Clotting & heavy bleeding at 5 weeks...miscarriage?

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    Well one week after my blessed BFP, I started bleeding. At first it was just brown discharge but the next morining it had turned to pink and then finally to bright red. Its very heavy (heavier than any period) and I'm passing very large clots. I'm not experiencing any substantial cramping though. I called my RE and she explained to me that bleeding was not uncommon and that the clots didn't worry her... something about the bleeding happening slowly. Nonetheless, she told me that basically there was a 50/50 chance that I would miscarry.

    This is my 3rd day of bleeding. I go in tomorrow morning to check my HCG level which will hopefully give me some answers.

    Has anyone experienced something similar? Was it a miscarriage? I miscarried before but not naturally.

    hope2Bprego New Member

    I have experinced that and I did miscarry. Day 3 of bleeding I went for a ultra sound and we had a heart beat day 5 nothing. Maybe you will have a different experience. I hope and pray for you. This was before my IVF attempt

    blubug New Member

    i experience this but there was no was just a gush of dark red blood and clots. it lasted for a week. it was a miscarriage. i had lots of cramps. my sister in law had just as much bleeding and her baby stayed. i guess it is 50/50. it's hard to say until you get your number
    i hope your little one is ok

    eeweeder New Member

    Thanks guys. Its official, my bloodwork came back negative... zilch... nada... :grr: They weren't able to detect anything on the u/s either. Its still sad and confusing but at least I have my answer.

    stefmc723 New Member

    So sorry for your loss ...

    Halcyonrx New Member

    I am very sorry for your loss as well! It's such a difficult series of events to go through...

    I woke up today with some dark brown spotting/a few clumps, so I've been sort of freaking out about what it means. My RE says not to worry, but I know it can be a sign of impending miscarriage. Guess all I can do is wait.

    Gambler New Member

    I understand as I might be having the same thing happening

    eeweeder - I remember you from the IUI boards. I'm sorry to read that you had to go through this. I'm in the mist of something similar.

    I got my first ever BFP on Tuesday, August 17th at 14 dpiui and by 4:30 pm I was spotting. By the next day, Wedesday I was bleeding heavy and blood was drawn for my beta which wouldn't be ran until the next day, Thursday. My RE told me the same about miscarrying but she said my odds were 95% that I was going to miscarry. My beta came back as 17 and based on what I understand I was 4 weeks 0 days on the day I got my BFP. I have had some clotting but not much and the cramping kicked in moderately for an hour or so on the 2nd day of bleeding. Today, Friday is the 3rd day of bleeding and the cramping is on and off. I have to wait until Monday for a second beta to know if there's still a chance of if it is over. I hope and pray that I can be like a previous poster who said her sister bled and went on to have a healthy baby, however, I know the odds are against me. It's just hard to believe that we would FINALLY get that BFP and go from thrilled and happy to sad in only days.

    eeweeder New Member

    @Gambler~ I'm sorry you are going through it as well. :( I bled SO much I definitely knew something wasn't right. I was going through about 4 pads/day. I really thought I might have to go to the hospital since I was losing so much blood. It lasted for 5 days-extremely heavy for 3. I just took it really easy and stayed in bed or on the couch until I went in for my beta and u/s results. When I tested the bloodwork came back at 0 hcg so I knew it was over for me. It was really upsetting! I am still dealing with the emotional side of it. Initially I told myself that since it was such an early m/c that it wasn't as heartbreaking... not like my previous m/c at 7 weeks after I had seen it's little heartbeat. But I was wrong. They are all painful and devistating. The only silver lining is that you know that something in the process worked right to give you that BFP...even if it was only for a couple weeks.

    On a side note, I recently started acupuncture for infertility. I'm taking a 3 month break and thought I'd give it a try. I figure 3 mos of acupuncture (2x week) is about the cost of one IUI + meds. My acupuncturist is working with me to heal my body physically and emotionally and produce more balanced bloodflow to my uterus. I've also started taking a few Chinese herbs.

    Best of luck to you on Monday. Bleeding is not uncommon in early pregnancy. I'm :pray: you are in that 5%.


    wjoubert New Member

    First of I would like to say I am sorry for your loss. I am going through a similar thing and was hoping that you can help me. I also had very low beta and progesterone from the beginning and this past Monday by Beta dropped from 28 to 13. By Wednesday, I has dark brownish discharge and by Thursday I was in hell with cramps and heavy bleeding with clots. However, by Friday the pain had lost intensity and the bleeding as well. Today, I am only on a panty liner and just some very mild cramps here and there.

    I was wondering if you think this is the end for me. I have an appt. on Monday to check Hcg levels but I am hoping that I am done and I can put this behind me. I have been reading of other experiences but most are later miscarriages and they appear to have a lot more bleeding then I did. I really hope I don't need a D&C as I am afraid of scaring.

    Thank you in advance for your time!

    eeweeder New Member

    I'm sorry. I know how disappointing it is. Take care of yourself. You probably won't need the D&C since you were so early. I didn't have one.

    I would advise you to take some time for your body to heal. You may want to wait one additional month before your next IUI. I know you're probably in a hurry to get started again. I felt the same way at first. I later realized that I hadn't dealt with my feelings about the loss. I have found that taking a 2-3 month break has really helped me emotionally and physically. Just something to consider...


    wjoubert New Member

    Thank you for your response. I thought about taking some time as well. I am going to follow the docs recommendation but in all honesty I deal with things better if I become proactive. I feel that if I sit on this too long the emotions will end up eating me alive. At this point I feel that the only way I can put this behind me is by thinking about the next steps, the "now what???" Creating a plan and going for it.

    I am a very emotional person and I know that I will probably have to wait till november to try again but I think that is the part that kills me the most. Part of me wishes the the IUI would not have worked so that I can do the second one right away! It would have been less emotionally taxing since I am use to getting the :bfn: .

    Thank for the hugs! I love this website and the support I feel when I am on it.


    1stIVF New Member

    I'm so sorry to read about this :( I am going through the same thing as well. This is my 2nd m/c in 6 months :( The first was through a natural cycle on Clomid, this one was a FET (2nd transfer - first was fresh). I had no symptoms so it was quite a shock last week when my beta was back down to 46 from 127 the week before. Two days later I started bleeding and passed a large clot of tissue 2 days after that. All just in time for my 30th birthday...and here I was thinking this was going to be the best birthday ever :(

    I go back on Wed to my RE to go over my cycles and options. I am hoping the 3rd time will be the charm because unfortunately this may be the last transfer my husband and I can afford as our insurance does not cover any of it.

    I wish everyone on this forum luck and lots of baby dust!!

    Payton New Member

    I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

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