Early pregnancy symptoms - anyone with me?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Symptoms' started by SamanthaSun, Jun 28, 2016.


    SamanthaSun Member

    Well, we all know about these early pregnancy symptoms. A missed period, tender breasts, feeling nauseous, increased vaginal discharge and tiredness.
    We’re currently passing IVF with donor eggs in Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom. Recently have got BFP so have lots of positive emotions to share. I’ve never understood women complaining about their pregnancy symptoms. I feel like this is the greatest blessing for us to feel all those pretty things pregnancy may come with. From time to time my symptoms just burst out, yet another day I feel almost nothing and am quite surprised about this. But maybe this are the blessed times the baby just gives me some time to rest?? – lol.

    caroline.br New Member

    Oh, hun.. so good to hear some success stories here .. I wish it happened to me.. I've only been experiencing contrary symptoms for the last few years.. I mean early pregnancy trouble symptoms and signs which usually lead to miscarriage .. and that's what happens to me lately.. hope I will cope with that some time and will hear happy news .. as you did.. I think I'll look at the clinic you deal with .. that may be a sign and a chance for me.. wish you all the best through your pregnancy journey xxx

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