Implantation after FET - how long?

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    Hi, all.

    I'm wondering about everyone's experiences with implantation cramps/side stitches after FET. I recently had an FET of one Day-6 blastocyte, and later that same afternoon I got a HUGE jabbing pain in my lower left uterine area. It came out of nowhere and made me suck in my breath and involuntarily shout "Ow!" It only last for about 2 seconds, and it only happened once. [NOTE: in a previous miscarriage cycle, I definitely felt implantation pains, but it felt more like a pinching then. Also, I know that this was not ovulation b/c my ovulation was suppressed during the FET cycle.]

    Please note your experiences, if you would, telling:
    --What day and stage of frozen embryo(s) you implanted (ex: day 3, 10 cell; day 5 blast graded 4AB, etc.)
    --When you believe you experienced symptoms of implantation, and what those symptoms were.

    I'm just wondering if I really *could* have had implantation the same day as my FET. It was 6dp retrieval, so I don't think it's out of the question (since normal implantation can happen anytime from day 5 onward). Note: my blast was already hatching due to the genetic screening tests we'd done (the lab had to break through the zona to retrieve the cells to biopsy). FWIW, the embryo was 97% thaw, 80% expanded at the time of transfer. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

    luvbuggy7 New Member

    Everyone's body is different when the process will start but the first time around I felt pinches and stabs at about one to two days after the 5dt. This pain lasted and got worse by time I got my BFP. It got so bad that I though it may had turned into ectopic. But it was fine. I only hope I get the same feels this time :)my first beta 14dpo or 9dp5dt was 450 (one baby)

    BabiesAreCute New Member

    I think what you feel after the FET varies from person to person. It could be the progesterone or it could be implantation or both. I remember the RE said blasts usually implant within 72 hrs after transfer.

    I had 2 day-5 blasts transferred (don't know grade, but was told they were avg). And to tell you the truth, I really didn't feel any different than I did with my previous failed IVF and IUIs. I honestly didn't think the cycle worked because I didnt feel different and had no preg symptoms for a while. I was then stunned when I got a BFP. I then rec'd the shock of my life a few wks later when I found out I was carrying triplets.

    katnlon New Member

    I transferred two 5 day blasts on the 6th of October. on the 9th of october I had two sharp pains one in right side of uterus and the other high left side. on the 9th. We got a light possitive on hpt on 12th Oct. Hope tht helps.

    JnJ'sJourney New Member

    What Happens After an Embryo Transfer? | NYU Fertility Center this site gives an idea of what happens.

    For me, I did an frozen transfer of two day 5 embryos and one day 6 embryo. They were all blastocyst with assisted hatching.

    I started feeling a burning feeling in the uterus area (like my lower area had heart burn) around day 2 or 3 which continued for several days. Then about day 7 or 8 after transfer I started getting pains in both sides as if there were rubber bands attached it each ovary and someone was pulling the rubber bands apart and stretching them.

    I am now around 25 days past the transfer and most of the pulling/burning subsided day 20 with the occasional cramp here and there.

    Hope this makes sense? :)

    momTB New Member

    Thanks for the input, ladies. Anyone else?

    I am 5dp6dt, and no symptoms at all, even with the progesterone and estrogen support. I will keep hoping for a BFP...I just wish I had had more than one embryo to transfer. I know, I know; it only takes one, but that's easy to say and harder to experience.

    tootieree New Member

    We transferred 2 5day blasts with this last fet. I felt absolutely nothing during my 2ww. No twinges, no twitches....nothing. I was convinced that the cycle didn't work. My first beta was 14dpt and came back at 784.

    mibebe New Member

    2dp 5dt

    Hello girls,
    Today is my 2 day after transfer 2 Blastocyst of 5 days.
    Yesterday 1dp 5dt and today feeling the pinching sensaciĆ³n. Hopefully and pray to God I'm pregnant. I have a feeling I'm. I will keep u update. What You girls r feeling?

    G&PMom New Member

    I'm gonna jump in on this if it is ok.

    I did a transfer of 2 6day blasts (don't know quality but I know my clinic had high standards for freezing only the best from fresh cycle) and I don't think either of them had fully thawed or rehydrated. I definitely started having a cramping/stabbing pain probably 1-2 days after that I was convinced was my Aunt Flo (which ironically is what I thought with my successful IVF which my Mom likes to jokingly remind me of since I was whining to everyone that I felt it had failed). When I started having gross weird blackish brown red discharge, I was thinking it was definitely Aunt Flo (although it also happened with IVF) and can still remember how disappointed I felt! That was probably 3 days after the transfer. I had lots of weird discharge thanks to the progesterone suppositories so that made it fun. But the cramping and sort of bloated feeling kept going during the beta wait...because they were day6 transfers, I don't think I had to wait a full 2 weeks, I think it was 9 days.

    No other pregnancy symptoms EXCEPT the day before my beta, we went to eat and I got extremely seriously nauseous and thought it was odd but figured it was WAY too early for Morning Sickness and was related to food. I caved and POAS with an old test I had that night and was surprised to see what looked like faint positive. My beta the next day was low, like 30 and they told me to not be excited but cautiously optimistic (ugh). Because of continued cramping and stabbing, I worried sick I was on way to ectopic, but as you see in my sig, it all turned out well.

    It is hard to separate the symptoms of progesterone from some of the first signs of implantation but with day 6 embryos transferred, I would think the sensation you had is possibly a harbinger of embryo attempting to implant. I certainly am going to send you lots of baby dust that it is that!!!!

    I will say that with both my cycles (IVF and FET), I had loads and loads of cramping and stabbing pains that were sort of like a period and sort of not like a period and I'm a pessimist so I prepared for worst and was surprised. The IVF was a day 5 transfer of 2 blasts as well so they are ahead of the game and may implant faster???

    Lots of luck!

    JJ+3 New Member

    Question answered

    2 8 year old 5 day blast graded poor and fair
    Cramping aching, days 6-9
    5 days post xfer hpt with serum positive :bfp:
    7dpt poas:bfp:

    Beta 1/26/12:bsv:

    JJ+3 New Member


    You could if hatching was started, it takes about 24 hrs to hatch:cross:

    momTB New Member

    Hi, all. Thanks for your responses. My beta came back negative, so I guess that resolves the question for me.

    Mocha1 New Member


    I'm in my second round of ivf. First one I hd 2 transferred. B and d quality. My son will be two in a week. Tuesday I transferred one frozen grade B bout 7am. That day I had cramping and back pain. During the night my lower back pain was enuff to wake me from my sleep, which was hard to do anyway. Still on bed rest (my choice) I'm a stay home mom do I just stayed longer in bed. I took a shower and mde the bed, most activity since the transfer. I'm laying here and just had a horrible pinch and my vagina ached (tmi, sorry) for bout 30 secs. What do u guys think? All opinions. I have 4 children already, 3 natural, had my tubes tied and decided on a 4th 5 years later. I'm doing this time because I didn't want to dispose of "my baby"

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