HCG Levels Not Doubled in 48 Hours - always bad?

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    MegIan21 New Member

    Hello everyone.

    Can anyone reasure me here? I have had two ectopics, lost my tubes and had IVF. I am now 5 weeks pregnant but my clinic just called and said my beta level did not double in the last 48 hours and they are concerned.

    So how concerned should I be too? I went from 68.4 to 130 in two days. Then three days after that I went to 377.

    Today I am only 519, when I guess I should be at least 754.

    Does this mean another ectopic for sure? Everything I read says double in two or three days so why would they not test me again tomorrow?

    I go on Friday (today is Wed) for an ultrasound but a 5 weeks, 2 days, I doubt they will see squat which will just panic me more.

    Anyone help here? What a rollercoaster from good news to worried news. I can't do another surgery and lose another pregnancy, I just can't. Why don't I ever get the happy ending?


    aaronsgrl2005 New Member

    Hi my name is maegan and I am really sorry to hear this because I have had 4 miscarriages now. On this last one my beta was 433 on april 2nd and on april 4th it was 698 then on april 10th or 11th it was 845 then on april 16th I had an ultrasound and they said everything looked good and the heart had started beating a week before that. I had my beta done again on april 17th and it went down to 745 well I had started spotting so I went to the doctor and they said that everything looked good that sometimes during pregnancy the beta goes down doesnt always mean bad. Then on the next wednesday it seemed like there was more so I went to the er and they did bloodwork,urine test, and an exam and checked for heart tones. Well the hearttones were 143 but she couldnt keep them she said it was to early she though but she had that trace the doctor did my exam and said my cervix was closed so that was a good sign and my beta came back at 1470 so I was all excited thinking everything was alright well this past friday I went to the doctor and he was going to check my beta again but he did an ultrasound first and found that there was no heartbeat and the baby had stopped growing five days before that ultrasound. So he did bloodwork to check my bloodtype which I am o positive so that had nothing to do with it now that I have had 4 miscarriages he is doing extensive testing on me to see if we can figure out what is wrong why I can get pregnant and cant carry. I am hopeing its something easily taken care of because I want a child so bad and feeling like I get so close everytime and lose it. Ok I think thats all for now all I can say is good l uck and you are in my thoughts and prayers and keep me updated and I will try to help you the best I can with what I have been through so far on my almost 5year journy. I hope to hear from you soon.

    KarryB New Member

    I'm sorry that I can not give any insight to this, but I did want to say good luck. a prayer going up for you and your little bean!!
    :pray: :pray: :grouphug: :pray: :pray:

    gingerj New Member

    Sorry you are feeling discouraged and down!! I don't have any experience with this but hang in there. Hcg increases differently and slower in some. Lets hope you are a slow Hcg producer and can cont. a healthy pregnancy!! Don't lose hope & try to stay positive. Sending lots of prayers your way for you and your little one!!:pray: :pray: :pray:

    mom4kitties New Member

    I wouldn't panic yet. There are several people on here who shared their slower numbers, which weren't even close to doubling, and their pregnancies are doing just fine. Remember, they don't always have to double and a 60% increase is still considered normal. As long as they are still rising, try to stay positive. My numbers didn't go up nearly enough and I ended up losing my baby, but they weren't anywhere near as high as yours are (my highest number was 138.6), so I think you may just be on the low end of normal. The nurses always try to prepare you for the worst just to cover themselves, but rising numbers are a good thing! These will probably feel like the scariest days of your life, but try to feel reassured by the rising numbers and enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. Best of luck and please keep us posted!!

    jenedens6102 New Member

    If you've lost your tubes there shouldn't be the possibility for an ectopic. But yes it could mean miscarriage. The beta numbers don't HAVE to double in 48 hours. They should double within 48-72 hours. As long as the beta number rises at least 60% within 48 hours things look promising. Sometimes women are slow risers. We have a few examples on this forum who had beta that didn't rise appropriately but they are pregnant and things are successful those far. So don't give up hope.

    MegIan21 New Member


    Thank you every one one for your replies, and support and prayers. Maegan I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I guess we have all had terrible pain and at least we have a place to go where someone understands.

    I will post to let you know what they say at my ultrasound tomorrow but at 5 weeks, 2 days, I doubt very much whether they will see anything conclusive.

    And Jen, unfortunately, I can definately have an ectopic with no tubes. It is called a cornual ectopic, where the baby lodges in the space where my tube attaches to my uterus. No matter how close they "cut" your tubes, that space exists. I guess the scar tissue can sometimes act like a wee magnet and draw the embryo in to implant there.

    I knew of the risk with IVF of another ectopic but it was only 5% so I thought I was pretty safe.

    Thank you again,

    TGB New Member

    A Positive Slow Beta Story!!!

    I know the old timers on this board must get sick of me and my story but it's a good one...

    I had my first beta it was 50 -- two days later -- 70 -- two days later -- 120. My RE was convinced this wasn't a viable pregnancy. I went in four days later and was 230 (oddly, I can't remember the extact number). I was so upset. My nurse told me this was really bad and she just didn't see any way this would work (she wasn't being mean just honest). So I asked for a shot to terminate the pregnancy because I was having such a hard time the ups and downs. She said no because there is always a small chance. Two days later -- in the 700s. Even then they thought it would be an ectopic. I went in for an u/s and there my little bean was -- right where it should be.

    I am happy to say I am about 16 weeks now and everthing (at the moment) is fine. Even after the beta nightmare I've had two episodes of spotting that ended ok.

    I know you are going through a really stressful time but hang in there. Remember -- betas are like everything else with pregnancy -- they vary from mother to mother.

    jencat215 New Member

    Oh Meghan- I am so sorry you are so worried. I hope TGB's story helps ease your mind until your u/s tomorrow. I will be :pray: for you and your little one.

    glowormhope New Member

    My Good News

    As many anxious baby hopefuls, I spend A LOT of time googling! My husband says that it's only fair, since I read so much on boards that I at least put some information of my own on one. I'm 31 years old and have never had a child. I actively started trying this year. I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks with a D&C in July 2010. I was able to get pregnant two cycles after that. When I went in for my ultrasound last week, they did not see anything but a sack. I was told 50/50. 50 chance that you are just behind and 50 that you will miscarry. I was sent to get blood work. It didn't double in 48 hours. Not even close. It had sounded like I was going to have a tubal ( or at least that is what i heard in my head from the nurse over the phone). They set up a sonagram for one week later. This Friday, there was a heartbeat and says I'm 6 weeks and 6 days along. Just wanted to share this for anyone panicking over numbers or not seeing the fetal pole! Keep Positive. Look up quotes. and don't research too much!!!!!!! :) :cheer:

    Sarah_84 New Member

    :welcome: and congrats on your pregnancy! :flower:

    mmm_1978 New Member

    I am also very concerned. My first beta 14 dpIUI was 24 only. Then two days later was 36 only. The nurse I talked to didn't sound very concerned on the phone, but I am so scared. Will things turn out well with this pregnancy? It is my first one after Fermara anf GOnal-F. We have been waiting for this moment for 4 years.:pray:

    WhoaBaby New Member


    My numbers are rising slowly too. At 10DPO it was 20, at 14DPO it was 37. Is that bad? I am so nervous. I have had brown spotting, but it looks more like CM. Doctor's don't seem too concerned yet.

    217Sea New Member

    HCG Leves finally doubling

    Just thought I would share my experience in case it can offer hope to someone else with this issue. My HCG Levels were very slow to increase. As you can see in my signature, they didn't double until about a week after we started the testing. My nurse said it didn't look good and there were concerns that it was ectopic. The Fertility staff were really preparing me for a miscarriage, although they didn't want to take me off of progesterone because they wanted to give the baby every chance possible. Luckily they didn't do that because my numbers finally turned around, and when I had an ultrasound, it showed the embryo in the uterus, and the embryo was the size it should be at 5 weeks. The following week I went back for another US, and we saw a heart beat. We are so excited now! My doctor said once you see a heart beat the chance of miscarrying is 5% for someone my age. I am not sure if I can believe that, but so far things are progressing normaly. Its 7 weeks tomorrow!

    Good luck to everyone!


    NishkaNanet New Member

    Question to WhoaBaby

    How did your pregnancy turn out? I have the same doubling hcg problem and I am sooo scared!

    NishkaNanet New Member


    Hi, could you clarify something for me? Those beta numbers were every 2 days? Mine went from 41 to 71 in 3.5 days and I am freaking out! But if I'm reading your story correctly, that gives me so much hope! Thank you!

    217Sea New Member

    Sorry my response is so late. Yes, they we're every two days. I hope its working out for you. I'm at 12 weeks now and the baby seems to be doing great. Good luck!

    217Sea New Member

    Correction, The time between the last two tests was 72 hours, but the others were 48 hours apart.

    Brookee_Cookee New Member

    Thanks for getting back to everyone! Those of us with slow numbers really appreciate it. You seem to be the only person out there with real numbers who isn't saying the news is bad and actually caught up the forum. Thanks again. That makes me feel so much better!

    217Sea New Member

    So glad it helps! I really hope it works out for you too!
    The only drawback to early prenatal testing is that it can cause so much worrying. Had I conceived naturally, I wouldn't have tested until my 8 week OBGYN appointment. By then everything was fine with my pregnancy. I would have never known there was anything unusual going on.

    Best of luck. Keep us posted!

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