Need To Know-- Ovulation w/ No LH Surge?

Discussion in 'Infertility Support Forum' started by kel1, Jan 2, 2006.


    kel1 New Member

    Hi, I've got very regular periods, and all of the signs of ovulation-- but I've been unable to detect any LH surge with the Clear Blue Easy OPK-- it stays on "high" and never goes to peak. So I bought brand OPK-- and decided to try them both-- neither of them detected a surge. Is it possible that I'm ovulating without an LH surge? As I said, my periods are very regular-- and I've read that periods will only occur when you've ovulated. Any one have any ideas? I'd love to think the OPK's are wrong and the LH surge is there and I ovulate just fine-- should I throw them out? Or is there some standing to the fact that they are not detecting a LH surge. Do I ovulate without that surge? HELP! We are doing at home Inseminations (which are kinda expensive) and so far I feel we've wasted 4 vials! Oh, yeah, and do you think Clomid would help?:grr:

    BrandyHagz New Member

    Clomid doesn't help LH helps with the production of more eggs.

    There are tests an RE can run to see if you are surging right...its possible you're just not producing as much LH as the OPK's and FM's expect...

    Have you had any blood work?

    There are scripts your Dr. can write to trigger O...if you're spending the money on semen vials..maybe you should see about getting a trigger shot - then you can inseminate 12 - 24 hours later.

    tklavender New Member

    I am not an expert to say the least, but I thought it was fairly common ( maybe not a good thing, but common )for women to have a period without always ovulating....

    Leilani1 New Member

    Different brands


    I used Clear Blue OPK, but I had issues reading results. The second line wold never get darker than reference line, same colour as reference line at best. Then I swithced to First Response OPK's. I find them much better, much easier to read. I also test twice a day, second morning urine and in the evening. I read somewhere that some women produce much ledd LH surges, but ovulate normaly. Good luck


    pryncess New Member

    Is anyone currently seeking invitro?

    pryncess New Member

    What exactly is an "at home insemination"?

    Angelwithhope New Member

    I am also using the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor and the darn thing stays at two as well, never showing that I have ovulated. I also cannot find the answer I am looking for! Have you any further news about Ovulation without the LH surge??

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