brown bleeding and cramps day 9 (2ww)

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    stella2011 New Member

    I'm writing this and feeling so low. Already had my tantrum yesterday.
    I had my 1 embryos transfered 11 days ago. There was no bleeding till day 9 ( little pink) then stopped on day 10. Today i have cramps with brown discharge. Tomorrow suppsed to be the day of my normal cycle. Is it over?!
    Too scared to take a pregnancy check. Really not ready to go through all this over again.
    Anyone experienced the same?

    luv4rachela New Member

    I have not had the same experience, but I do know this...brown blood is old blood, and most likely residual from day 9. Sound like it could be implantation spotting.

    stella2011 New Member

    Thank you for the reply.
    Fingers crossed till tomorrow:cross:

    BlessMe New Member

    Hi, I had the same experience, and I am 23 weeks pregnant (with twins) now. So try not to panic. Call your RE and let them know of course.

    I know how scary it can be!! I saw the bleeding in the middle of the night, and woke up my husband to share the "bad news". We were terrified. Next morning when I called the doctor's office, they said it could be old blood, and told me to be on bed rest till this stops. And have lots and lots of water. Also, they said that if you soak your pad in 1 hour, it could be bad. Mine was not that much. I followed their instructions, and my bleeding stopped. At 6 weeks, we saw two babies. So, hang in there. Sending prayers and love your way.

    13timesthecharm New Member

    I am going through the same thing. I started bleeding the day before my beta. I was a mess for two days. I went for my beta on 12/8 and it came back positive. It was a little low - 47.3 and they like 50. So I am going back tomorrow and hoping it more than doubles. So, while I am not out of the woods yet all hope is not lost and neither is yours. I have done quite a bit of research and bleeding before a beta is quite common and lots of women go on to have healthy babies.

    So don't give up yet. I am :pray: for you!

    :cross: :cross: for both of us!!!

    deedra New Member

    I went through the same thing last week. I thought for sure that I was starting my period any second & even cried myself to sleep the night before my beta. I had cramps everyday until beta & had pink spotting on the night before. And when they called & said I was pregnant, I was in total shock! I am still in shock & don't believe it. Don't give up hope & good luck!

    BinIL New Member

    Congrats on your pregnancy! I am 9dp5dET and had light spotting yesterday and cramping today. Unfortunateley all hpt:bfn:. My beta is friday. Did you take a hpt prior to your beta?

    stella2011 New Member

    Sorry to be late in reply,
    My first IVF trial turned negative. Got my heavy period the very next day..trying to cope with this though.
    Thank you for all your support and kind wishes; wish you all a positive and healthy pregnancy to come. Good luck everyone

    BlessMe New Member

    Hey, I did not do hpt because my RE had said that hpt is not reliable; especially with all the IVF medications still in your body. I was tempted but refrained since I didn't want to be depressed unnecessarily. The spotting most likely would be implantation spotting. Try to stay in bed, as much as possible, till you go for your test. Have tons of water. All the doctors advise that. I hope you hear good news tomorrow. Praying for you.

    BlessMe New Member

    Very sorry to hear that. :( Hope you have lots of support at home. Hope and pray that it works for you next time! Love and hugs!

    stella2011 New Member

    hubby is the only support i have around. he is doing his best; but i think something wrong is going in me. I can't get over it, depression is haunting me with a sense of worthlessness :(
    Anyone went through this before? how did you get over it? I'm trying to keep myself busy with work, but once i'm with myself; the negetaves feelings are back.

    carison New Member

    I got my BFN on 11/20 and it was a horrible time. I still find myself cryinng when I am alone. For the first 2 weeks I was a mess, didn't want to see anyone or talk about it. I told myself that if I continued to feel that way, I would seek outside help. Things are getting better, and we have a next plan in place. Do you have an appointment set up to talk about your next steps? That helped me. Knowing that there was still hope for a new cycle. You of course know your emotions best, and if you feel out of control I would consider making an appointment to talk to someone. At my clinic there is an IVF counselor there, who is available to talk with patients if they feel they need to. BFN's suck, and they can take you to a dark place, but with time it should get easier.

    BlessMe New Member

    Hubby is the best support to have since he is sharing your pain. He knows the best what you are going through.

    I understand that you can get outside help or help from clinic etc. but personally at a sad time I prefer talking to people who I feel closest to. Hubby of course is the first choice. I don't know if you are a believer in God or not, but if you are, praying (and praying) helps me get back on my feet with strength I could never have. And then of course, I think forums like these are a huge help. There are many women here who have been through similar bad times, and in the end saw success.

    I hope you find your strength back, and your RE helps you get back to trying again with a new protocol that will lead to success. Take care. It will get better with each passing day.

    stella2011 New Member

    Thank you so much ladies for your constant support and advise. I have my appontment this week to discuss about what went wrong and we should do for the next trial. I'm trying to fight the negativity; and keep my hope and faith. I hope things get easier with time, let's see.
    Thank you again, your words meant the world to me :)

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