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    I’m sorry I think it’s not right to unite us as the one special community of ladies who can understand whole importance of motherhood. Too long sentence to describe the sense of my view. I meant that I had met amazing young women who were good moms without their own infertile experience. And I think we can find women which aren’t ready to be real mothers and can’t give a full portion of natural love to their children after surrogacy. Sometimes we even don’t understand what we really need. And that’s a giant problem. I saw women who were afraid of touching their small babies. and it seemed weird.

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    maybe you've got me wrong. I'm sure there are decent mothers who haven't been through any fertility issues. I just meant that women who faught for their babies might be not ready for this treasure they finally got, but they definitely are very grateful for it and they won't forget the whole journey. never. few days ago I saw a woman who slapped her 3 yo son because he wanted a can of cola. I'm sure it wold never happen if she wanted this baby for years after numerous failed fertility treatments.
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    Yeah. Alright! Perhaps I was really mistaken. And I said a thuth you were clever.
    Even while I was reading the fragment about “wanted this baby for years after numerous failed fertility treatments.” I felt the lump of tears in the throat. All bad memories have surfaced. I think it also happens when we want to hurt our long awaited babies. Oooh I can’t write about it. It’s a painful nonsense. Talking about motherhood in general we want to say the one thing. Every woman deserves to experience this but every of us must comprehend full responsibility of this part of life.
    I’m proud we have chosen these service packages. Let them give us wonderful outcomes to prove our ability to be the best moms all over the world!

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    Hello hun! I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. I was born without a uterus. It was really hard for me. Especially when I've got married and we decided to become parents. I'm really glad that you moved on and turned to surrogacy! I've also had this procedure in Ukrainian clinic in 2015. I became a mother of a beautiful baby girl. I'm so happy now! It took 2.5 months for our clinic(biotexcom) to find surrogate mother for us. We didn't expect they will do this so fast. I wish you all the best in your surrogacy journey! I hope you'll keep updating us with good news!

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    Thank you dear feifei! It's awful what happend to you...I feel your pain. You know, some few years ago I didn't even know that such abnormality as uterus absence are real. and now, I'm terrified because of a number of women with this thing.
    Your husband is a wonderful man if it's not a problem for him, unfortunately too many men are not able to live with infertile women. shame on them.
    To be honest, I'm thinking about another IVF cycle. .
    The same clinic, I know they are good. and what do you think? Thank you for good words. Wish you all the best xx

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