Late implantation?

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    adrizen New Member

    Okay, so I heard that if you had a late implantation usually you won't get a BFP before the 14dpiui, or will get a very faint one.

    Please, anyone out there has any idea when implatation is supposed to take place? When it is considered a late implantation? And ...any ideas why it might occur?

    Sorry for so many questions. But you all know so much and are so generous. Hopefully, someone can help me clarify my doubts!

    :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:

    benzmomm New Member

    From what I understand, implantation can occur anywhere from 7-12 days after conception and your body produces hcg starting a couple days later. I hope that helps.

    foxxy New Member

    I've read that implantation can occur 6-12 days after fertilization, but I think it can occur even after 12 days.

    dherbert New Member

    I have read the same 6-12 days past fertilization.

    thunder New Member

    Hi. I also heard 6-12 days after fertilization. The late implementation can depend on your cycle (how long your cycle is). But, I am not sure.
    I hope you get your BFP!!!

    historyteach New Member

    i agree with the ladies 6 - 12 days past ovulation, but it takes a couple of days for the hormone to show up because the embie has to cozy in your lining before that starts. good luck and I hope that you get a BFP soon!:babydust:

    carina New Member

    I have always been told/read that implantation takes place anytime between 6-12 days after ovulation (conception). When I did that FET cycle they Assited my Embies in Hatching & they were 6 days old. Once the embryo attaches it begins to send out the hormone HCG as a signal to the womens body that she is pg. The HCG begins to accumulate in the blood & thats why the HCG/Beta should double every other day in a healthy pg. So late attachment being on the 11th day they say it can take several days for enough HCG to build up to a detectable HPT level (usually 20+). However a serum test can detect even the lowest levels & therefore should be accurate by 14days post ovulation, ie the 1st day of your missed period.

    I hope that was helpful. I am just jotting down this stuff as I understand it & I am sure that there are always exceptions...

    Good Luck!


    Me - age, 28
    Hubby - age, 34
    Dx - unknown at this point

    Oct. 2001 - TTC

    May 2004 - 1st IVF cycle :bfp: , but resulted in an ectopic:grr: , 2, 2 day embies transferred, no leftovers

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    Oct 24th - 1st IUI (no meds) 40M post wash - :bfn:

    Nov 20th - IUI #2 w/100mg Clomid cd2-7 / Ovidrel ... 14M post wash (not the best #'s - praying for a miracle!)

    adrizen New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all your replies. I read something that is was from day 4-10 and it just did not seemed right. Not all internet sources are good, so I thought you would know something.

    I don't want to create a lot of expectations about this cycle, although how can't we, so I figured the more I know the more I can deal with all this waiting time!

    :grouphug: to all, and thanks a lot!!

    Ferdinandthegreat New Member

    late implantation = 85% miscarriage rate

    I dont mean to be a party pooper here but late implantation is not a good sign. I seem to always implant at 12 dpo... and all three times that I have- I have miscarried. Trying to find out what I implant so late.

    Yeah yeah- internet sites say you can implant any where from 6-12 dpo.. but what you need to dig deeper and find out is this miscarraige rate for any implanation over 12 dpo is REALLY HIGH.

    The ideal time for implantation is 6-8dpo... anything at 9, 10 dpo is pushing it but should still be ok... but 12 dpo is not good... and anything later than that is not good either...

    THIS IS ASSUMING YOU HAVE A REGULAR CYCLE and know when you concieved and ovulated through BBT and other methods (ie: implantation bleeding, implantation dip, night sweats on evening of implantation, uterine twinges on day before implantation, etc.)

    Sorry for the news but its true if you look it up and I know from personal experience.

    12 dpo implantation = 85 % rate of miscarriage.

    prayin4amiracle New Member

    it depends!!

    I think it depends on your Luteal Phase..if you have a longer LP you will implant later. I have a 16 day LP, (regular 28 day cycle)so I implant later. I had a healthy 7 lb 5oz baby boy that was born full term and implanted on day 12. On average 6-12 days post ovulation is when
    implantation 11 year old is living proof.

    msdizzydolores New Member

    Thanks ^^^^ for that.

    I feel comforted. I have a normal 28 day cycle (I don't know my LP, sorry...this is all new to me) and I took a test today 13dpiui and it was negative. But I have a majority of symptoms and I have my beta on Monday. I know there are sources who say women can't feel implantation and some say they can.

    I swear I felt it (implantation) early Friday morning at 12dpiui; a pain I have never felt before, like a bolt of lightening shooting through my vaginal/cervical area. It lasted about 30 seconds to a minute and a few hours later had an abundance of CM...

    AF is scheduled to show tomorrow and I have no PMS symptoms that I get every single month - breaking out, spotting, etc.

    DnD New Member

    So did you get BFP?

    FAITH80 New Member

    good luck :preg: :pray: :bfp:

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