diarrhea during the 2ww ivf could it be??

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    mayaa New Member

    Hello everyone,

    i am 7dp3dt, and since mt ET i had a bloated tummy, but today i woke up with NO BLOATING at all and with diarrhea (sorry TMI) i have NO symptoms at all, no sore boobs, no nausea, not even the side effects of the progesterone (im on progesterone pessaries) do u think this cycle is ruined since i have no more bloating tummy and i read that with hcg the bloating should still be here and do u think that i have no progesterone in my body since i also read that it cause constipation and i have diarrhea????
    any advice please????

    Tweet New Member

    Mayaa, take a deep breath. I'm not sure really sure about your TMI question. However, I've read about plenty of women who don't have any symptoms but still end up with a :bfp: . And if it's any consolation, you and I are right in the same place and I've got all of the same thoughts and obsessions! Let's try to keep each other calm, cool, and collected until the BETA.

    BackRow New Member

    Everyone is different, for some women the progesterone causes constipation but for others (myself included) it causes diarrhea. I am in the 2ww too and it is so hard not to examine every symptom, but really they're not a good source of information - and that goes for the lack of symptoms too! We're on too many medications to be able to tell what is from that and what is from pregnancy. Hang in there and best of luck to you!!

    guadhopes New Member

    I am pregnant, and I was not constipated! In fact, I have been going 2 - 4 times a day since around the time of ET. I agree with the other posters -- its hard to know based on symptoms. Unhappily, you just have to wait til that beta to know for sure!

    valyons71 New Member

    mayaa- i have also been having on and off diarrhea, but am in beta limbo right now. Its so hard to tell what is a side effect of the meds and what is a symptoms. But must people who are not on meds do not notice any symptoms until after the 2 weeks mark. Hang in there I know its hard!

    I have shared this story on other threads but I find it so funny because we all over analyze every little twinge or "symptom". Last week I was about 9dp6dt (after my 2nd beta that didnt double) and I had some cramping on my upper right side, very similar to AF cramps. Well I had managed to convince myself that what I was feeling was an ectopic pregnancy. So I was in tears and devastated and DH looks at me and says, "Didnt you have your right tube removed?". He was right! I just started laughing so hard! We drive ourselves crazy and the extra hormones we take do not help!

    When is your first beta? Are you a POAS'r?

    mayaa New Member

    thank u all ladies for ur replies, u are the best indeed :grouphug:
    it is really weird how we start to analyze every little symptom ....
    i went through 3 ivf (all bfn) but it is the first time that i have diarrhea with pain in the stomach and im soooo confused i feel it's over :grr:
    my beta isnt until 10/1

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