. I am now 9 weeks, counting from the first day of my last period, which was October 16, 2009. All of my hormone numbers are very good and I am well past the stage of having to worry if it is ectopic. This is my miracle baby, because the doctors said it wouldnt happen. The following is what I took:

    1. prenatal vitamin from Wal-Mart

    2. calcium from Wal-mart

    3. iodine bought off internet for possible thyroid issues (when I ran out of this, I went to local GNC store and purchased kelp which is high in iodine.)

    4. royal jelly bought off ebay

    5. organic wheat grass in tablet form, bought off ebay

    6. ovul-aid bought off ebay. (Like other name brand fertility tablets, only cheaper. Has same blend of Chinese herbs like dong quai, black cohosh, vitex, wild yam, etc.)

    7. Red Clover tablet form bought off ebay

    8. Flase Unicorn Root in tinture form bought off ebay. (Get big bottle even though kind of expenseive, it is very powerful.)

    9. Cramp bark in tinture form bought off ebay.

    10. Macca root in pill form bought off ebay. (Very powerful fertility herb as well. Men can take this one too.)

    11. Red Raspberry leaf in tinture form bought off ebay. (Also best to buy in big bottle. When I ran out, I went to GNC and just bought the tea form.)

    Some of these say to stop after ovulation, but I didnt think I could get pregnant naturally so I took them the whole cycle. My goal was to make sure everything in my body was perfect so invitro would work. I did cut back on the false unicorn because it is sooooo expensive and the ovulaid had it in it as well. For the most part i followed dosing on the bottles. Over all for about 2 months of taking them, I spent about $300. Invitro costs about $10,000 so now I feel it is a very small price to pay. I also had bought dhea to take, but after further reading decided the side effects were not worth the risk and did not take it. My doctor says the two weeks I was pregnant and did not know it, and continued to take the herbs, probably did not harm the baby. He has even kept me on the kelp and wheat grass.
    I hope this helps someone else to get the baby they want so badly. I truelly understand and wish everybody good luck.

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    Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!!!


    Congratulations at Last!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations. at last your joy is complete thanks
    to natural herbal medicine.My case was almost like this
    because when i tried every option and none seemed to work for me at last my joy was made complete by the use of
    natural medicine. My advice is that those that their joy
    is yet to be complete should try the natural means it may save you.
    Good luck

    RachaelT New Member

    WOW! This gives me hope. I am not ttc at the moment but had to do IVF to conceive my daughter. I was told that I likely had Chlamydia in the past which blocked my tubes. Well..1 is totally blocked and the other is narrow with scar tissue. I'm interested lately in Chinese herbs for when I ttc again...which should be in 1 year or 2 as I'm 36!

    smoss New Member

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have suffered several pregnancy losses after doing IVF and the pain never goes away. I am looking for something to give me better egg quality and a great deal of success to bring home baby or babies. I just made an appt to see a herbal specialist in Chinese medicine for Thursday.

    j9434 New Member

    Blocked fallopian tubes, now pregnant

    mrose36801... thanks for your post and for all the posters out there whose words I've taken to heart and whose advice I've considered in coming up with my own infertility solutions.

    I've been married for six years, 34, and never been pregnant. Last May 2010, I was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes. My REs recommended IVF. I read info and spoke to my family about my choices.

    My mom wanted me to try alternative medicine before I went forward with IVF. I'm glad I listened to her. My great aunt is a gifted massager and herbalist and has massaged many women to pregnancy along with her herbs. I never truly believed it but I really didn't have much choice now. I had to depend on her and my faith. I went to visit her and she was able to give me about six massage sessions and without much direction or explanation from me, she was able to pinpoint my problems and direct her efforts to those areas.

    I read up on acupuncture and started my once a week acupuncture sessions;I read mrose's post about all the herbs she took and decided to order the herbs that applied to me; and finally, I completely read the thread on royal jelly and bee pollen and ordered a couple of jars of that.

    So my infertility regimen for the past couple of months has been the following:

    1) The six massage sessions by my great aunt and a couple of weeks of her herbs.
    2)Two months of acupuncture once a week
    3) Herbs/Tea/Pills Taken:

    1) Royal jelly and bee pollen twice a day
    2) Rose Clover Tea - once a day
    3) Organic green tea - twice a day
    4) Oolong tea (I was trying to lose/maintain my weight at the same time.) - twice a day
    5) Primrose oil caplets - twice a day
    6) Macca root caplets - twice a day
    7) Organic wheatgrass mixed with hot water - once a day
    8) Vitamin E - once a day
    9) Omega 3 Fish Oil - once a day
    10) Vitamin B- Complex - once a day
    11) Prenatal Vitamin - once a day

    I don't drink or smoke. I really didn't exercise although I attempted yoga. I didn't strictly adhere to my herb regimen... I always took everything at least once a day but I sometimes didn't take it the second time. In addition, my husband was traveling out of town frequently during the week so it was hard to time intercourse well. It was hit or miss.

    So it must be a combination of all of the above, luck, and a lot of prayers, but I was quite shocked this weekend when my pregnancy test stick indicated I was pregnant. I have been recording my basal body temp. for the past three months and my temps have been really high for the past week; higher than they've ever been. My period is late; I am on day 36 and I am a regular gal with 28 days in my cycle. I tested myself 5 times this weekend... all pregnant. I used the digital ones, too, not the ones with the line. I can't even tell with those.

    So I am hoping and praying that I am truly pregnant.

    I'll meet with my ob/gyn and order more accurate tests to confirm. Also, because of my blocked tubes (I can only hope they're not blocked anymore) but I do have a chance of an ectopic pregnancy so I will monitor that.

    In any case, I feel really happy right now... and hoping all goes well.

    I will continue seeing my acupuncturist until I feel pretty positive and stable about my pregnancy.

    Thanks again to everyone and don't give up:)

    j9434 New Member


    I just wanted to do a quick update for everyone. I went to see my doctor yesterday. When I found out that I was pregnant despite having problems with my tubes, I definitely made an appointment to see my doctor to make sure everything was going well and normal.

    The blood work came back positive that I was pregnant without a doubt. The sonogram they performed showed that the pregnancy was indeed in the uterus, and not in the fallopian tubes as I had feared possible.

    I had laporoscopy surgery last June to confirm that my right tube was completely blocked and my left tube had a sac which would invite an ectopic pregnancy.

    After a couple months of alternative treatment- massages, herbs, and acupuncture, my tubes must be healthy and unblocked.

    The sonographer said that I had ovulated from my right ovary!!! The egg traveled through the tube that was blocked! This is amazing.

    So my pregnancy is normal and going along as expected. I look to be about 4 and a half weeks along right now but it's hard to tell.

    Ladies, this has taught me that you are your own best advocate. Don't take what the doctor tells you at face value right away. My RE said IVF and I looked for alternatives. My insurance sure didn't cover IVF!!!

    I am thanking my lucky stars right now and continue to pray for a safe pregnancy.

    klb0521 New Member

    j9434, this is truly a blessing that the egg traveled down the blocked tube!! I also believe that you have to listen to your gut on things, because the drs basically told me that I would never get pregnant on own and I did!! I had a m/c, but the fact that I had faith in my body and the man up above, God gave me a glimmer of hope that I could do this!
    I wish you all the best on your pregnancy!!

    kysweetheart New Member

    Doseage Info??

    Hello ladies - I am so inspired by your stories as both my tubes are blocked. Going for a lap. next month to see if my RE can help some how. But am so excited to try this natural way. Can any of you tell me where to find info on this? Just curious as what doseage to take of some of the meds. Thanks for this inspirational treatment.

    j9434 New Member

    Smoss....You should read the forum on royal jelly and bee pollen if egg quality and quantity is your main concern! Good luck!


    wow beautiful ladies writing their beautiful experiences...thread is really worth reading thanks much for creating...


    Ya you should try for natural therapies...
    they can give result...
    good luck...

    smoss New Member

    Praying for healthy prego and child(ren)

    Thank you for responding to my post and also for the advice on royal jelly and bee pollen. If you don't mind can you please give me an update on your pregnancy. Please?


    Mommawannabe35 New Member


    I only have one tube and the other one is blocked due to a possible infection or something. I had a laparoscopy to confirm that they couldn't get it open, and have been told IVF is the only way. I've spent a ton of money on IVF and still have to baby. I am inspired to try the herbal route. I've never heard of people's tubes unblocking. That would be a miracle!!! Could you please direct me to what I need to do? Is there a website or something that lays it all out? I will begin taking all of these supp asap. Please help me figure out what to take!!!

    Thank you so much for giving us hope! ANd thank you for your help, ladies!!!:clap:

    HippieWitch New Member

    This gives me hope as well since i have one tube blocked. HSG confirmed one is blocked; one is open. I have always wanted to try alternative options and now after reading this than i know it to be true. Thanks so so much! :clap:

    trisgroy New Member

    How long do I take these herbs?

    Hi Friends,
    After reading this amazing thread I started taking herbs and doing accupunture regularly.
    I need to know how long do u continue taking herbs? Do you take it while you are on ivf treatments? Do u still take it after you come to know you are pregnant?
    Thank you , and congrats to all with success.

    beautyqueen New Member

    Your Tube Can Be Opened

    hi every one, i had similar story to you guys. i have only one tube. it became hydrosalpinx after i had a miscarriage last year Dec. myDH got me this miracle product Felopio. i have used it the herbal tampo for 46 day( 2 cycles) then went for HSG and guess what: there was a free spillage and the test came out with 'patent right tube'. Halleluya. my ER said we can start trying with clomid but advised that i use the Felopio herbal mixture for one more cycle. so we have ordered for another pack. pls this is not fake neither are my making it up. Felopio works. pls try it.

    solutionstohealth New Member

    The information you are sharing is really wonderful and helpful for the people like me suffering from infertility. Herbs have always been helpful when the medicines and science stop working. Want to know if you have some more information.

    linzyN New Member

    blocked fallopian tubes

    wow i have to admit reading the success lifts my spirit and am so happy to have found this forum.
    i have totally blocked tubes thro HSG. i found out in August 2011 and i was so shocked:grr:. i decided to take time out on trying to have a baby and research on natural ways to open my tubes since IVF is very expensive and i can not really afford it.
    early last month i started on Chinese herbs and accupuncher . i take organic wheat grass once in a while i also do castor oil pack 3-5 times a week .:pray: i have also started doing fertility massages tho am not really good at it just try and error but am planning to go to a professional to show me how to do it myself.:pray::pray: pray for me to successed that i may share my story to many more women with similar problem.

    August 2011 hsg blocked fallopian tubes, Adhesion possible scaring .:grr::grr::grr:
    July 11/2012 Accupuncher , chinese herbal tea. and herbs
    16/7/12 another accupuncher given more herbs also started castor oil pack therapy at home 3times a week.
    so far i have had 7 accupuncher treatment i was stared on 2 times a week for 2weeks then once a week . am taking same herbs and herbal tea.
    as well as doing castor oil pack 3-5times a week.
    am planning to do reflexology i hear it helps and add vitamin b complex on my diet as well as bee pollen and Royal jelly.:cross::cross::cross:

    KK7680 New Member

    Hello. I too am taking herbs. I am taking the herbs mrsrose mentioned, and enzymes to help break up scar tissue. I will be doing the massage and castor oil pack tonight. I have one tube in which my RE told me had saplingitis, and was clubbed at the end, and was blocked at the uterus end. He offered no treatment for the infection, just ivf. So I seeked the advice of an herbalist. I take Free Flow, Cinnamon and Poria, and Clear Simplex 2 to clear up the infection. I believe that with God, all things are possible, and herbs are from the earth and help the body heal and function normally. I am having an issue. I haven't had a period since 7/19/2012. I had my lap done 7/26/2012. I have performed a lot of hpts but all :bfn: I took some ovulation strips, and each one were bright:bfp: Any insight as to what may be going on? Too many herbs maybe, or possible stress, or is my body trying to adjust to the herbs? I have to add, my RE put me on Metformin, which caused me to miss my period. Before then, my cycles were every 28-29 days. I took False Unicorn Root, crampbark, kelp, and Maca, a few days later my period came. I took these herbs throughout my cycle. Any help would be appreciated? Thanks!!

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