Do ICSI'd embryos result in higher % of identical twins?

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    Hello Ladies!

    I think I remember reading somewhere that ICSI creates a small "fault line" in the embryo where the needle goes in, which makes the embryo more likely to split into identical twins. I have also noticed a few women on here with stories about their embryos splitting, and am wondering if their eggs were ICSId. I can't relocate this info and am not sure now that I didn't just dream it up. Any info is appreciated!!

    sarae2003 New Member

    I've not found any information regarding this, but I'm hoping someone else can chime in! I *truly* dont want twins (not because of conveniece, etc, but because of health issues) but we must do ICSI.

    LoveMyDoggie New Member

    I did not have mine ICSI'd but I've read a ton over my IVF history and the only thing I remember reading is that assisted hatching had an increase risk of twins (not sure how significant it was but I think it was a real increase). I think you are safe w/ ICSI and seems like lots of people do it.

    I too am scared to death of twins. Having already had a late second trimester loss I don't need the extra risk.

    Passionscientist New Member

    I'm one of the ones whose embryo "Split" and got Identical twins and we did do ICSI. However, I think I'm the exception rather than the "norm" with ICSI. I think what I read was that Identical twinning or splitting of the embryo was a random event (not hereditary) and that in nature this happened like 0.4% of all pregnancies. That number does go up slightly for IVF/ICSI to something like 1%. So while ICSI itself may increase that chance, it's not like ALL ICSI embryo's split to create Identical twinning. I hope that makes sense....

    BottleBrunette New Member

    any time there is micromanipulation (ICSI, assisted hatching) the chances of the embryo splitting increases.

    jerseyjandj New Member

    my re said identical twinning was 15% chance

    nursesunshine New Member

    I read that the chance of identicals goes up marginally but it is still relatively rare. I did ICSI and we are having fraternal twins after transferring 2-3 day embryos. So it didn't happen for us.

    Anastasia New Member

    My RE told us that there have been studies and that IVF does increase the rate of ID's; however, he said that AH or ICSI did not make the chances any higher. I am not sure what the rate of ID is at my clinic. My RE told us that our little situation was a 1% chance, but who knows?


    I did ICSI and AH every cycle(five times) they both increase the odds of twinning but AH increases the odds of monozygotic twins(identical).
    I got preg with fraternal but lost one.
    I also had 4 embies transfered on the last cycle.

    vangel34 New Member

    We did ICSI, transferred three embryos, two stuck and one of the two split. Sadly we lost one of the identicals pretty early. All embryos were fertilized via ICSI.

    BabyRN New Member

    Hmm, thats interesting. We ICSI'd 6 eggs, and 2 fertilized on there own. We transferred 2 embryos (I don't know if it was the ICSI ones or not) and we are having identical twins.

    CoastalCohort New Member

    Ok, this may be a stupid question, but how do they know they are identical twins inutero?

    waitingwomb New Member

    Identical twins share a placenta whereas fraternal twins have seperate placentas.

    BackRow New Member

    Sometimes, but not always. If they are sharing a placenta or a sac you know they are identical, but if they have separate placentas/sacs they might still be identical. It all depends on when the embryo split. In those cases you'd have to do genetic testing to find out for sure...or just watch them after they're born. :)


    brit1612 New Member

    This is an interesting thread! I had always heard that AH increased the chances but had not heard about the ICSI. We did both, each time and never ended up pregnant with twins. Good luck to you!

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