Earliest implantation would happen

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    This may have been asked before but I can't seem to find it or remember it.

    I was wondering what is the very earliest that implantation can happen?

    I've read it can happen as early as 4 to 5 days. Is this true?

    I ovulated in the later day of the 4th I thought but now being to think I may have ovulated on the 3rd the very same day I got my surge.

    Can that happen?

    For a few days now I've been going to bed at
    10pm at night an sleeping allnight. I usually go to bed around 3am in the morns but not making it til then. Very early this morning which was around 12am I was sick in stomach an was sick most the morn then when got to hotel went to wipe an seen a little lite pink but not 100% sure.

    All the way to hotel I was sick BLAH.... We went by a doughnut place an someone had purchase some type of coffee and I thought I was going to throw up rite there in the place. We got out of the doughnut place an went to red lobster to eat and I started getting sick again as I was eating.

    Just keep me :cross: cross.

    We had a dangerous drive in snow which usually takes us 2 hrs to get to hotel. Today it took another xtra hour drive thanks to the snow. Rite now it is only 13 here brrrr. DH went to his appointment an got wonderful news...:clap:

    Thanks for the help...

    :pray: for a :bfp: :cross:

    Smurf774 New Member

    I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think implantation is likely at just 4-5 days after ovulation. I did a little bit of research, and I found a paper that studied timing of implantation. Here's what it said:


    My monthly cycle runs between 26 to 31 days. So I may have ovulated the same day I had my surge still trying to figure out stuff. But now thinking I could be like 6dpo not sure. My surge was on the 13th date. Gosh this stuff is very confusing. Still doing research on some sites I've got.

    Trying to figure if ovulated on the 3rd would I count that as day one or the next day so I can figure out this darn calander I'm at. Got a friend in the UK but she's not on at this time. She a great help when I get to talk to her. Seem tonight that my bb's feel a little tingling at times or seem sore at times. Gosh what a day...

    Smurf774 thanks for helping me out on this. I still don't feel good but laying here in bed type of right now just feel bad.. DD wanted to give me some cheesecake and I turned it away just the thought of it is BLAH!!!

    narfing New Member

    I have always read 6-11 days for implantation.

    According to "How to Get Pregnant" by Dr. Silber, the baby cannot implant too soon or it will not survive. The baby cannot implant too late either or it will go the natural menstruation. There are other hormones and technicalities in the book. I should have bought it, I'm always passing the info from it on to someone.

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