Cramping 4dpo, what is this?

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    breanna New Member

    I normally try not to obsess about any symptoms, cause AF is normally very nasty to me. I get nausea, some nasty mood swings and sore bbs a week before AF. This is probably from the endo. However this cycle was my first on fertility drugs, I took clomid days 3-7, 150 iu of follistim on day 9, and 250 ovidrel trigger on day 12. I had 2 iui's one on 12 hours after trigger on day 13, it went well except the nurse couldnt find my cervix easily. Then I had another the next morning which was traumatic. They couldnt find my cervix and once it was found it was closed they had to swich speculums, and catheters. It took more than a half an hour and 3 nurses and almost a dr. It hurt really bad and at one point i screamed. I had very bad cramps all day, and some the next morning. When i went in for my day 12 ultrasound I had 5 mature follies. After the 2nd iui the nurse told me to go home and take tylenol, because not only was i gonna have pain from the iui but from ovulating the 5 eggs as well. tylenol didnt help. After that I was fine for a few days. then on 4dpo - assuming i o'd on cd 14, although im thinking it might have been cd 13, since cd 14 iui was so tough.

    so anyway at 4-5 dpo I had some bad cramping, like AF cramps, I also had lots and lots on creamy cm. At 5-6 dpo the cramps are gone. I started testing out the trigger on thurs and as of today 5-6 dpo it was faint on an aimstick so i believe it is just about gone. So is this cramping a clomid side effect coming late? It is too late to still be from the iui or ovulation, and too early for implantation. Does anyone know or have this? I just dont know what to expect this cycle cause everything is different. I won't even know if AF comes late because i heard the clomid can extend the luteal phase.


    Well, the cycles that I got a bfp on (didn't turn out too well but they did start off normally!) I had cramping for a few days like what you are describing. If I were you hun I'd consider it a good sign and hope its just the little embryo(s?) sticking in there nice and firm.

    Good luck!! :cheer:

    breanna New Member

    Thanks designdiva. I am hoping it is implantation, I have never had cramps this early in the cycle. It just seemed too early to be implantation, I thought it was something that was closer to when AF came. AF isn't due until at least the week after next. How long did your cramps last?

    nedege24 New Member

    hey like alana said see it as a good sign and hope for the best..praying for :bfp: all the best to you

    hope26 New Member

    I cramp during my whole LP on Clomid. Nothing too severe, and on an off. Right now I am cramping...I am at 15dpo and have some strange pains on the sides of my stomach, like where my ovaries are. I can't be ovulating and I have had these pains all day. They don't feel like menstral cramps to me at all. I poas yesterday and got a bfn. But, :af: isn't due until tuesday. I am still :pray: , but preparing myself for the likelyhood that it was a bust this month....AGAIN.

    Good luck girl, I hope your cramps are nothing but a positive sign!
    :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: to us all!

    historyteach New Member

    After my first medicated cycle, had a lot of cramping. It may be the follicles breaking down, which will go away after a couple of days. But i like the idea that it is implantation. Good luck, and i will keep my fingers that this is your cycle:cross::babydust:

    breanna New Member

    Thanks for the responses, I've considered that it could be a reaction from the clomid, i heard it makes endo worse and these defintely feel like AF cramps. I had a couple of twinges today but yesterday was bad. I don't think they are my ovaries, it feels like my uterus. Does the trigger cause side effects? I noticed yesterday that my nipples are sore too. not my bbs but just the nipples. Good Luck everyone. I hope this is the month for all of us. :babydust: :bsv:

    MaggieMoo New Member

    The sore bbs and nipples could be the rise in your progesterone. Are you on any progesterone suppliments? The cycle that I got pg with my ds, I had weird twinges and dull aches and pains in the area where my ovaries are. I knew that I had ovulated. And it continued until I got a bfp. When I finally tested I was just convinced that it was just AF coming but it wasn't.
    Good luck to you!! Hoping and praying that this is your cycle!! :flower:

    charms New Member

    The cramping could be a great sign!

    After my IVF transfer of two little ones, I had diarria. I was certain they were gone... I got cramps the next morning, they went away and then 5 days later, I got cramps again with spotting, I thought I was starting AF. My lower back began to ache much more than normally. I was pretty convinced that this did not work.
    But on the morning of the HCG test, I woke up and just knew I was pregnant! All the fears that it did not work flew out the window.
    After waiting 8 hours for the results it was :bfp: .

    Keep faith and positive!

    kiwi81 New Member

    Yeah I think cramping is a good sign, possibly ovulation cramps or just cramps from your visit and procedure. Hang in there

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