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    Wishfor1more New Member

    Hi there - I hope this is the right place to post... I was wondering if anyone knows a ballpark cost estimate for using donor eggs? I live in MA but I'm not covered under our insurance because of a previous tubal ligation. I just had my third fresh IVF cycle fail and I am starting to gather information about other options. It seems crazy to just keep doing IVF with my own eggs, even though there is nothing wrong with me (diagnosed anyway). I have two kids already, ages 4 and 6. I am 37 years old. Thanks for any help you can give me!

    Strassenkater New Member

    It really depends, but without any insurance coverage, I would estimate total costs are anywhere between $25000 to $35000.

    HopefulinCO New Member

    I looked into donor eggs for our most recent IVF and the cost for obtaining donor eggs through the agency, including lawyers fees for us and donor, psychiatric eval, donor compensation, agency fees, etc (NOT the meds or the cycle itself) was about $15000. A little more or less depending on the donor fees and the agency fees, but $15000 was about average.

    For us it was about equivalent to the cost of an IVF cycle with my own eggs, so the way I made myself feel better about the cost was thinking that the success rates for donor eggs were over twice as high as with my own eggs, so the cost per chance of conceiving was actually similar or lower...

    Good luck...

    lucyddr New Member

    Our costs (with insurance helping with "my" part and meds) were about $16,000. Without insurance, they would have been around $23,000 using our doc's in-house donor pool and a single (non-split) cycle. Agencies tend to cost significantly more...

    suzyq23 New Member

    hello..august cyce,.with insurance..i paid 11,500 to the docs 950.00 for donors meds, 300 for my meds, and because i sued a new donorm i paid 9500 to the agency, 5000 for the donor and 4500 to the agency..600 to the lawyer and 300 for the psych approximately 23000 all total...for my december cycle...i had to pay 12500 to the doc because i used my portion of insurance all up....only 200 for donors meds cause some were donated, and 130 for my meds, plus two refills... 300 lawyer fee no psych eval fee this time, and because i went wth a proven donor, 12500 to the agency...7000 fo the donor and 5500 for the grand total of so about 26000 all i am broke but very rich with a baby!!!! 13 weeks along!!!! good luck to you!!!! many hugs!!!

    mabelina01 New Member

    Our clinic also has an in house pool and a donor cycle without insurance would've cost us about 16,000-18,000. A split cycle was closer to 11,000. We were fortunate to have a scenario where the primary recipient only wanted a certain amount of eggs and we got whatever was left. We didn't get as many eggs but we didn't have to pay for the split cycle because we weren't splitting the eggs in half. I think our donor cycle cost us about 7,000.

    luvbeingamom New Member

    Our donor egg cycle in 2010 was around $23,000. I didn't have insurance coverage. This included all the testing to make sure I was a good candidate. I didn't want to go through it all and find out it was a waste of time. I didn't even try with my own eggs. I had a tubal ligation as well. I was told my chances with OE IVF was 15% and with DE IVF closer to 80% since I sucessfully carried three previous sons. I went with DE purely for the odds. We went with an inhouse donor & we are thrilled with our beautiful twins.

    kirstyloo New Member

    This is a really hard question as it seems to matter where you live and where you'd like to have the procedure done.

    First, I would ask is whether your insurance will cover anything. For example, while it might not cover the IVF itself, will it cover monitoring (ultrasounds and blood work) for you?

    Personally, I'd also ask your clinic what their price is. I think that most clinics have a sheet that lay out the costs with and without insurance. Some clinics with in house shared programs can run in the low-teens. Others can do a non-shared cycle for a price in the mid-teens. Other clinics with in-house donors can run in the mid-twenties (regretfully my area). Some clinics with an agency donor can run $30,000-40,000.

    The option of split cycle or frozen eggs can decrease the cost; but to use these options, you might end up having to be monitored at home and travel for the ET.

    It is hard to realize that this type of help is needed. In addition to the physicial and emotional toll, it is sad that it costs so much. This just adds more stress.

    Best of luck!

    Wishfor1more New Member

    Thank you

    Thank you ladies, for your very helpful replies and information. I have looked into two centers locally that are affiliated with donors and will wait till March 9 for my follow-up and go from there. The high success rate is tempting, the high fees are not. Why does this already stressful, hard process have to be even more complicated? I am comforted by knowing I can turn to you all here and at least get some real-life answers. Thanks again, I'll keep you posted...

    jencat New Member

    shared risk

    There is also the option of shared risk. You basically pay for 2 cycles but get the chance to do 3. If you are unsuccessful after 3 fresh and up to 3 frozen cycles, you get your money back. It is something that I considered only because I have had so many losses and no one can tell me why after 5 years. I think it will make my cycle(s) a little less stressful since I won't be thinking of all of the money at stake.

    Here in mn a cycle is 18.5k + meds (an additional 2-4k) the clinic I am using has in house donors and a really strong success rate. Shared risk is 37k.

    It sucks that we have to pay so much for something so many others get for free, but I am told in the end it is all worth it.

    Wantingnumber2 New Member

    I'm in PA and in the middle of a donor cycle now. My doctor has a small practice and works with a larger practice who has a donor pool and does the retrieval and prepares the embryos for transfer. My insurance doesn't cover any of it.
    It is costing me:
    $600 for my medications
    $3000 for my US, blood work, embryo transfer, etc
    $21000 for donor compensation, her US, meds, retrieval, fertilization and culture of embryos.

    I looked into using an agency, that would have been at least 5000 more.

    Good luck!

    Cannady New Member

    Maryland/ Virginia costs

    I haven't had an in-person consultation yet, but here's what one of my area clinics has:

    Single cycle, no guarantee, anonymous donor egg, not split = $17522
    Single cycle, no guarantee, anonymous donor egg, split with one other couple = $13684
    Single cycles require (and include) a $3000 embryo transfer fee. Something to note if first cycle fails - would a second cycle with just frozen embryos only be $3000? "Live birth rate" tends to be about 50 percent per donor cycle.

    Two cycle package, no guarantee, ... split w/ 1 other couple = $20633 (Again - 50 percent live birth rate per cycle.... = 100 percent in 2 cycles.... unless you are cursed.)

    Guarantee (up to 6 cycles, refund if no kid), split (includes $15500 donor fee, refundable, covers 6 cycles) = $35150
    Guarantee (up to 6 cycles, partially refundable), split (includes only first cycle donor fee of 5250, which is not refundable- subsequent cycles would be 5250 additional each) =$25412

    I guess my only wondering is... surely, with donor eggs, you don't need multiple fresh cycles. Usually, donor egg recipients end up with at least a few embryos to be frozen, so additional cycles would not involve the donor again, and would just be "frozen embryo transfers." Hm. That begs some questions/ research. Anyone know????

    Summary: Cheapest $13684 -- Priciest $35150. It's all about a gamble.

    jillybean143 New Member

    If you find a "shared donor" the cost is less, around 12K I believe

    Cannady New Member

    That's what I meant by "split" and "shared with one other couple" below. The clinic we're looking at has lower rates for sharing with one other couple, but not two. Shady Grove allows sharing among 3 couples, but we're not looking at them as much, since their donors just aren't very impressive.

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