Estrace (estrogen): the little blue pill - taken vaginally, anyone else?

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    roquette1804 New Member

    Since I think this little blue pill is actually meant to be taken orally, I cannot seem to find (googling) what side effects it may have when taken vaginally.

    Obviously, there's the blue discharge. Can't get away from that 'symptom'...

    What about irritation of the cervix? Anyone hear of that?

    aj73 New Member

    I took it for my last medicated IUI cycle. I took it from CD8 through trigger. The only side effect I had was the lovely blue discharge. It did improve my lining though!

    Good luck!

    Zelmo1922 New Member

    I'm taking it 2x daily orally though the bottle says insert vaginally (go figure) called nurse and she said it can be taken either way... Hope that helps....I've been on it for almost a month and will be on it until I'm 8 weeks.

    roquette1804 New Member

    Funny that you take yours orally, and mine vaginally. I wonder how they decide how we must take it..?

    I've been taking it 3X a day since ER. (The dose is 2mg, not sure if that matters.) Anyway, I take one in the AM, noon and PM.

    Well, I've had spotting in the few hours after having inserted my noon dose of Estrace... and wondering if the spotting could be caused by the pill? When I take my AM and PM dose of the Estrace, I also insert two Prometrium capsules, which is a soft capsule with a creamy consistensy once it dissolves, so I'm thinking maybe the Prometrium 'protects' my cervix from getting irritated during those doses?

    I'm probobly fishing for reasons for this unknown spotting... This seems to make sense since I spot only at that time and it stops until the next noon dose. (Although this as only happened for two days now.)

    I am meant to take it until I am 12 weeks along. If it continues daily, I'll have to call and see to make sure I'm not doing more harm than good taking the pills...

    Any other stories, with spotting or not are welcome please!

    deuxbisoux New Member


    I'm also taking Estrace vaginally. I had to take it in prep for my FET to build up my lining, and they kept me on it since. I also have some slight spotting every now and then, and wonder if it's from the estrace irritating my cervix. I would prefer to take it orally, but the nurse told me to continue taking it vaginally.

    Would love to know if it matters which way to take it. Really would prefer to take it orally, but don't want to go against my nurse.

    roquette1804 New Member

    I would also prefer to take it orally, but like you I won't change until they give me permission... Glad to know they 'maybe' the pill may cause some irritation that may cause spotting... Hope all goes well on your u/s next week!

    BunnyGirl New Member

    Oh my, I almost had a panic attack that I'd been taking Estrace wrong. I just ran and checked my prescription label... it says take by mouth. Whew. I didn't know taking it vaginally is an option. Not that I want to stick anything else up the you-know. Progesterone is messy enough. But I'd like to know if it's better absorbed that way or if there's some other benefit.

    jan_000 New Member

    Vaginally or orally - lining thickness

    I am wondering if you ladies can tell me what your lining thicknesses were on your pre-transfer Ultrasound and whether you took your estrogen orally or vaginally... or via patch.

    My understanding is that, if taken orally, the estrogen is processed through your liver. This is the "gold standard" for building up your lining. The downside is that the byproducts from processing the estradial through the liver can cause nausea as well as a host of other side effects (some of which can be serious - i.e., raising your risk of DVT). Taken vaginally, from what I understand is not as effective at building the lining up; however, because the estrogen is not going through your liver the side effects are less.

    My RE prefers the oral route because it is tried and true. Unfortunately I had concerning adverse effects taking it orally so I had to cancel my FET cycle.

    He is now recommending the estrogen patch -- which he also warned may not be as effective at building my lining; however, which he said he prefers over the vaginal route. He did not elaborate on why the patch was better than vaginal, but I'd love to know. (my best guess is that the patch gets it ciculating inthe blood stream whereas vaginally the effect is more localized to the uterus. Estrogen has lots of feedback effects and perhaps he thinks it is better to have the estrogen circulated through the bloodstream more evenly).

    I wish I could take it vaginally because I seem to have few/no side effects when taking it vaginally ( "ring" birthcontrol methods which include estrogen in a time release form that is vaginal work great for me, I have never been able to tolerate the bc pill)

    BunnyGirl New Member

    My lining was 12, triple stripe and "beautiful" according to the RE. I hope it's making a comfortable home for my embabies. :pray: I take Estrace 2mg tablets orally, 2x per day.


    jan_000 New Member

    Estrace questions...

    Bunnygirl, could you share what cycle day you started your estrace? Did you start on one tablet and move up to two per day? If so, what cycle day did you move up to two tablets? 12 mm is great And trilaminar too!

    My re had me starting on 1x 2mg on CD2 increasing to 2 tablets per day on CD 4 and 3 tablets per day on CD 10.... I might be able to handle 2x per day.

    (For anyone who read my last post... the "processing through the liver" was how my RE explained the difference between oral versus patch/vaginal; however, he was simplifying the explanation somewhat... just thought I'd mention that cause I think there are some holes in that explanation (i.e., doesn't all the blood get filtered through the liver?), but the general idea makes sense as to the amount that is getting processed after taking it orally)

    BunnyGirl New Member

    I've taken 2mg Estrace 2 times per day since 4dpo of the cycle prior to IVF and will continue through beta (next week). I'm not sure what happens after the beta. The timeline was:

    - February 6, ovulation confirmed at 4dpo, start Estrace 2x/day
    - February 15, CD1-AF, continue Estrace
    - February 16, CD2-started stims, continue Estrace

    This was my RE's version of the Estrogen Priming Protocol. I did not do any birth control or lupron as part of the cycle. Actually, technically, I started with a different protocol that included birth control but I ovulated through the birth control so my RE switched me to the Estrogen Priming one right after they confirmed ovulation.


    deuxbisoux New Member

    jan- I was only on patches in prep for my FET. My lining was only 7.5 a week before my ET and my clinic likes it to be >8 so they added estrace 2x's a day taken vaginally. I think the reason they prefer to do it vaginally is because it gets closer to the uterus and doesn't have to cross the liver. I'm not sure if that's the reason, but that is just what I understood. It did do the trick for me, the next week I had a recheck and my lining went up to 8.8.

    I still don't really know why I can't take it orally at this point, but just wanted to get back to you and fill you in on what I was told to do.

    Good luck!

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