Natural pregnancy after HSG test???

Discussion in 'Unexplained Infertility' started by qnova226, Feb 12, 2011.


    qnova226 New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I have been ttc for just under two years now. We recently had the infertility workup at the RE's office. We found out yesterday that we fall under the "unexplained infertility" class.

    My dr gave me a script for Clomid and wanted me to do the IUI also, starting next month. I decided that since it is unexplained, we would try the clomid for a few months first. Then move onto the clomid and IUI.

    When I was leaving his office yesterday after the HSG, my RE said to me "Call me even if you are late this month. Having this test sometimes flushes you out and it wouldn't be the first time it happened."

    When I got in the car I realized what he meant. Since it's unexplained, I have a chance of getting pregnant on my own this month, because of the test. I am on CD 10 right now.

    Has anyone gotten pregnant naturally after thier HSG test? Or do you know anyone that has? I am now fixated on this! I always get my hopes up, I actually wish he didn't even say that to me.

    I will start clomid next month, if I do not get a :bfp: this coming month.

    Thanks ladies!!!!

    Emalani New Member

    Exact same situation

    Hi qnova,
    I just had the HSG proceedure done, and was told the same thing... Even though I've given myself STRICT orders not to get my hopes up, I find myself finding all the telltale signs that point to FOR SURE PREGNANT! And then, if/when I get my period -- right on track surely as always -- I will be crushed again. Just like you, I wish the doctor hadn't said anything... mine said that there's a spike in pregnancy rates for the first three months. So now I'll be sitting on edge for the next three months. My AF due a week from today, but I've been having trace spotting for like three days now. Maybe something to do with the HSG proceedure (wasn't painful for me, though).
    When is your AF due? Would you let me know if you get a +? All the success stories keep me going :)
    Good luck!

    qnova226 New Member

    Hi Emalani,
    Thanks for responding!

    I have not OV yet this cycle. I am on CD12 today, so I should OV this Wed or Thurs. That would be great if somehow the test helped us out, but I really shouldn't get my hopes up. On the other hand, I think getting my hopes up each month is what keeps me sane!!!

    If I don't get a :bfp: then I will start on the clomid in March. I'm still a bit confused about why I am using clomid when all tests came out normal. At this point, I really would try anything. If my dr thinks that could help us out, then I will gladly give it a try!

    I will keep you posted. I know what you mean, I love reading the sucess stories! It makes me think that if we keep trying, our time will come too :)

    I will keep you and everyone else in my prayers. :babydust: to you and everyone!!!!

    miracel New Member

    hi...had my hsg last june..the result was bilateral tubal block. means both tubes have blockage.

    now, i am 1 week prego. so dont lose hope, there are still lots of ways to get pregnant

    joyeblank New Member

    I had a lap, hysterscopy, HSG and D&C Aug 11. he said my tubes were fine and I had a small amount of endometriosis (which they carterized), a inclusion cyst on my ovary and i have a slight bicorniate uterus. I have heard that 9 out of 10 people get preggo 1 month after getting the HSG or a D&C. Im not sure though. I was put on balziva (an old BCP) for a few months because i need to estrogenize my uterus. I have been taking it for two weeks now but for the last week my breasts have gotten fuller and my nipples hurt. and recently i have had a little spotting. I have taking BCP before and i have never had these side effects before. can anyone give any advice, or ahd this happened to anyone?

    joyeblank New Member

    As i posted beforeI am on BCP to estrogenize my uterus because it is small. but today and yesterday i had some brownish spotting. could this be implantation bleeding or is it just my BCP. I have been on BCP and never had breakthrough bleeding before. I called my doc and they sid just to monitor it over the weekend and call them on tuesday. I kind of want to take a HPT but I am not sure if it is too early to get an accurate result. please help.....

    jp362 New Member

    joyeblank: Since your are on bcps, it is highly unlikely it is implantation bleeding. It is more likely breakthrough bleeding. This is very common on bcps, especially the ones they use during IF treatments or IVF cycles. I was on many different bcps for years prior to ttc and rarely had breakthrough bleeding. However, I was on bcps for both of my IVF cycles (one fresh and one frozen) and had spotting throughout the entire course of pills. I think it has to do with them using a lower dose estrogen pill. But you could check with your doc.

    joyeblank New Member

    Actually these pills have more estrogen in them. and I was break through bleeding cause now it is like niagra falls. But I called my dr anyway to make sure. hopefully it will straighten out next month. I will take these til the end of the year and then in january or february i will start with the clomid. so qnova let me know when you start if you decide to do that. I saw you said you might start in march

    PRAYING4BABY11 New Member

    I don't know if I missed it but did you have any kind of blockage found? The dye can really clear the tubes up.

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