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    lsnieman New Member

    On Dec. 5th I had my first IUI. I've been doing fertility treatments on and off for teh past year, but never tried IUI (can't understand why I never did). Anyways...About 2 hours after the procedure, I began experiencing awful cramping that felt like menstrual cramping. It was so uncomfortable and lasted about 1 and a half hours. My lower abdomen still felt sore later, but not as bad. It is now Dec. 9th and I still feel soreness when trying to go to the bathroom. Has anyone experienced this? Any advice?
    Georgia Girl

    Georgia Girl New Member

    I felt the same way...actually I had cramping for almost 6 days afterwards.. Nurse said it was normal....:flower: Best of Luck to you!!!!


    AnnRN New Member

    I had the same kind of cramping. Mine was the worst when I went to the bathroom (urinating or having a **) or when I went from sit to stand. Mine lasted about the same as Kym's. I am now 10 days post IUI and still have some intermittent cramping. Today was a bad day with severe cramps intermittently, but not associated with elimination or position change. Can't tell yet if they are premenstrual or what...

    Hang in there. It will get better, it just takes a while!

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you!


    agsamai New Member

    i had the cramping thorough out the 2ww ... its ok the doc said ,... all the best

    elenasmom New Member


    Hi everyone -
    I'm curious about your cramping - I triggered on Saturday night and had my IUI midday today. This morning I had minor pain in my left ovary (where I have 2 mature follicles and 2 other possibles) - I get ovulation pain every month but this a bit more severe while not being outright painful. After the IUI, the pain there has increased - is this the kind of cramping you all have had?
    Just wondering.

    AnnRN New Member

    My cramping was very sharp pain when I went to the bathroom or changed position. The first six days or so it felt like it was right at my ovaries. Since then my cramping has moved around a lot. On day six I had really sharp pains on my left side that had me doubling over. The last few days I have had hard cramping just above my pubis. Hope this helps...

    MoB New Member

    day 10 post IUI cramps

    I'm having them too - wondering if it's pms...booooo!
    Good luck to you! Keep us posted.

    jenpen New Member


    We just had our first IUI and we are going in tomorrow for our 2nd. I had a HCG injection on Sunday, and have been on Letrozole. About 1 hour or so after my IUI i felt some cramping on my left side which is the side of my growing folicles. Has anyone had Cramping with good results?????
    :cross: Jenny:cross:

    rm0093 New Member

    First IUI

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site and I just want to say that it is great! I wish that none of us had to go through all of this but i am glad that there is a place where we all understand what we are going through.

    I just had my first IUI (with clomid) this sunday (1/31) it wasnt painful really at the time but since then it has gotten worse. last night (monday 2/1) it became very painful to the point that i couldnt move i was doubled over in pain and it hurt to breath, laugh, stand up..anythig! I woke up with a fever too. called the RE and the nurse i spoke with said it was common for the pain since the ovaries were stimulated (with ovadril) and so i would be extra sensitive to them now. as far as the fever she said i am probably just coming down with something that is going around.

    This pain wont go away! I am taking tylenol for the pain but it just lessens the intensity of it, does not make it go away. has this happened to anyone else? its not really like menstrual cramps its more of a soreness and maybe gas like pain, like there is a balloon being blown up inside my lower stomach and there is no room to expand (kind of a pressure like feeling) I am nervous about what this means.

    anyone have any ideas?

    :pray: hoping the IUI is successful! we have been trying for 2.5 yrs!

    lucy_ny New Member

    The pain is most likely from the sperm wash! It made me double over in pain for hours, i ws sweating and screaming with pain. My RE's office told me to take tylenol. The next iui I did they said they would give the sperm wash an extra spin, and it was much much better. Maybe thats the answer, just ask them to spin it a few extra times. It does not affect the aperm count or quality.

    rm0093 New Member

    Thanks! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have to do it again anytime soon.

    Just got tested and have low progesterone levels. Taking a pill for that and go in for a blood test on the 16th.
    keep thinking positive!!

    hopefloats New Member

    I had horrible cramping while they were performing the procedure, and some cramping for a day or two after. It was never really associated with going to the bathroom though.

    Lulup New Member

    I am also new to this site and came across this thread about pain after an IUI. I had my first IUI yesterday after 50 mg of Clomid for 5 days and the Ovidrel shot. Yesterday I had cramping and discomfort but woke up this morning vomiting, light headed, and severe cramping. I went back in to the Dr for my second IUI, and they said that I had three large eggs along with numerous smaller ones and that is causing the more severe ovarian pain. (I usually do have pain during ovulation.) What I am wondering is if any of you have had this? The light headed, vomiting, (which went away immediately), and severe cramping?

    The Dr told me to go home and lay in bed for the day and see how I feel tomorrow but take it easy until the pg test. Since I am new to this I am curious as I lay here in pain...

    Lulup New Member

    How long did your cramping stay severe? I too am new to this forum and just had my first IUIs two days in a row. I have such severe cramping and have been vomiting as well. Dr said it is probably because 3 of my eggs are so large and my body isn't used to it. I did 50mg of clomid, then the HCG injection 24 hours before the first IUI. Second IUI was this morning and have been in pain ever since- could hardly walk into the Dr office. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Lulup New Member

    How did it go??? Today was the test?

    trying4preggo New Member

    This is my first post on here! My husband and I just did our first round of IUI today and I am lying in bed in such pain! We did one day (yes, one DAY) of Clomid and it was found on ultrasound that I had a follicle starting to develop already. I stopped Clomid, took the HCG shot, and just had the IUI. My lower abdomen(uterus/cervix?) feels like someone is blowing up a balloon in it and stomping on it at the same time. So weird. Is this normal?!? :cross:

    zaini75 New Member

    post iui

    hello everyone...i am just new in this forum and i like it so very much.....i m so much depreesed now a days i cant tell anybody..this is our v first iui done on 19th april with injectables and hcg trigger shot ..we r trying to concive for almost 4 years..also done 6 months of clomid cycle but problem at i tell my real story which is worrying me..sorry i m not so good in english..Everthing was totally normal but 6 dp iui i felt some cramping that ithought AF is just coming but nothing happened...then 12 dp iui again i felt same craming and this time 2may i felt some spotting for whole day but only when i night v small amount of blood(sorry to all) but not as period ( usually i have v heavy periods for first 4 days)..
    this continued for about 3 days but v beta test was due on 4th may which became stopped spotting totally on 5th may and still my periods have not i am 22 dp iui...and from almost 11 days i hav much abdominal cramping ,tender boobs for 2 days...sometimes v little nausea., sudden hunger...v thirsty....sudden cold and hot flashes...shortness of breath...stomach and constipation problem...altime burpinga (again sorry) spescially while lying on bed..and from 3 days left side pain.last week much lower back pain whic is no more now....
    one more thing that i hav already stopped taking progesterone from 6 days..
    now pleaseeeeeeee someone tell me what is happening to me...i also done HPT last night but still neg...
    i hav so much desire for children that i just think i will die without them bcoz i was so hopefull with my iui...after both tests neg but i hav still hope that is something happening news which i never ever feel....please help me what ihav to do???? i cal my iui doctor for my leftside pain but she does not take it seriously and tell me to go to emergeny if hav severe pain...i am just crying from two days but stll hoping that i am pregnant??? or am i optimistic????is it possible to be pregnant afte tests are neg and also some bleeding..?''pleaseeeeeeeee answer me sooooon
    just waiting altime an angel

    tina2010 New Member

    I had my 3rd IUI 8 days ago.
    This time I had 8 eggs, and the sperm count went up to 10 million.

    1st IUI - 1 egg, 2 million sperm - no success
    2nd IUI - 4 eggs, 1 million sperm - no success
    3rd IUI - 8 eggs, 10 million sperm - waiting.... :pray:

    I thought this time I have a much better change - my doc was even surprised that the sperm count jumped to such a high number. She even warned me of multiple births... so this got my hopes up and I was so happy.

    Now it's day 8 and I am getting cramping again... (I had bad cramps for 4 days post IUI but that's because I was so stimulated with injection fertility drugs - if anyone is wondering - this is completely normal, I had bad cramps and felt bloated every time after IUIs - your ovaries are not used to so much activity - this usually lasts for 3 - 5 days)

    SO, it's day 8 and I have cramps now, but different ones, like period cramps, in my pelvic area below ovaries. And now I am getting really depressed again. I guess hormones are making me more emotional too, I am taking progesterone pills every day. sigh...

    MomDreams New Member

    I did my first IUI 2 days ago. The only pain I had was when I was ovulating almost exactly 36 hours after the trigger shot.

    Since then i've been pain free. I'm worried I should be feeling something.....


    Shewnts2havabb New Member

    moderate cramping day #3 post IUI

    I'm new on this site too. I was searching for any info on cramping after an IUI, even though my MD said it would be expected. This is our 3rd IUI and I haven't had cramps like this with the other IUIs. It's good to see other going through this. I was hoping it was something good!!:dance: Any thoughts?

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