Menopur and IUI Success

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    Mauker39 New Member

    Is there anyone out there that has had success on just Menopur and IUI?

    I am on my second cycle with Menopur. The first cycle we did not do an IUI because the follicles were not good enough. I am now on my 2nd cycle with Menopur (CD8) and will find out on Monday if we are ready to do an IUI. I haven't seen many people that have had success with Menopur and IUI only. It seems most people that had success were doing IVF. Am I missing people? If you have had success. Can you share how your cycle and blood results went?


    mom4kitties New Member

    I LOVE MENOPUR!! We got our BFP on the first round of Menopur and timed intercourse alone (didn't even use IUI). However, it took forever to get my follies to grow because I was on the lowest possible dose (75 iu) for 10 days before they would increase it. I ended up stimming with Menopur for over 20 days, but it doesn't matter how long it takes, just that you get a good egg out of it. They kept me on this extremely slow protocol because they didn't want me to over-stimulate since my ovaries are covered with lots and lots of follies.

    I believe that Menopur works well for a lot of people because it has both FSH and LH, whereas the other stims only have FSH. My estrogen levels were really low when using Gonal-F, so my RE recommended Menopur because the LH tends to help with that problem. Don't hesitate to ask if you have other questions about Menopur. You can read my signature below for more info about my history. Best of luck!!

    kale818 New Member

    Menopur and IUI

    This is my first round of menopur with IUI
    I took 75IU injections for 18 days and then upped to 112.5IU for 5 days and finally upped to 150IU for 3 days- went in for US on the third day of 150IU and there was a folli at 18mm... So we did the IUI on Monday- I have 8 days to go before I can test.
    In my case, we used the lowest dose of menopur because I have PCOS and I overstimulated on chlomid so I didn't get as far as the IUI. I can't carry more than 1 child at a time because I am high risk- believe me, I wish I could have 2 at once and then I would be done....:woohoo:

    So, the first cycle is like the trial run- they need to see how much it takes to stimulate without over doing it-
    My RE nurse says that with Menopur, she has seen women go 32 days of injections before either folli is right size OR they think about aborting the cycle.

    Hang in there- it is a slow process-but well worth it!

    kale818 New Member

    Menopur-IUI- BFP

    1st cycle of menopur with IUI and just got a BFP!:clap:

    mom4kitties New Member

    :clap: CONGRATULATIONS!!! :clap:

    Menopur truly is a miracle drug for some people! I'm so excited for you! Have you had a beta yet? What are your numbers at? Keep us posted!

    Woohoo!! :cheer:

    Rondawishes4#2 New Member

    Menopur and IUI

    You all have no idea how happy I am that I opened this thread. I'm also getting ready to do my first IUI and I'm going to be starting menopur on sunday. This gives me so much hope. Thank you!

    bgk New Member

    Starting menopur/IUI today

    I'm so nerveous, because last time 9 years ago i got pg with Pergonal and was hoping my RE will give Pergonal again, but it's not available any more. So he gave my Menopur and then IUI.
    I'm starting today and very nerveous. I cann't imagine doing this shots in my tummy. I want pergonal back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it was i/m and I have no problem doing them):grr:

    Minnie New Member

    Menopur + IUI

    Hi - I know this post hasn't been updated in a while and not sure if I'll get a reply but I'll try. I just had a round of Menopur + IUI and nothing happened. I had only one good follicle and the doc thought it was a nice one and that I had a good chance but nothing happened. I tested today and it was negative. I was given the lowest dose because I'm on the small side and the doc didn't want me to get too many eggs. Are other rounds of Menopur and HCG worth trying?

    Laura1490 New Member

    Menopur was my miracle drug too! As soon as we switched to it we got our :bfp: after 4 cycles of :bfn: ! It's a great thing to try!

    Good luck with your Cycles!

    kai New Member

    Lupron, Menopur, IUI...

    we have had 5 IUI's with clomid :bfn::grr:
    then find out we have blocked was successful and we have moved on to injectibles...

    now we are on lupron long phase beginning with bcp,
    lupron 200 for 10 days, then lupron, menopur 75, estradial for 8 days and IUI on 7/23...

    This is the hardest part - the TTW :cross:

    we are excited and very appreciative of this forum..
    :bsv::bsv::bsv: to all of us TTC

    KatKat New Member

    This is my first cycle with Menopur +IUI. Hoping for good news! :pray:

    Eniko New Member

    I am so excited to read all the good reviews of Menopur. I start my injectibles with this coming cycle. I just finished an estrogen priming of my uterus because my starting lining was only 2mm. With no aunt flow in over 1.5 years. This will be my first cycle since '07 so that Im not looking forward to. I get my drugs on Thursday from my MD then I wait for day 3. :cross: My husband goes in for one more test as well. If all is well we may even get to do timed instead of IUI.

    Anyone have any bad side effects with this. I had terrible issues with the low dose of clomid.

    Hope2bBlessedAmy New Member

    So glad I found you all!

    I have had 2 cycles with Femara and IUI....nothing...because I am missing my right tube, the doctor decided to up me to Menopur. I am really excited to start it next month (IF we don't get our BFP this month!). :pray:

    Thank you all for your posts on here and baby dust to you!



    babydust888 New Member

    January is my first cycle using Menopur (75iu for 5 days). Just wanted to see if anyone (recently) has a successful experience from this injectible. Would love to hear your story. Thanks!

    StayathomeMommy New Member

    starting Menopur in FEB

    I am fixing to start menopur in a couple of days paired with 100mg of clomid and trigger.....I am anxious to see what your results are with it...did you have any side affects???? I am a bit nervous about all of this....

    kzawisl New Member

    saw my RE yesterday and was FINALLY dx'd!!! Functional hypothalic amenorrhea. She wants me to take premphase for 2 cycles and then start menopur. Left heroffice yesterday thinking I understood how it all worked, but of course now I have a million questions!
    Menopur is not covered at all by our insurance. We're trying to figure out, on average, how much one cycle of menopur can cost.
    RE wants to start me on low dose, because i'm small and she doesn't "want me to end up like Kate Gosselin." ;) She also said I'd need more U/S than the average patient.
    How often are you all going for ultrasounds?

    x-fingers-and-toes New Member

    I was prescribed menopur yesterday, 150 units per day, starting last night (CD5) and going through Thursday for now, because I have another u/sound scheduled for Friday morning to see where we're at. Also doing Femara at same time.

    My u/sound showed 2 'somethings' that she said were a little big to be follicles, but too small to be cysts, so not counting them, I had 4 available, if we do count them, then 6, which still isn't great, but I'll take it!

    WICC New Member

    Hi there Kzawis.

    I have a quick question for you. How did your RE diagnose you with functional hypothalic amenorrhea? This sounds very similar to what an RE mentioned to my sister, but never diagnosed her with it.



    kzawisl New Member

    Hi there,My RE did bloodwork, but basically, my periods are extremely irregular (as in: I didn't get one from age 18 to 28). Hypothamic amenorrhea is USUALLY common in anorexics and over-exercisers (I'm not either of those). I think it was a diagnosis based more on "well, it's NOT diagnosis X, Y, or Z" you know?katie

    kashiruvana New Member

    new to the forums, second round of menopur only

    Hi, everyone! I've never posted on a TTC forum before, but I think everyone I know is really sick of hearing me talk about all this stuff and it's probably time to stop lurking!
    My RE and I are really pleased with how I'm responding to the menopur, but I was really disappointed that I didn't even get to test before AF showed up this month. I'm feeling okay today, but I was so depressed yesterday I could hardly get off the sofa. I'm also a little concerned that I might not respond as well this month since I responded to Clomid really well the first month and not great the second month. Has anybody else had this, and did your RE say it meant anything?

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