IVF in Thailand, Vietnam??

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    Susan2009 New Member

    Hello ladies,

    I'm new to this forum and I'm desperate for information regarding IVF in Thailand or Vietnam.

    I'm 35 (turning 36 in 1 week!) with unexplained infertility and my DH has great sperm, but after 3 cycles of medicated IUIs and now 6 months of Clomid 100 mg, we're still wondering what the heck is going on. The first three months I was on Clomid 50mg then to 100mg - all unmonitored. The last three cycles I've been doing IUIs with injectibles (gonal F and now menogon = both 75) with trigger shot. All :bfn:

    My HSG done on November 2008 was clear and two SA for DH has been excellent so it makes no sense that we are not :preg:.

    Here's my dilemna, I'm currently based in Bangkok, Thailand for work and now that I'm thinking about moving on to IVF, I'm seriously considering flying to Vietnam for it.

    I'm thinking that since Vietnam is a 1 hour flight away and they are charging about $2,000 for a fresh cycle, and their medical facilities are up to international standards then why not consider Vietnam. Currently, some of the top Bangkok fertility clinics are charging about $4,500 per fresh cycle and while they are somewhat successful, I noticed that their success rate is the same as Vietnam.

    I've done some research for IVF but I want to see if any of you ladies have explored Thailand or Vietnam and your thoughts on it. I'm desperately trying to make sure my baby dream comes true this year, it's my year! I'm excited about the prospect but terrified of wasting time and my limited number of eggs.

    BTW, I have tons of information on IVF in Bangkok if anyone is interested.

    Thanks in advance!

    mgmsrk New Member

    I don’t recall anyone going to Vietnam from this forum, but some of us have researched overseas clinics and one or two have gone. I was planning on going to he Czech Republic in November but the crapy health care system I’m trapped in prevented me from getting the needed tests in time, and I did not want to put off IVF until late spring so I’m doing it at home. Well if you can call a 5 hour drive “home”.

    Make sure you are comparing the same Stats with the clinics you are looking at, it’s hard to do when you are not in a country that requires standard reporting. Some clinics manipulate the numbers to make them selves look better. For example if one clinic has a 60% pregnancy rate and one has a 40% rate the first may not be the best. Some clinics will drop canceled cycles from the numbers and some only report pregnancy rates (including Chem pregnancies and early miscarriages) others will state live birth rates including canceled cycles.

    TZT New Member


    I don't think IVF in Vietnam is $2000. I have asked around and it's around $3000 to $4000 per fresh cycle. Most state-owned hospitals are way below international standards. While you can do it at private hospitals, I know a lot of women choose to go to Thailand for the procedure since the price is just a bit higher but the services and facilities are more up to standards.

    That being said, if you want to know more information, I can ask around.

    Susan2009 New Member

    Thanks for the great info!

    MGM - I've not done much research regarding Czech Republic, I'd definitely consider it if it was closer to Thailand. I'm going back to the States in about two years though and hoping to do IVF while I'm abroad as it's much more cheaper in Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong, well, relatively cheaper than the States anyway.

    TZT - I certainly would appreciate it if you have more information on Vietnam. I do agree that some of the Vietnamese hospitals may be below international standards, but I was only thinking about one in particular that received substantial advancement in the last few years, at least up to Asia standards. In fact, I think there's only two that has fertility facilities. I'm still researching so I'm uncertain about what I read online as most of the information are advanced by the hospitals or government.

    As for Thailand, I'm based in Bangkok so I am quite familiar with a few clinics here and have been to three already. They do have better services but my concern is the cost, if both VN and TH provide the same results then I'd rather spend less on EACH cycle so I can do more cycles. Does that make sense? I'm rambling again as it's getting late here in Bangkok. I wish I had a truckload of money so that I don't have to factor in cost every time I think about trying to conceive.

    This whole IF journey has taken a toll on me mentally and physically, never mind financially, but I'm hoping that at the end of it I'll have exactly what I deserve, a :bfp:! Positive thoughts!

    TZT New Member


    You need an English speaking facility right?
    Do you prefer Saigon (TPHCM) or Hanoi?
    I'm going to ask on some Vietnamese forum so I would like to know your reference.

    Susan2009 New Member

    Hi TZT:

    I don't mind either city but I would LOVE IT if it is an English speaking facility. I see on your signature that you're pg, congrats! I hope you are enjoying your pg, I know, easier said than done.

    I have siblings and all the female ones are either on their third or fourth, in fact, my sister had triplets naturally two years ago and she was 34. No meds, nothing, didn't even know she was pg until she was 8 weeks along. (sigh) :confused:
    I digress..

    TZT New Member

    I will let you know if I have any information.

    Thank you for your congrats. I know getting preggy is such a struggle >.< but the way I (try to) think about it, the longer the wait the sweeter the surprise (yea...right :woohoo: ). And I do agree that sometime I'm confused at how it is so easy for people around me to get pregnant. A friend of mine, she has an unhappy marriage, they fight all the time and didn't have sex for 1yrs+ then one time they did it she got pregnant with their 3rd :grr:

    Vin89 New Member

    Have tried to check on ivfconnections board. They have country specific baords. I am sure you can find more information there.

    Good Luck,

    PS: I lived in Bangkok in the early 90's. I really enjoyed there. I am sure it has changed a lot since then.

    Vin89 New Member

    Have tried to check on ivfconnections board. They have country specific baords. I am sure you can find more information there, too.

    Good Luck,

    PS: I lived in Bangkok in the early 90's. I really enjoyed there. I am sure a lot has changed a lot since then.:) where do you live there?

    Susan2009 New Member

    Hi Vinita:

    I live in the Sukhumvit area in Bangkok. While I love it here, it's so crazy frustrating because aside from my DH, I have no social support whatsoever and lets not even talk about the language barrier. I feel so alone and isolated going through all of this IF problems in this country, but I try to look at the bright side, it's not nearly as much as the States and it has above average results when compared world-wide. This is what I tell myself every month when I get my :bfn:..

    I will check the IVF connections board as you suggested and see what I can find. If TZT is right and Vietnam does cost $3,000 - $4,000 per fresh cycle then I mind as well do it in Bangkok. Thanks, again!

    Vin89 New Member

    ahh....in the heart of the downtown!!! I understand the frustrations about language barrier. First thing I did was enroll myself in Thai classes so atleast I could manage to get myself across:) Is AUA still there?( I think it was on Silom road) I met a lot americans there socially. anyways, sorry, I digress!!!

    Hope you get information soon.

    Take Care,


    ninuws New Member

    IVF Bangkok

    Hi I am new in this forum too. My friend from Sydney recommeded to go to Superior A.R.T. Bangkok, there are a specialist not a hosptial. Finally, she got girl there. Please visit Superior A.R.T. | IVF Bangkok Thailand

    Good luck... Sonja

    Susan2009 New Member

    Hello Sonja, :welcome:
    Did your friend mention the name of the doctor at S.A.R.T.? I'm heading there this week and I'm seeing Dr. Somjate. Did she do IVF or IUI at S.A.R.T.?

    Thanks for the info.


    ARTfan New Member

    IVF in Thailand and Vietnam

    I've been looking into IVF in Vietnam and it does seem to be cheaper than in Thailand, but there don't seem to be many places to choose from - the biggest seems to be Tu Du Hospital in HCMC.

    There is a lot more choice in Thailand but maybe you can have the best of both worlds by buying some of the drugs you need from a reliable pharmacist in either Vietnam or Thailand and having the procedure done in Bangkok.

    I'd be interested to know how you got on at the places you visited in Bangkok and whether they gave you any idea of costs.

    I hope you'll start to feel happier in Bangkok soon. It's really a great place once you settle in. Have a look at the Bangkok Network of Women website. They have a weekly email listing events and get-togethers.

    richardh9999 New Member

    We are planning to go to Bangkok in a few days time to check out a few clinics for IVF. Any info you could send me would be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance ! :pray:

    taniandme New Member

    IVF abroad

    Hi Richard,

    I am considering overseas IVF as well -- I will let you know if I learn anything. Can you tell me what you discover in Bangkok? I am particularly curious in success rates for women in my age group (43) ... :(

    richardh9999 New Member

    IVF Bangkok

    Hi Taniandme

    Sorry for the late reply.

    We went to Bangkok last month and were very impressed with all the facilities available. There is quite a wide choice of quality IVF clinics and we had absolutely no problem with any language barrier.

    We did in fact choose one clinic which we liked very much as it is small, quiet and specialised. We particularly liked the more 'family' atmosphere in this clinic as opposed to the other clinics we visited and researched.

    So we decided to stay there the full duration (which is not necessary but made life easier) and did the IVF (ICSI). Unfortunately we were not successful but I feel that is somewhat the luck of the draw. The sperm were good, the eggs were good, we had 5 good embryos and transferred 2 of them. The whole process went smoothly and without a hitch. Just not a success.

    Personally I was not looking for the lowest price, I simply wanted to find a place where IVF and all the peripheral treatments are available to order, without delay or complication, in a clean and professional environment. In this respect I would class Bangkok as being very respectable.

    We chose to stay in a hotel right next to the clinic, so there was no need for my wife to exert any more effort than she was ready to. They even provided a wheelchair (and driver) to take her from the clinic to our hotel room after the ET.

    Incidentally PGD is also available in Bangkok, not that we were bothered - we just want to have a healthy baby whatever the gender :)

    OK so the cost was not the cheapest but the treatment was faultless. We met a German guy there whose wife had tried 4 times in Vietnam without success and was now trying our clinic and I just heard today that his wife is now pregnant, possibly with twins. He's 61 and she's 41 and I think this was their second attempt at our clinic.

    This guy told me that he had chosen for them to stay in a much cheaper hotel about 30 minutes away from the clinic - where the price was 1/7th of what we were paying - so 1 week for the price of our 1 day. So he definitely saved costs on accommodation. For my part I felt that it was best to try to create the perfect, calm environment for my wife, so as to give her the best chance of success.

    So, despite the failure (and remember at her age of 37 there is about a 70% chance of failure) we plan to go back in a few months time and have a second try using the frozen embryos. Incidentally our doctor told me that he and his colleagues feel that these days the FET process possibly has a slightly higher success rate than the fresh ET, perhaps due to the reduced amount of treatment needed.

    As regards success rates, my feeling is that it doesn't matter where you go, as long as the process is of the highest and most modern standard, which I would say it is in Bangkok. But of course the process can be different. For example, in Bangkok it's normal to do 5 day Blastocyst transfer, with fully developed embryos, whereas in Vietnam apparently they do the Transfer the same day as the Pickup - something maybe they don't tell you openly and perhaps we all fail to ask.

    From what I understand, at your age of 43, the chances of success are no doubt reduced but this is no failing of any clinic, it is simply nature. So if you wish to succeed, my suggestion is to give it a try in Bangkok. It's a great place to stay, with lovely wide choice of cuisines and culture to enjoy while you wait and the people are some of the most friendly and polite I've ever met.

    Good luck !

    gandt New Member

    Hi Richard,
    Would you mind sharing which clinic you chose and how the English / communication and patient care / service were? We are looking at some of the major hospitals but get very little communication and have heard at some of the more local hospitals, English is a problem.


    richardh9999 New Member

    Re: English Spoken

    May I ask where you are from, what is your native language and what treatment you are specifically looking for? For example, do you simply require IVF or are you perhaps looking for gender selection, surrogacy, or whatever? Different hospitals/clinics offer different services and standards, as well as price. So much depends on what your specific requirements and budget are. I am therefore a little loathe to recommend one specific solution.

    But to answer your question, I looked into many hospitals and clinics in Bangkok and found that in general their standard of English is pretty good, some of course better than others. Their problem seems to arise when it comes to other languages.

    My personal advice, from the research I did, would be to steer clear of the bigger 'hospitals' and consider the smaller clinics but beware of some of them appearing to be more substantial than they really are and there are also many agents. Nothing wrong with the agents though as they can offer quite a good interface especially as regards language and matters outside of the actual treatment, such as arranging accommodation, airport transport, etc. Some clinics are also part of big hospitals and so possibly lack that personal touch.

    We were first recommended to go to Bumrungrat Hospital, for example, but now that I have visited Bangkok I realise that this is probably the biggest hospital in Bangkok and therefore VERY busy. Personally for such intimate matters I prefer the kind of place where the staff will recognise my wife and myself when we walk through the door, or at least when we come face to face with the doctor or nurse.

    Do come back to me and I will try to help as much as I can.

    Best wishes

    MaiThree New Member

    Hi Richard,
    I read your post with much excitement! My husband and I are researching hospitals/clinics in BKK for the donor egg IVF program. It turns out, he will be able to make a very short 2-day stop next month to visit some of these hospitals (we're from the US). We are overwhelmed by the number of IVF clinics available, and like you, the personal touch is high on our list.

    Since my husband has such a small window of time there, I'd love to find out what your top 3 clinics were when you went to BKK. Would you mind stating which clinic and doctor you finally selected? Please PM if you'd prefer.

    Thank you, and wishing you and your wife much success!!

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