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    Judy65432 New Member

    Hello, I want to open this thread about blastocyst day 6. Does anybody have any stories with blastocyst day 6? If you had, how many embryos did you transfer and what was the outcome?

    I have frozen blastocyt day 6 and am preparing myself to do a FET. Most of patients in clinic had blastocyst day 5 but mine is day 6. Is there a big difference between day 5 and day 6? Does anybody have any information about that?

    My RE says they are fine, but also recommends to transfer two. I just want to have a singleton, so to transfer one. but I am a little bit worried about that. Do you have any success stories with 1 blast day 6?

    BabiesAreCute New Member

    You might want to ask your RE to transfer one, especially if assisted hatching is being performed (which has a small chance of causing identical twinning, but does help implantation). Your reasoning can be that if this FET isn't successful, you'll have another shot with the last blast. You're the patient and you should have final say.

    I wish I would have transferred one instead of two but I didn't and now I'm pregnant with triplets and scared to death.

    As far as the day 6 blast goes, you're probably ok. You might even be a little better off than those using a day 5 because it's just that much stronger.

    Judy65432 New Member

    Hi there,

    Congratulation on your pregnancy. I wish you all the

    best for a healthy full pregnancy and happy, healthy

    babies. Did you transfer 2 embies or 3? Day 5 or 6?

    This is my first FET,and my transfer would be next week.


    jp362 New Member

    I just transferred 2 Day 6 blasts yesterday! In my case, during my fresh cycle, I had 5 embryos that made it to blast on Day 5 plus one morula. So they grew them one more day to see if the morula would catch up. It didn't end up making it, but then I had 3 blasts to freeze that were Day 6. My clinic has pretty strict standards for freezing - as I think most do or should. I'm not sure if my clinic always grows them to Day 6 or if it was just because of my morula. But I've heard of Day 5 and Day 6 blasts being transferred. The only difference is that the Day 6 blasts are just more mature. In fact, for my fresh cycle, I transferred a 3AA and a 2AA because those were the best looking ones at the time. This time, I transferred a 4AA and a 3AB. So one of them actually ended up looking better than the two we transferred in the fresh cycle. Good luck on your upcoming cycle!

    BabiesAreCute New Member

    I transferred two thawed day 5 blasts and one split. Apparently it's pretty uncommon for embryos to split at the blast stage but it can happen. Assisted hatching was done on the embies and that gives a slight chance for identical twinning.

    I'm just really scared for the health of these babies because they're almost certain to be born preterm and destined for some time the NICU, although I hope I'm wrong about that.

    If there was one thing in my life I could re-do, it would be to have transferred one blast and left the other blast in the freezer and to have come back for it in a few years.

    Judy65432 New Member

    I wish the best for you.
    In My case I don't want to have twins and my intention is to have a singlton, and I have day 6 5AA and 2 5AB. What do you think If i just transfer 5 AA, what is the chance of pregnancy?

    jp362 New Member

    I can understand the concern of multiples. The risk of multiples is considerable - usually around 30%. And, I could be wrong, but I understood from reading I've done that blasts actually had a slightly better chance of splitting. Splitting is still much rarer than both embryos implanting, but it's still a consideration.

    Hmmm...especially with your embryo grades, I can see why you'd be concerned about multiples. This is why REs have started transferring fewer embryos, since they are doing more blast transfers. It used to be that they transferred more, like 3 or more, when they were doing day 3 transfers. But with more blast transfers, they usually won't do more than 2 on someone under 35. Well, it's such a tough decision because, even with great ratings, some perfect looking embryos may not make it. I don't know. In my fresh cycle, I transferred two embryos (3AA and 2AA). One did not implant and I ended up miscarrying the other due to a chromosomal abnormality. So, even though they both looked almost perfect, neither of them ended up making it.

    The best advice I can give is to decide whether or not you could handle twins. If you absolutely do not want multiples, I'd only transfer one. In my case, we have tried so long and done so much, we'd be fine with a singleton or twins. (I wouldn't want anything more, though). So we are comfortable with transferring two. However, if you would not want multiples, I would transfer 1. The other consideration for us is cost. We are completely out of pocket and can't afford to do multiple cycles, so we want to do what will give us the best chance of conceiving now without giving us a high risk pregnancy (triplets or more). So, if you are willing to do more cycles, too, I would say only transfer 1.

    Sorry this is so long, but I'm just thinking all of this through as I write. It's a hard decision. I hope you come to peace with it and that you get the baby you are hoping for! I'll be thinking about you. Let me know how your transfer goes.

    melodynewsome New Member

    The whole time I thought my embies were day 5 and found out on the last cycle they are day 6 embies.

    FET#1 - Transfered 2 blasts and got DD.

    We are now trying for baby#2 so here is the story.

    FET#2 - Got preg twins were unknown there were two dark circles but by the 7 week appt. I transfered two blasts. I m/c'ed at 7 weeks :(

    FET#3 - BFN but I know they implanted but after a few days I knew I was no longer preg. I could feel when they did implant and the thing was this was the day after the transfer and I was like this is while if they are day 6 the next day is the typical implantation day day 7. They got stuck in the cathider and I think that caused them to not take - who know.

    I will be doing 2 blasts for FET#4 (3rd for baby#2) in October.

    mnm000 New Member

    I can't really comment on the day 5 vs Day 6 blasts. I know I have 3 blasts that were left after we transferred the 2 which gave us our twin boys (fraternal). It was a 5 day transfer, so they have to be at least Day 5 blasts.

    As to the one or two, well that's only something you can decide. I have been back to my RE, and since I already am very blessed with our twin boys who are not yet three I feel strongly about doing a single egg transfer. My RE says that putting more than one embryo does slighly increase the success rates, but it's not by much, mostly it just increases the risk of twins. I had a difficult pregnancy with the twins (bed rest from 20 weeks on), and I would like to enjoy pregnancy a little more/only have one newborn at a time to love this time. The thought of being on bed rest like that again, is terrifying now with my toddlers at home.

    I have absolutely NO regrets about putting 2 back the first time and being blessed with twins, it was the right decision for me then, but now I am going to go with SET.

    Your RE's job is to make a reccommendation and then listen to you input also to help you make the best informed decision you can with your set of circumstances. Let him/her know your concerns of transferring two.

    Judy65432 New Member

    Hi, I just had my transfer today, and finally I put in just one embryo. My RE said if the blastocyst surivival rate would be at least 80%, you have a good chance and IF not we'll transfer 2 embryos. When I went in there they told me that the survival rate was 90, so we just transferrd one.


    jp362 New Member

    Congrats on being PUPO!!:clap: Good luck and rest up!

    gadgetsmama New Member

    We transferred 3 6day blasts on 9/1 and so far so good. These were the last of our snowbabies from our 1st IVF cycle and they were frozen in one straw. Our RE recommended transferring all of them for a few reasons.
    1. In that practice (not sure it's standard) they freeze the best blasts on Day 5, so the remaining guys that survive they freeze the following day. This means that (for us) these were our least promising blasts.
    2. We went through 1 fresh and 1 frozen transfer (returning one blast each time) getting BFN's both times.
    3. We got our son on frozen transfer #2 in which we returned 2 5day blasts.

    GinaG31 New Member

    gadgetsmama- Congrats on your BFP!!!!:clap:

    AFM, I just transferred 2 donated 6-day blasts on Weds. They were created from 27yo donor eggs and the fresh 5 day transfer of 2 blasts resulted in healthy twins!! I am very hopeful that it is working, I have lots of cramps since 1dpt, which I have never had with all my fresh OE IVF's (all 3-day transfers). I will let you know on 9/30 when I go for my beta how it turns out :cross: :pray:

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