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    I had my IUI today but it was at least 15 hours after I ovulated.

    I am on a natural cycle and had a positive surge on OPK on Tuesday morning. I went to the RE that morning and they found one 18+ follie. I was given an HCG shot and told to come back the next morning for the IUI. Around 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday I started to get really crampy. It lasted for about an hour and then disappeared. I knew I was ovulating.

    When I went in for an ultrasound this morning the follie was gone, which proves that I ovulated. I went forward with the IUI b/c my RE says I can still get pregnant b/c egg could survive up to 24 hours.

    Question, has anyone had success with IUI after ovulation? I am wondering if I should have gone forward with it or called it off. I know it is too late now, but thinking about next cycle.

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    Usually you ovulate 24-30 hrs after the trigger shot, but since you already had hormonal surge, most likely trigger shot added to your natural surge so you ovulated a bit earlier.

    If you had IUI way before the ovulation, then sperm could have not lasted long enough - washed sperm loses motility much faster than natural way. If you do IUI too late, then then the problem is reversed. So you never really know...

    I think you're fine! Even if you ovulated few hrs earlier, the egg is still there and waiting:))

    My doc does the following:
    morning 1: trigger shot
    morning 2: u/s shows I haven't ovulated yet, but we do IUI #1
    morning 3: u/s shows I ovulated and we do IUI #2.

    Supposedly, 2 back to back IUIs should cover it.

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