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    babyhope2012 New Member

    I am starting my first IVF in less than 2 weeks and wanted to check if I should cancel my gym membership for a month or so. Were you exercising during IVF cycle? My understanding is that twisting is dangerous at the end of stimulation period since it can cause damage to the follicles. This would probable exclude yoga. Is other workout (zumba, pilates, weight training) ok? What about the 2WW? I’ve seen some women going on partial bed rest after transfer.

    During my IUI and natural 2WW I would do only yoga, pilates and walk a lot. My acupuncturist said zumba might be too much for the 2WW since it raises heart rate a lot.

    Would it be best just to take it easy and only for a walk during IVF?

    Any other tips are greatly appreciated!

    knottymaid New Member

    My RE said from the time I start stims until I am released to OB only brisk walking and swimming. Nothing to overheat or raise the heartbeat much. After you're released the OB normally they will let you do what you have been doing. My friend did Zumba up until the last month of her pregnancy.

    sunrisec New Member

    I heard mild exercise helps increase blood flow to the uterus but this is good to know. Guess I only have R more weeks of zumba. I will just start walking to and from work, about 2 miles a day.

    Knottymaid looks like we are on the same schedule. I am due to start stims 6/5 but will start my estrogen priming next week.


    LSN8308 New Member

    i cut down on exercise once i started stims.
    i was working out 6 days a week, rotating with the treadmill and cardio and strength dvds. now i just take walks instead just so i dont turn into lazy bum lol

    you'll feel your body changing and probably wont want to do any strenuous exercise anyway. when your follicles start growing and depending on your response they can feel quite "full" and kinda feel them when u move too much.

    even though yoga is very low impact, i would stick to the moves that arent to twisty or bendy lol.

    good luck with ur cycle

    Kaylynnsmom New Member

    I did moderate excercise during my stims, nothing the days before and after retrieval because of bloating and discomfort. As soon as I got my bfp I returned back to moderate excercise: elliptical, 2 mile walks 4 days a week and some yoga. It's great for labor!

    brit1612 New Member

    My RE doesn't allow anything other than walking for excercise. Also, right after transfer I had to do bed rest for three days!! (It sucked) Not saying it is the right thing to do, but I was too nervous to not do it. He also said no sex until the heartbeat was seen. Good luck to you!

    laladies New Member

    I think it all depends on your RE and you. Mine recommended slowing down and avoiding anything bouncy, twisty or bendy after starting stims, bed rest for 2 days after ET and no exercise till beta. After my beta I was cleared to do anything as long as I didn't put pressure on my cervix (no squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc.) or cause myself to overheat. Unfortunately, last week at the gym I started bleeding, and even though everything is fine, my RE has said absolutely no exercise till further notice. Barring complications though, it's good for you and baby to stay active!

    sunrisec New Member

    what about swimming?

    laladies New Member

    I think swimming is generally good. It's a big no-no to do anything that involves water submersion during the 2ww (i.e., no swimming, baths, etc.) due to risk of infection. I would think swimming would be fine otherwise though. Best to check with your RE if you're not sure though.

    sunrisec New Member

    thanks. can't wait for all of this to be over with

    babyhope2012 New Member

    Thank you all for your thoughts! I think I will cancel the gym for IVf cycle and will just walk in the park every day.

    GemimaP New Member

    That sounds like a wise decision! With all the heartache, time, money, etc, you put into IVF, its better to be safe than sorry.

    Before I started stims, I was riding my horse every day, and running 10k 2-3 times a week. I stopped both completely, and stuck to long walks. After ET, I even cut the walks for a while, but I'm back to walking now (my DH and I take the dogs for nice long walks now in the evening!), and will start swimming once I get (hopefully ...) my 1st U/S results.

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