How do I improve my chances during 2ww?

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    oalp New Member

    I think everyone is different and success from IUI comes on God's time. However, I wish there was magic formula or things that we can do to improve our chances during the 2ww. I am trying to be cautiously optimistic. I had my first IUI on 6/20. I rested on that day and the day after but ever since. I've been afraid to sit or bend over, drive, cook, work on the computer or wash my hair. I'm constantly considering what I should eat. I am also desperate to find foods that will improve my chances of conception and BFP . Does any current preggos or anyone that had a :bfp: , suggest anything we can do or eat to improve our changes of conception during the 2ww?

    Tippy New Member

    Oalp - I don't know for sure, because I've never been :preg: , but I was watching a show on TLC about having babies and they said eating Yams helps you get pregnant. I was also doing some research on progesterone, and it says some things included in that medicine come from the yam family. So many look into that... who knows it couldn't hurt right?! (unless you're allergic, haha)

    angsea New Member

    I know just how you feel. I too am overly cautious during my 2ww. However... keep in mind that almost nothing you do affects the little pearl traveling through your body. You can exercise (I wouldn't do anything jarring though), shower, drive, cook and do everything else you normally do. Just take it easy. Don't lift anything too heavy, avoid stress, don't smoke or drink alcohol, drink plenty of water, eat lots of healthy food and get plenty of sleep. If you do all that you should be fine.

    I wish you lots of luck. :)

    Hopeful4Change New Member

    Somewhere, I had heard .. eat fresh pineapple or drink concentrated grape juice. Im not a big grape juice fan but I LOVE pineapple. So I was downing it like crazy. Dont know if it actually helped or not.. but I would like to think it did (there is some certain emzyne or something)... cause I got my BFP! I also took it easy, didnt exercise vigorously, didnt lift anything over 10 pounds, drank a lot of water, and tried my best to eat healthy.

    bistro New Member

    I have also heard pineapples and pineapple juice. Which reminds me that I need to go get pineapple slices! YUM!

    My acupuncturist told me to think positive and visualize what I want to happen. She said to avoid making jokes and avoid the usual infertile negative thinking. I guess that all goes without saying . . . :)

    *Mimi* New Member

    The things I know that could help are folic acid, aspirin and progesterone. It won't help you to get pregnant, but it may help you to prevent early miscarriages or chemicals. I've been using these since my IUI. :)
    Good luck and lots of :babydust:

    WorldsGreatestAunt New Member

    I did copy the IVF girls with their 100% welchs grape juice and a few slices of pineapple this last cycle. I also took a baby asprin like they were. Not sure if it did anything but I felt if the RE's recommended it for them that maybe it would help an IUI girl as well. Goodluck to you!:grouphug:

    smbuffington New Member

    Just a note on the pineapple thing. It is the core of the pineapple that contains the enzyme called bromelain which helps with implantation. I was told to buy a whole fresh pineapple and to peel it but NOT to remove the core. Then cut it into 5 relatively equal pieces and eat one of those pieces from about day 6 to day 10 after IUI or ovulation which is when implantation generally takes place.

    Good luck!

    :babydust: :babydust: :bsv: :babydust: :babydust:

    kma13 New Member

    I have been lurking but I am technically with you guys my IUI was 6/17

    The whole pineapple has bromelian but ONLY fresh pineapple will still have it canned or juice have had the enzyme denatured. This is why you can't have fresh pineapple in jello!

    I am itching for this 2ww to be over too! I will be on vacation when I can test UGH!!But I am feeling positive!!

    oalp New Member

    Thanks to each one of you. I feel soooo much better. I bought Welch's 100% grape juice and fresh pineapple. I will continue to have positive thoughts. It feels good to know that I have your support. I will remember what was said about the pearl and will try to relax and do the normal everyday things without worrying that I am jeopardizing a possible implanation.

    smott New Member

    Hi ladies I hope you don't mind if I join in. I am on day 6 past iui. This month has been the hardest. I had some good size follies 24, 20, 18, but dh had only 14 million swimmers this time.. I feel so normal, but with a little cramping in my pooch.
    anyhow how is the 2ww going for all of you?


    Just popping in here for a min to wish everyone good luck this month on their IUI. I didn't do no IUI this time since saving up money so doing the :dance: the old way. When did have my O date I got my Dh to go to store an buy me a whole pineapple plus 100% grapejuice to drink. I didn't think I would like fresh pineapple but boy does it taste good when good an cold. I don't care for grapejuice but I will do anything to get our :bfp: soon. My DH makes sure I ate my pineapple an drink a glass of grapejuice each day for 5 days. :babydust: :pray: this will be our month so will not have to go back for 2nd IUI but if do we will do it.

    Good Luck everyone a lots of :bsv: to all..

    :pray: that :af: doesn't show up in JULY.

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