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    GEwifey New Member

    Are the Lupron injections only administered in the stomach or can you do them in some other place? And if it is in the stomach, does it hurt?

    MsFitzy New Member

    I was given the option of my thighs, stomach, or arms. I chose my arms because my thigh hurt to bad. I did not try the stomach because I knew my stim shots had to go there and I did not want to get bruises beforehand.

    callygirl-ingeorgia New Member

    I was also given the option of the back of my arms, top of my thighs or my stomach (right or left of the navel). I do mine in my stomach and I also do my stims there. At first I was icing my stomach before hand but I found out that it really wasn't necessary for me. Now I do it without ice. The needles are so little, sometimes I don't even feel them go in.

    I know the stomach seems like it would be really sensitive but for me it isn't. However, I did developed my first bruise yesterday. It isn't really big and it doesn't hurt. I asked the nurse about it and she said bruises are gonna happen most times regardless of where you inject. I have been told that bruises will definitely come with the PIOs.

    Good luck!

    Tabitha New Member

    Hi Chandra - I give my Lupron injections in the stomach. It really doesn't hurt. A couple of tips: Be sure to pull the needle out in the same path that it went in, don't pull it out at an angle. I have done this and gotten a nasty bruise. Also, I use a sterile gauze pad to apply pressure afterwards. I use this gauze pad to wipe off the needle before the injection, because the Lupron can burn a little. Good luck!

    mom2davis New Member

    During my first IVF cycle, I did them in the thigh. The skin there was a little tougher for me. This time I am doing them in the tummy. It's so much better! It's really not that bad. Before I did my first, I totally forgot everything that the nurse told me. I found a great demo on Youtube from MrsStephanie. Check it out, just search Lupron and it should be the first video. It gave me some confidence! :clap:

    monie175 New Member

    I was never given an option. I was told that the Lupron had to be administered in the stomach. One nurse told me it was more effective that way. I of course changed sides just like when u inject the buttocks. The needle is so thin that it is truly painless, however the Lupron does burn. I would penetrate slowly and inject fast as to not prolong that burning sensation. I can't ever recall bruising from the Lupron.

    Good Luck to you.

    GEwifey New Member

    Thanks ladies.

    Gina- I actually watched MrsStephanie, that's why I asked if the injection only had to be done in the stomach. When she did it, it didn't look too bad.

    dndtaylor New Member

    Chandra the tummy is where I did everything but PIO & trigger. I wasn't even given an option for arm or thigh. I thought that all the tummy shots were quick, small and painless. I'm alternate sides and pinch my tummy then stick. Best of luck, you'll be fine once you start doing it. Can't wait to hear about your BFP!

    cara7166 New Member

    We did most of mine in the arms, until the arms were too bruised and then we moved to the thighs. I didn't have a single one in the stomach lol


    NorthEastGirl New Member

    For me, Lupron and the stims were the easiest injections to do. I did have some bruising sometimes, but overall it was great. No pain, no problems... Just make sure to go in quickly and inject quickly. That seemed to do it for me.... Good luck w/ whatever you do...


    I did mine in the stomach. I alternated sides each day. It did not hurt at all. Sometimes I got a little burn or itch and then it quickly went away. The best way to do it for me was to pinch a bit of the stomach, hold the needle like a dart and put it in quickly. After a few days you will be able to do it in your sleep. Seriously it is easy and quick and I was really scared at the thought of it in the beginning!!! I HATE needles.

    inhishands New Member

    i have never done shots in the belly, (ivf or FET) i do my lupron alternating thighs, it doenst hurt.. just do it fast and rub when its over... my follistime shots in the arm, PIO shots in the butt and HCG shot in the butt too. this is what i have done with all my cycles... good luck!

    miracle New Member

    I wasn't given an option on any of mine either. I'm guessing that it has to do with your body type. I did my Lupron on my thighs and barely felt a thing. Everything else in the butt. The only one that hurt or bruised are the PIO's. I hate these shots.

    charms New Member

    Chandra - here is a diabetics tip to multiple shots in the tummy.

    okay prentend like your tummy is sectioned off into the days of the week.

    start with sunday as the middle - week one is above the belly button and week 2 is below the belly button.

    it wont hurt in either areas.

    sunday in the middle is where all your shots should go about one inch apart.
    about 2 inches to the right will be monday, 2 inches from there would be tuesday, etc...
    for thursday go 2 inches from the middle to the left, and follow the pattern.
    week two go below the belly button and follow the same pattern.

    this will ensure that you never hit the same spot twice and that you utilize the entire stomach area for best absorbtion of the medications.

    good luck!

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