Has anyone claimed IVF treatments on their taxes?

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    prince_jolsin New Member

    I think this was talked about once before, but I can't remember. We have an appt. with our accountant next week and I want to claim my medical expenses for the IVF treatments, and the meds...since we paid 100% out of pocket.

    Does this help with your taxes?

    Thanks for any info!

    Eileen :cheer:

    jennrn New Member

    Yes, you can claim ANY amount you paid out of pocket for medical expenses. Any amount qualifies for your state taxes, and for federal you can claim it, however it only qualifies as a deduction if the total amount is at least 7.5% (pretty sure its 7.5) of your combined income. I also paid out of pocket for my last cycle and made the federal quota, so it did make a big difference.

    jcvp New Member

    Oh yes! With all of the out of pocket expenses last year, we got back everything that we paid for with this last round of IVF. (Our insurance covered half of the cost, but we got back exactly what we put into it including the cost of drugs).

    Logyn New Member

    Not only can you claim your IVF expenses, but you can also claim the mileage used to get back and forth to your appointments. I just found that out this year when we filed our taxes. The Tax Preparer was so nice and told me to give her a "round about figure" of my mileage since I did not know that I should be keeping track of it. She also gave me this cute little mileage book so I can start tracking the miles I use when I start doing IVF this year. NOTE: The mileage is not just for IVF, it's for any medical appointment.

    robynanne New Member

    I also claimed my IVF costs on our taxes from last year. We do not have any infertility coverage and we paid out quite a bit of money last year.

    lisa_kev New Member

    Everyone else pretty much answered your question. Yes, you have to have met 7.5% of your AGI (anual gross income) before you can start to deduct. This is Federal, not State. DH and I got back a decent tax refund this year, no where near the amount we paid in (we're 100% cash pay) but it was nice to see some come back into our pockets. Here's a brake down of what we wrote off. I posted this in my Sept 2009 thread. Hope it helps someone!

    Good luck!

    Publication 502 (2009), Medical and Dental Expenses

    There are others on that medical list, but here is a run down of what we deducted.

    We deducted:
    • YTD medical paid in from DH's employer insurance (used last pay stub to figure)
    • Total fertility out-of-pocket expence (get a YTD for 2009 from your clinic for a run-down & back up your records)
    • Bridge Tolls
    • Gas (or mileage) can do either OR but no double dipping, mileage in our case was a massive difference so we chose mileage (.24 cents per mile) to and from! We used Mapquest to figure difference.
    • Hotel stays. We stayed over night quite a bit. One clinic was 2 hrs the other just shy of 3 hrs. You can deduct up to $50 per person/per day.
    • Meals. You can deduct up to $30 per day. We kept receipts, plus found some on our bank statements.
    • Regular doctor visits, don't forget those co-pays!
    • Hospital stays/outpatient services
    • Pharmacy. Get a print out from not only where you got your fertility meds, but your meds you use on a daily basis or even when you got sick.
    • Over-the-counter meds. Tylenol, baby asprin things like that.
    • Pregnancy tests, we know we've all been there!
    • Eye care- glasses/exams
    • Dental

    Happy2Try New Member

    Lisa_Kev said it all... That list will be your best friend (if you need a copy, contact your accountant)!!! I have claimed 2 IVF's in one year, plus copays, milage, dental, and all my other goodies!!! It is really worth the effort!!!! My spread sheet is growing already this year...

    Good Luck!!!

    pluwextra New Member

    a couple of notes on this- some clarifications

    Just a couple of caveats to this list:

    If your insurance premiums are paid by a pre-tax deduction from your paycheck, you cannot deduct them (you are already getting the tax benefit of having them not count in your gross income)

    Any expenses paid from a HSA (health savings account, or HRA (health reimbursement account) or FSA (flexible spending account) basically- you cannot double dip- if you are getting a benefit by saving $ tax free then you cannot deduct it again. (HRA's aren't counted as your income, so again you don't get to deduct it)

    According to the publication in the link above- you can only deduct meals related to inpatient care:

    "You cannot include in medical expenses the cost of meals that are not part of inpatient care.

    Also- you *cannot* deduct nonprescription meds- again from the IRS publication:
    "Nonprescription Drugs and Medicines

    Except for insulin, you cannot include in medical expenses amounts you pay for a drug that is not prescribed.
    Your doctor recommends that you take aspirin. Because aspirin is a drug that does not require a physician's prescription, you cannot include its cost in your medical expenses."

    Hope this helps! The link to the IRS publication 502 is really good and easy to understand what you can include and what you cannot!

    inthemoment New Member

    we are planning on claiming the expenses for 2010. A friend of mine had a GREAT suggestion. She told me to make a spreadsheet right when I started so I could keep track of mileage, Rxs, etc. I figure this will help me have it all organized when the time comes.

    One question - if you are doing a warranty program, is the entire cost tax deductible?

    HardBoiledEggs New Member

    We paid 100% out of pocket for all three (failed &@*&#@*&#) IVFs and have just submitted entire cost to our accountant for write off purposes. Waiting to hear back on this but since insurance didn't cover it, it's the least the IRS can do. :)

    pluwextra New Member

    I think the entire cost would be deductible-obviously you would have to subtract the money you got back(which you won't since it's going to be successful!:cross: ) if any from the total amount paid when figuring your taxes.

    prince_jolsin New Member

    Thanks sooo much ladies!!! This is a huge help!

    Lisa_Kev, great post!!

    :cheer: Eileen

    GinaG31 New Member

    Oh my GOSH!! I did 4 IVF's last year, and my RE is about 80 miles one way. Is that $0.24 per mile standard for medical travel or does it vary per state? Plus copays 3x a week, drugs, the cost of insurance out of DH's paycheck which we only chose this insurance to do the IVF and will be switching back next year to HIP, the free one.... I had no idea this all was a tax deduction and we got our taxes done last week. There is nothing I can do now right??? It's too late? Unreal!

    mcre23 New Member

    not too late

    It's not too late. Call you tax person and they can file an addendum. I forgot to claim something one year and that's what our tax person did.

    pluwextra New Member

    Yes- contact your tax person! You can file an amended return.

    yes the .24/mile is the standard federal rate. (it factors in price of gas and wear/tear on your car/ insurance, etc) Call your tax person and ask them to file an amended return for you. Be careful about the insurance premiums coming out of DH's check- as I mentioned before, if they come out pre-tax, they are not deductible, but your tax person should be able to figure that all out. Also- keep in mind- I don't know what you have for copays and what not- but you can only deduct your medical expenses if they are over 7.5% of your gross income. but that mileage adds up fast to get you there! Don't forget about all of your other routine medical expenses as well.

    hopeful64 New Member

    Not too late. You can file an amended return, I think even as much as a year later.

    It made a HUGE difference in our tax return. We deducted donor fees as well.

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