Kallmann Syndrome

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    Update: We were bumped up to 450iu for quite some time (about 1 1/2 weeks I think). I finally starting responding around March 5th and got to trigger with Ovidrel on 3/14. We have a right side follicle at 19.66mm and a left side that was 17.02. That one is a bit small, but the RE said it could develop to above 18mm in time to also be a good follie. We are doing three days of TIC, then Saturday I'll start estradiol patches and Crinone progesterone suppositories. We will do the two week wait & then have a pregnancy test on 3/30 to see if we succeeded.
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    Hi, ladies!
    Haven't had there's such a thing exists. Sorry you encounted that. But as I can understand you manage to treat it successfully. I believe you all will have the children of your own. That's great you don't even have to use donor eggs. My story is not so lucky. Wish you all good in your ttc journeys xx

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