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    I'm looking for answers from anyone about my E2 levels. On CD6, yesterday, I recorded E2 of 1832! The nurses didnt change my protocol at all. I started the antagonist drug to stop ovulation.

    Does anyone have any insight into this? I'm looking for others with similar levels and their experience.

    Thank you.

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    I saw it written that potassium is the reason for the Gatorade, but then found this:
    An 8-oz. bottle of the original, fruit-flavored, ready-to-drink Gatorade has only 37mg of potassium. Even by the standards set by the National Kidney Foundation, this is a very small amount of potassium. By way of comparison, 8 oz. of nonfat liquid milk have 382mg of potassium.

    So it can't be the potassium...

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    Oops. Mixed two posts up.
    Trying to also find out why so many are being told to drink Gatorade.

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    my E2 is in my signature...but another consideration is how many and siz of follicles.
    Gatorade is for the electrolytes. With protein it helps prevent OHSS

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    The electrolytes protein and salt help pull the excess fluid Into the vessels and out of the 3rd space tissue

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    Thank you both for replying.
    Isn't there a better drink than Gatorade tho? I am going with coconut water (fresh from a coconut). Gatorade has so much crap in it. Not to mention the sugar, or the fake sugar (which is so much worse) and it even has stuff in it that can cause infertility. (Googling this can find the answers very fast).

    I found that UK/USA/Canada/Australia all seem to use different measurements of E2. I'm in Aus so I would imagine we use the UK measurement. In this, I think my E2 might not be high after all.

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