Do Real Contractions Feel Like Menstrual Cramps?

Discussion in 'We're Pregnant!' started by Prayingforbabies, Jul 24, 2009.


    Prayingforbabies New Member

    Hello to all those ladies who have been in labor!

    I am 37 weeks today and have been experiencing PMS type of cramps for about a week now. They come and go, but they make me feel lousy.

    I was talking to some of my friends and they had never heard of the BH cramps hurting. So, I was thinking if these could be "real" contractions. I don't know. Just looking for someone who may have experienced this and what it could be. There isn't a "hardening" of the tummy related to them...just pain. Usually on my left lower side.

    Maybe it is round ligament pain? Can you still have that so close to delivery?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

    wtnganother1 New Member

    BH contractions really hurt for me. I wondered sometimes if something was really wrong, or if I was starting to go into labor or what. Maybe my pain tolerance is just too low, but they hurt sometimes for me. If you're like most women, when you get a real contraction, you'll know it. There won't be a question.

    Martieroo New Member


    THat is how it began for me!!!


    tracilynn New Member

    contractions start out feeling JUST like menstrual cramps and then they just get more painful. :cheer: yay Natalie - youre almost there! I bet what you are feeling is the start of dilation!

    want2bemommy New Member

    Unfortunatly, my water broke first and then I got pitocin so I am not sure how they feel.

    I just wanted to say how unbelievably happy for you I am (almost to tears) that you are not only pregnant, but about to have your beautiful baby after all you have been through. I remember you from a thread when I found out I was pregnant last year and I prayed so for you. CONGRATUALTIONS!!!!!!

    Christin2084 New Member

    mine felt just like period cramps and then just became more intense period cramps. I didnt even realize i was having strong contractions until they hooked me up to the monitor and told me and I was like "ohh..well i just thought those were cramps"

    my belly never got really hard or anything either..not that i noticed anyways.

    fossie New Member

    That is what it was like for me - I was having period like crampiness and was completely shocked when I went to the triage for my headache and eye floaters and they told me I was also contracting regularly!

    Mom2MandyandTristan New Member

    For both of mine that is how it started (although with T my water broke first then the "cramps" started). I had T at 37 weeks so it's possible this is it for you :)

    Good luck!!

    Laura1490 New Member

    That's exactly what I was feeling for the last month or so of pregnancy. When I was induced I was already around 4 cm dialated. I would say you are in the early signs of labor, but dont' go running to the hospital yet, you will know when the real contractions are coming! :)

    cali_girl_in_sweden New Member

    When I was expecting and ready to get my baby out, I always hated it when women told me I'd know when the contractions had really started ...

    For me, I did in fact know it when I was in active labor. I had the most intense cramping that I can't even describe. I started timing my contractions and when they got to 3 contractions in 10 minutes I could come to the hospital. I labored from about 2030 until 0430 when I finally went to the hospital. My contractions were so strong I wasn't ablt to sleep through them. I could breath through them but it was pretty tough. I also remember having a burning type feeling in my legs. My thighs were on fire everytime I would get a contraction.

    My baby ended up coming six days early and my water broke after labor had already started.

    Good luck, when your're in active labor, you'll most defintely know it:grr:,

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