Does anyone have spotting before period?

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    LisaRH New Member

    I just finished a full cycle of testing with my RE and everything has come back normal so far. We have been TTC#2 for almost 2 years. My concern is that I have spotting that begins around 10 DPO and lasts up to 5 days before AF starts. The spotting used to be very light, but has been getting heavier lately and is now enough to need several pantyliners a day. I almost can't tell when to count cd 1 is anymore. Does anyone else have spotting for several days before their period? If so, does your Dr. think it is a problem. I keep hearing that it is normal, but I KNOW it can't be! How can you get pregnant if you are bleeding by 10 dpo?

    jp362 New Member

    Hi, Lisa! I also have spotting for several days before AF. I started having this problem when I first started ttc and went off birth control. I had been on birth control for like 10 years, so I guess I didn't really know what my cycles would be like. But I never had spotting before my period. So, anyway, mine got so bad that I was actually starting to spot at 6 and 7dpo and continued until AF started. And mine also got very confusing about when AF was actually starting. There were times I would actually have to use a super or super plus tampon (sorry tmi I know) because there was so much all of a sudden and then later it would have dried up and there was no flow. So I completely understand this frustration and confusion! My thoughts were exactly the same that I felt that had to have something to do with why I wasn't getting pregnant. I o'd on my own and my DH was normal. Everything seemed normal, except for this. My gyn kept saying that was ok (even though it seems like it's not ok). When I went to my RE, though, he said it's possible it's a sign of endo. I don't know, though. Last cycle I started on Clomid for the first time and the spotting didn't start until 2 days before AF. So I have to wonder if it was hormonal. When I had a strong ovulation (3 follicles), my progesterone was 56 (and 15-20 is normal), and I didn't spot like I usually do. So I also wonder if it had to do with a lack of progesterone. No one ever tested my progesterone on a natural cycle, so I wouldn't know. Have you asked for a progesterone test? I might do that first.

    Hobbit721 New Member

    Dear Lisa,

    It sounds to me like low progesterone/poor corpus luteum function might be the case. Especially since this is starting at 10 dpo. I think you would benefit a lot from recording your basal body temperatures on a daily basis, take your temp right when you wake up. I keep my thermometer on the nightstand right next to my bed, I hit the alarm and take my temp right then. I've also experienced this pre-menstrual spotting you describe. The things that have helped me the most are:
    1) keep processed sugar out of the diet as much as possible.
    2) a good multivitamin with high vitamin B6 (I use Optivite - 300mg B6- which has been shown in studies to raise progesterone levels).

    We should have 12-16 days of elevated temperatures after ovulation. When the temperatures drop back to pre-ovulatory range, that's when AF should show up. If period starts while the temps are still higher, I'd suspect low progesterone.

    Hope that helps. Let us know what your temperatures are looking like! :)

    (my resource: Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition by Marilyn M. Shannon)

    LisaRH New Member

    Thanks so much for answering! I was starting to think I was the only one. Progesterone was definitely my first thought. I just went through testing with my RE for a natural cycle and they said everything came back normal. They tested my progesterone with 3 blood tests on 7 DPO and it was normal. I have been charting for almost 2 years and it seems like my temps usually start falling around the time I start spotting. I tried clomid for 4 months and progesterone for 1 month with my gyn before switching to a specialist and neither stopped the spotting. I have also tried the B-100 complex because that is supposed to help with progesterone, but that didn't help either. I was actually researching endo last night because I just don't know what else it could be if it isn't progesterone. I have been getting worse pain around my ovaries lately, but when I mentioned it to they gyn it was dismissed. Also, it seems weird that the spotting has steadily been getting worse for 1.5 years. My RE also found calcifications on one of my ovaries and I have no idea if that could be related or not. It is so frustrating to know something isn't right, but not know why! Thanks again.

    Hobbit721 New Member

    Wow that's really interesting! I assume that by B-100 complex you mean that it has 100mg of each B vitamin? If so, try increasing the dose to 300mg of B6... Optivite is at least worth a try, I don't think it would hurt. :) (I read in that book I mentioned above that when the women in the studies took HALF of the recommended dose of Optivite - which I think would be 150mg B6 - it didn't help them)

    Calcification on the ovaries... interesting. I've heard of that happening to teeth, a build-up of stuff and then saliva causing it to calcify... but on the ovaries that's different.

    Keep us posted on how you're doing, friend!

    LisaRH New Member

    The B-100 had 100 of each. I will look into the optivite though. I actually haven't seen my RE since my testing ended, so I haven't heard anything except the nurse telling me everything came back normal. Believe it or not, I couldn't get an appointment to see my RE to discuss my results/treatment until Nov. 10th. Hopefully he will have some insight. So far, nobody has been able to give me any ideas about why the calcifications are there or why I am spotting. Thanks for the support and advice!

    jp362 New Member

    Yeah, I kinda feel just as mystified. Months before going to my RE, my regular gyn actually put me on 200 mg of prometrium for the spotting. It actually made the spotting worse - it started earlier and earlier. So she took me off and I still spotted but a little later (9 dpo instead of 6 or 7). So you would think if it was progesterone, wouldn't the prometrium help that not make it worse? I think sometimes they just don't know all the answers, especially when it comes to unexplained infertility. It's not unexplained, it's just undetermined.

    Hobbit721 New Member

    I buy the Optivite off, it's about $16/bottle - 1 bottle is a 1-month supply.

    hope13 New Member

    I went off BC in April 2009. I started having spotting before my period three months after stopping the pill. Each month the spotting increased and kept starting earlier and earlier. At one point I was starting spotting on day 18 or 19. My progesterone level alarmingly low, just not quite as high as they thought I should be. I was put on Clomid in July and Prometrium in Aug. The Clomid alone did not help the spotting, but the two meds together stopped the spotting altogether! Still not pregnant, but wondering if the spotting was interferring with getting pregnant. It is so frustrating because I had always had normal cycles and I feel like BC screwed up my body! Any success stories after having spotting like this?

    Hobbit721 New Member


    The spotting you 3-months after discontinuing BC might have been low progesterone. The residual hormones may have hung around in your body for a few months and prevented the spotting for a while, but once your body got the synthetic stuff cleansed out it found it wasn't producing enough progesterone. Monitoring your waking temperatures is especially useful for detecting this connection.

    If you might be preg, congratulations! Keep us posted :)

    Emalani New Member

    Jumping in a little late here. I'm also unexplained infertility, and also spotting on about day 10 for a couple days, then nothing for a couple days, then real period. My Gyn also was unimpressed with this information. But I clearly remember my periods from before my daughter was conceived as being very regular and NO SPOTTING. So, something has changed since her birth. I started on progesterone inserts this month (even though my levels tested normal), but my gyn gave them to me kind of in a off-hand way "maybe this will help" placebo kind of thing...
    It would be nice to hear how it turns out for you other spotters. Please update if you learn anything. I'm waiting for my spot today, but reminding myself things can be delayed because of the progesterone... I just have to get my head straight and stop building up hope every month.

    belleprof New Member

    Heatbroken reading this thread

    I have a five year old and have been spotting for three years from 8 days to three days before period. I am 36 and in a new relationship and we ve been trying for a baby for a few months with no success. I have NO problems conceiving number one, and no spotting or irregularities at all. Am devastated at what you girls are saying. I have not been to the doc, this month I tried Soy Isoflavones and EPO - spotting started today at 10DPO whereas it had a been at 12 DPO for the last three months. I am charting, and am def ovulating. Temps are starting to head south.
    Next stop my gynaecologist. I also started acupuncture this month.
    Feeling so so sad I could cry, my poor lil girl may never have a sibling.

    Emalani New Member

    Belleprof, don't freak out just yet! With the two doctors I've been to, neither of them was worried about spotting 10 days DPO. Both of them said that spotting was perfectly normal for many women, and often women who didn't spot before, have no fertility issues despite spotting after 30 years old or so. So I really don't think the two things are connected (infertility and spotting). Everything I've read and heard is that as long as your days between ovulation and period are at least 10 days, it shouldn't be a problem. And if the days are fewer, then it CAN be an easy fix with a little progesterone.
    Don't get too worked up just yet! If you've only been trying for a few months, don't worry. Good luck and let us know!

    StayathomeMommy New Member

    i spot anywhere from 1 week to 2 to 3 days before AF....i used to never spot or only spot a day before my son was born....i have had my progesterone level checked and are awaiting the results...but this is getting on my's bad enough to have AF for 4 to 5 days but then have to have spotting too!

    Zemphira New Member

    When I went off the pill for the last time, I noticed the spotting as well. When they gave me progesterone for my first round of IUI, there was no spotting, so in my case it's definitely caused by a changing mix of hormones.
    It's irritating. I hate having to wear a tampon for 2 weeks instead of 1.

    eabg10 New Member

    Does Vit B And/ Progest help?

    Hi all-

    We have been TTC for 6 cycles.

    Four cycles ago we realized husbands daily baths may be effecting our chances, so he switched to only showers.

    Three cycles ago I got sick of trying to guess when the "best" time was and bought Clearblue digital fertility thermometer which ID's 6 potential days for conception. Three "good" days prior to OV, 2 days where LH surge is detected and egg is present, and then one day after.

    First cycle I was out of town for one of the "good" days and the first " high" day of LH surge. BFN

    Second cycle we BD on two days before LH surge and then day one of LH surge, but that's it. BFN

    Third cycle we BD all three days prior to LH surge, but not on either "high" day. BFN

    I'm hoping maybe we just haven't gotten the timing completely right yet. Thoughts?

    Also concerned though because since I've started tracking OV I begin to lightly spot 8-9 DPO and then continues lightly until AF about 14 DPO. Spotting is very light, but always present during this time. Doesnt require a tampon, but it's there. AF on time, but always preceeded w spotting for days. This has happened all three cycles I've tracked OV. I was on BCP for 8 years but stopped 2 years ago.

    I've been taking prenatals for 6 months. Recently ( last week ) began supplementing with B Vitamin Complex ( 50mg of b6, b12 ) because I heard that can help lenghten LP --which I think may be my problem.

    My original OB was completely unconcerned with this issue, even when I told him sometimes I only have 8 DPO until I spot. Doesnt seem like enough time to implant?

    Switching OB's and going to a new one Friday. I'm going to ask her to be aggressive w treatment. I'm 30 years old.

    Any success with Vit B complex? Does my problem sound like Short Luteal Phase? Any success with correcting this?? Advice, thoughts, encouragement, ideas are welcome!!

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