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    berkau New Member

    My husband was recently diagnosed with Klinefelters Syndrome after finding out he is azoospermia. Currently his urologist has him on HCG injections to try and activate sperm production and then he will be undergoing Mirco TESE.

    What should be expect as far as cost of this procedure and recovery time?

    Has anyone here had experience with a positive outcome with Klinefelters Syndrome?

    Ajones108 New Member

    I saw your post and I had to finally register on this forum. My husband was diagnosed with Klinefelter's Syndrome when he was 13 and I really want to know how the treatment works out for you guys, as in a few years we will be formally trying to conceive.

    Mom2be1985 New Member

    My husband also has KS - we are pregnant now with DS but I am interested in learning more about treatment to see if he would ever be able to biologically have a child.

    StephIVF New Member

    My husband also has KS & we are heading into round #2 of IVF/ICSI

    We got our KS diagnosis in April. We went thru the counseling sessions on donor sperm but decided against it (at least for now). We decided that we wanted to take our chances (40% according to our doc) on on finding sperm from DH before we chose a donor profile. Since then, we've been thru one Stim Cycle of IVF with an open testicular biopsy on the day of egg collection. I had 8 healthy, usable eggs and they managed to find 6 sperm during the open biopsy. So, 6 eggs were fertilized using ICSI. Only 1 of them made it embryo transfer day but, according to our fertility specialist and the lab tech, it was beautiful looking. Well, I got my period 12 days later. : ( The FS said that we'd need to wait a cycle before going again to ensure that there was no swelling left in the testicles before the next biopsy. So, I am waiting for my next period so that we can do it all again! I am praying for a few good embryos this time so that we can do a thaw cycle if this next fresh transfer does not work because I do not think that we'll be able to afford a 3rd IVF stim cycle for a while... Of course, we are back to the 50/50 odds that the FS will even find any sperm during the open biopsy. :cross:

    On the topic of doing something/anything to encourage sperm production: our FS said that there was nothing that could be done, an endocrinologist that specializes in testosterone related sydromes/diseases agreed with him. However, my DH has been seeing a Chinese herbalist that specializes in fertility since the 1st of June. We figured it couldn't hurt and might help! Plus, at least we get to go into the open biopsies feeling as if we'd done something that could contribute to a successful outcome. We'll never know if the herbs/cupping/acupunture/venison/oysters are making a difference but, if DH stopped all of that and no sperm are found next time, we would definitely wonder if the ceasing of the herbs hurt our chances.

    I know that we do not have the fairy tale story with a happy ending (yet!) but maybe it gives some hope about the real possibility of a biological pregnancy with a partner with KS? We were so grateful that sperm were found and we had an embryo transfer day but we really, really need to get to the next step this time - our BFP!

    Not sure how long we'll keep this up before we revisit the DS conversation. The emotional highs and lows of IVF are so overwhelming at the moment - maybe it gets easier the 2nd time around?

    ahligamma New Member

    You should really look into wet cupping that could help solve alot of these problems.

    ROZENA New Member

    Need your help!!!!

    We were diagnozed withe Klinfelter syndrom about 6 months ago.

    We are now uncertain whar should be our next step.
    we are supposed to do micro-TESE at DR. Schlegel ,
    but just now read some horrible things on the procedure from Dr. Silber site:
    Male Infertility explained by World-Leading Specialist Dr. Sherman Silber of the Infertility Center of St. Louis

    We could realy need your help to decide.:grr: :grr: :grr:


    StephIVF New Member

    berkau - my husband has Klinefelter's. We got our :bfp: a few weeks ago - 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant today and just had our early scan to check that implantation is in the uterus and to check for a heartbeat. We got only good news today. Long way to go but we made it thru the hardest part (the open biopsy and ISCI so that we had fertilized eggs to transfer).
    As far as costs, we are living in Australia so I am sure that our costs will not really be of any help to you. But, we are proof that it is possible!
    Good luck!

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