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    dharmasister New Member

    I am on my first cycle of Follistim and I'm wondering if anyone has any statistics on its success rates - particularly for someone my age.


    ^ I don't have any stats. Just wanted to wish you well. I'm on my first Follistim cycle too!

    AlexisS New Member

    That was the only thing I could find, and that came from the follistim site. I'll keep looking and see if I come across anything else. I can ask the Triage nurse when I go in tomorrow, but I doubt she'd know. I wonder what percentage 'vast majority' is....

    Ok, here's what I found (link at bottom)

    [FONT=TimesNewRoman,Bold]Cumulative Ovulation Rates
    [/FONT]First treatment cycle ~ 72%
    Second treatment cycle ~ 82%
    Third treatment cycle ~ 85%

    [FONT=TimesNewRoman,Bold]Cumulative Ongoing[/FONT][FONT=TimesNewRoman,Bold][FONT=TimesNewRoman,Bold] [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=TimesNewRoman,Bold]Pregnancy Rates[/FONT]
    First treatment cycle ~ 14%
    Second treatment cycle ~ 19%
    Third treatment cycle ~ 23%

    This is on pages 7 and 8

    [FONT=TimesNewRoman,Bold]I know that if I can even ovulate, I'll have hope. So 85% average ovulation rate is good for me. :) This is my first Follistim cycle too, I get my shot tomorrow. Good luck to both of you!

    Stassi7784 New Member

    Hey Everyone! I am new here. I post on FF as well. Just wondering what you guys think about this. I am supposed to be starting Provera (because I have PCOS, I don't get my period without help) soon. My husband is coming home on R&R on May 15th-18th for 2 weeks. I am trying to plan this perfectly but usually when I take provera, my period comes about 1-3 days after I stop it... Do any of you know when you usually ovulate on Follistim?

    DreamBig New Member

    Hello ladies, I don't have any official info on success rates with follistim, however after 2 failed IUI's, my RE put me on Clomid and Follistim and I got :preg: on that try! I am now 12 weeks along...
    I hope this helps to keep your spirits up! I wish you all the best:babydust:

    dharmasister New Member

    Thanks everyone for your responses; AlexisS for the info and Pumpkin Pie for the well-wishes. I am encouraged by Dreambig's experience.

    I took 150 IUs of follistim on the 22nd-24th of April and then he increased my dosage to 200 IUs on the 25th-30th. I also took ganirelix on the 30th and yesterday he had me decrease the follistim to 100 IUs along with another shot of ganirelix. This morning I took my HCg trigger shot. Instructed to BD today and tomorrow - then that unbearable 2ww! :pray:

    I'm a little nervous because DH was late getting home to give me my injections last night, but he swears its ok. Also, the instructions say to give the injection 1" to either side of the belly button, and he's been giving them to me a little further up and to the side. He claims that I have "too much subcutaneous tissue" lower, but that it won't hurt. He's in the medical profession, so he should know what he's talking about. But, if this doesn't work, I'm blaming him!!!

    Good luck to everyone!:cross: :cross: :cross:

    dharmasister New Member

    Pumpkin Pie - it looks like you are getting close. The 14mm follies are getting there. My prayers are with you. Keep us posted. Its nice to have someone who is around the same stage as myself to share with. :cheer: Go! Follies Go!:cheer:

    dharmasister New Member

    AlexisS - am I reading correctly that you've only taken one 150 IUs injection of follistim on May 1st (yesterday) and that on Monday you'll go in for an u/s to check to see if it's time for you to trigger?


    Rebecca -- Yeah, I'm hoping I'll IUI toward the end of the coming week. I hope things continue to progress well! It's definitely comforting to share with others undergoing the same process.

    AlexisS New Member

    Yes, that's right. I took 100mg of Clomid from CD3-7 first, then the 150iu follistim shot CD9, then an ultrasound CD12. I'm not sure why they do it this way, but I have a friend who had an IUI last year and they(military) did the same thing with the meds. It worked for her, but she had an IUI and I'm not. I guess we'll see if it works lol.

    dharmasister New Member

    There are so many variations on these treatments! We really have to put a lot of faith in our REs. Good luck. I'll be watching for your progress and keeping you in my prayers.

    Serenity26 New Member

    Follistim Newbie

    I am on my first round of Follistim. I took 75mg on cycle days 6 - 10. On my first u/s I had eight follies. I thought it was a good thing! The doctor then changed my dose to 25mg for cd 11 +12. I had another u/s and had 9 follies. My RE cancelled the trigger shot, the IUI and told us no BD. So Follistim worked a little too well for us. Praying next month will be our month.

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