lower abdominal pain after c-section

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    hannah01 New Member

    hi ladies, i had a c-section about 3.5 months ago and since then have had intermittant, quick stabbing pains in my lower (really low) abdomen. i'm guessing it's in my uterus because it feels like it's behind my pubic bone. they aren't constant but do happen every day. did any of you experience this following a c-section?

    gracesmom New Member

    I have had this happen to me too. I've never really asked about it though so I'm not sure what it is. I assumed that it maybe had something to do with stitches dissolving inside because they obviously use them to close you up your uterus. My MIL and her sister both had c-sections over 30 years ago for my MIL and 20 years ago for her sister and they both say that if something is pressing up on their incision site (like leaning against a counter for example) it still feels weird and bothers them. Honestly, you are never the same after having kids!!!

    If you happen to ask about it, let me know what they say.

    Livebait3 New Member

    I had a c section myomectomy and also had quick, stabbing pains like you describe. I assumed it was all part of the healing process. I am 7 months post surgery now and have not had the sharp pains in a few months.

    hannah01 New Member

    thanks for the replies! i assumed it is just part of the normal healing process, so am reassured you guys have had this too. i think it probably takes a long to get totally back to 'normal'. :flower:

    heather i also had a c-section myomectomy. that wasn't fun!

    JustPeachy New Member

    I had some pains at the beginning too and assumed part of it was my uterus trying to shrink back to pre-baby size too. Now 8 months post I have pains maybe once a month but do still have a lot of numbness.

    LineaLI New Member

    What's a myomectomy?
    Hi Peachy- I'm branching out

    jencat215 New Member

    surgical removal of fibroids from the uterus (known as myomas)

    lwiluan New Member

    my lower back is also painful. It's not really a stabbing pain, more like a dull ache. I wonder if it's because our pelvic bones/ligaments are not as soft anymore?

    Or related to the anesthetic?

    lisa37 New Member

    I get them too. I was wondering if was related to the healing and maybe scar tissue forming that sometimes can cause pulling or pains.???????

    glad to know I am not the only one

    hannah01 New Member

    interesting laurie and lisa that you're having this too! well i'm glad i asked ... here i thought i was abnormal. i am having lower back pains as well as the stabbing abdominal. i do notice it more on days that i've been really active. i bet it's just that we are still healing.

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    I had a c-section 13 months ago. Everything went great, better than I could have ever imagined. When my son was about 10 months I started having stabbing pains in my lower right abdomen, as well as my back aching. It normally starts when I am ovulating, and continues about 5-7 days after. My doctor mentioned that it could be knots from where he sowed me up, that it should go away. My concern is that if that was the case, shouldnt it have started hurting before now, and gone away by now? I am very worried to go get a second opinion, because I am very interested in having another child. Can anyone tell me if they have had this problem I am very worried.

    Tara Williamson

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    c section pain


    First of all, I am NOT a medical expert!!! But here is my observation from 2 c-sections and one big uterine surgery (prior to c-sections)
    It is possible that scarring developing on your c section incisions internally could be building and causing you pain now. I know it seems strange but sometimes you get adhesions, scarring and possibly even fibroids and some of those may be causing pain in the area of c-section.

    It is unlikely to cause you problems with conception unless these potential causes of pain are located in areas that would make conception or maintaining pregnancy difficult. Do you get regular yearly pelvic exams? Most women have fibroids and many can be felt in exams and if they don't change or cause pain/bleeding, they aren't factors in conception or pregnancy. However, sometimes they can be. Your doctor would probably recommend trying to conceive naturally for a period of time depending on your age...if it isn't happening, they can look at doing tests to identify if there are scars, adhesions or fibroids.

    If you are suffering a lot of pain and/or bleeding or changes in cycle, definitely talk to your doctor about it. The tests are sometimes a little uncomfortable to be able to look at uterus closely but it is worth it if you can catch something that might cause you problesm in conception or pain, etc.

    sarah2 New Member

    hi guys a quick question. i had an c section 10 months again due to an abruptsion im very active and have alot of abdominal pain and i still can't have sex. can anyone give me advise on this?

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