Does IUI hurt?

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    What does it feel like? How does the procedure work?

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    During IUI they have your husband/partner bring in a semen sample. They do a sperm wash and spin it down to make it more concentrated. Then they load the sperm into a flexible pipette and insert it through your cervix and into your uterus. They try to get the sperm up as close to your fallopian tubes as possible.

    It doesn't really hurt, but can be a little uncomfortable. Slightly more intense than a pap smear. They had a little bit of trouble getting the pipette through my cervix, so I was a little sore during and after the procedure, but not too bad at all.

    Hope this helps & good luck!

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    As explained at last post it is inserted through a catheter. It's really simple. For me, I did not feel a thing during the actual proceedure. The doctor came in, he put that pap thing and told me to relax. He then inserted the catheter and kept asking me if I was ok. I didn't feel a thing. He said that he was done but he was still down there, looking in......that was akward. According to DH was cusing swabs and cleaning something.
    He then told me to lay on my back for about 10-15 minutes and that was it.
    I felt bloated for a while if I had air inside of me but no pain.
    I wish you luck with everything!

    mimosa72 New Member

    It didn't hurt me either. My nerves made it unpleasant - but the actual feeling was fine. NOTHING compared to labor and delivery I am sure. The price of the procedure and meds on the other hand, that hurt pretty bad.

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    For me it didn't hurt at all. My doctor was done in less than 2 mins and I didnt even know he was done till he told me so.

    Just make sure to lay there for at least 10-15 mins afterward.

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    Ha.. I can only imagine the price hurting. I was lucky my ins. covered everything 100% so I only paid an office visit co-pay. When they used the speculum, as they do in a pap, it bothered me a bit. They had to put a slight bend in the catheter based on my cervix but it was fine. I had back to back IUI's 3 months. The last month a resident actually did it (usually a nurse does it at my RE's office, not the doc) and the resident had difficulty getting catheter inserted but that was the month I got pregnant! Good luck.. just relax a little about it, it's really no worse than a quick gyn visit..

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    To be honest, the actual IUI did not hurt. Like others have said, its like a pap but just a bit more intense. For my first two IUIs, I did experience intense cramping afterwards, but for my third one (the one that worked) I didn't feel any discomfort at all. Good luck!

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    I was soooo worried with my first iui, since I had no idea what to expect. I was in tears before he even started bc I was afraid that it was going to be like my HSG...the most pain I have ever experienced in my life!!! Anyways, much to my surprise, it wasn't so bad! Maybe I should have had him do my HSG...actually, he might b/c unfortunately I may have to do it again...anyways, I have no tollerance for pain, and if it's any help, I'm not freaking out about doing an iui again. The only part that kinda hurt was the angled tip of catheter hit a soft spot...I was relieved by how much pain there wasn't! Good luck.


    thanks for the responses folks. we've been doing timed intercourse, and are hoping not to have to do the iui, but if a few rounds go, we'll need to consider the iui.

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    The procedure isn't painful, but the prep is a tiny bit for me. One thing my doc suggested I take...gad not tylenol...what was it 800 mg's (I have a special bottle upstairs and can't remember) but it helps with the cramping (which I've never had so maybe that's right). When my RE does the IUI it's easy. Her partner did one once and she wasn't as good, but it wasn't what I'd call painful really, just a tad bit uncomfortable.

    I do have a very high pain tollerance I'm told. (on a scale of 1 to 10 of pain I rated a crushed bone at an 8 LOL) the actual crushing...that was a 10!! And a c-section was never above a 7 or so...and that was way better than having stitches taken out of a broken umm it's all in how you rate pain I guess :) But I wouldn't let it freak me out. It's really very much like a pap, with a nap afterwards :)

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    I must agree the HSG was the most pain that I have ever experienced.

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    I think that the IUI isn't painful per say, but it is a little uncomfortable. There is also a little pressure. I just had my second one yesterday.

    BabyMakesThree New Member

    Depends on circumstances

    My first IUI was painless. I didn't even feel a thing. The BAD news is after meeting with my doc she believes we missed the ovulation on the first round. We used Ovidrel, but she thinks I ovulated early despite negative OPK home tests. This explains the easy entry through the cervix. I went in to my second expecting to feel very little. Unfortunately, it was VERY unpleasant the second time around. The doc wanted to make sure the sperm were present before ovulation, so as soon as my follicles were 18 (day 11) we went with hcg trigger. We inseminated on day 12. The actual procedure only involved a short painful burst when they put the catheter through, but immediately afterwards I cramped pretty badly and became very nauseous. It was horrible driving home, but after about an hour or two I felt much better. Obviously the discomfort (and pain) is worth it, but I am crossing finger this time worked :flower:

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    I think it depends on the person. I find them to be pretty uncomfortable, especially when the catheter is being inserted into the cervix. This hurts each time for me, regardless of whether it's easy for them or not. But the last two times, they've had trouble getting the catheter in and it's more painful because they have to keep trying to reinsert the catheter into the cervix. I find my IUIs to be about the same as my HSG. Then, after the IUI, I'm usually kind of sore and crampy and like to take it easy. When they say it's like a pap, I haven't found that to be the case because paps are a little uncomfortable but don't bother me as much. But anytime they have to insert something into my cervix, it's been pretty uncomfortable for me and causes cramping. But, it's nothing intolerable and it's all worth the end goal, right?

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    Mine never hurt. I was told they shouldnt hurt as you are already open waiting for sperm to go through. IF it hurts then its not open.

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    Thank you for that! I am having my first IUI next week and I was afraid it would be like the HSG where I felt like a baby because it hurt and I cried at the end. I have to say that this forum is great - my doctor doesn't tell me much and I am the type of person that wants to know everything - like what exactly are the testing for when they take blood, and what does it mean that I have a tilted uterus? Anyway thanks for the reassurance!!

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    Just had my first IUI yesterday a.m., and for me it was a little more unpleasant than a Pap. The insertion didn't hurt, barely even noticed, but I experienced the same cramping others here have mentioned. Not as intense as the evening before the IUI, which my RE said were signs of ovulation. But overall, it wasn't that bad. I felt more achy than crampy the rest of the day. Good luck!! :babydust: and :bsv: to us all in this crazy journey we call life!

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