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    LittleEricJenn New Member

    I have recently been prescribed progesterone and am set to start it soon. The only thing I've been diagnosed so far with all my testing is low progesterone. I'll be on 200mg of Prometrium. I'm wondering how long it has taken other women with low progesterone to get pregnant once this issue has been resolved. I know that Progesterone pills absorb into the body immediately and last 24 hours. Thanks!:flower:

    Gambler New Member

    I have low progesterone which is also the only known thing to be wrong with me. On my 3rd IUI I got pregnant with a beta of 17 and a 7 days post IUI progesterone level of 5.3. I was immediately put on endometrin once the beta confirmed I was pregnant. Unfortunately, I had a miscarrage in the 6 week of the pregnancy. That said, I would say that I personally don't think progesterone stops you from getting pregnant however, I believe it can cause you to lose the baby once pregnant. Someone once said that progesterone is the glue that makes the baby stick. I sure hope this helps you out.

    Additionally, it can be very helpful to be on progesterone after ovulation or and IUI. If you are seeing a RE you can ask to be put on it. I'm an HMO patient and the insurance will only approve progesterone supplements if you have a confirmed pregnancy. Thankfully, I was prescribed to take it for 12 weeks and received LOTS of it, so even though I am not pregnant I can take progesterone after each IUI. If you taking it before you know that you are pregnant you will have to get a blood test to determine if you are pregnant or not before you can stop taking it and it does delay AF if you are not pregnant. On the other hand, if you are pregnant you will have been proactive by taking progesterone after ovulation.

    Finally, I take endometrin which is I belive $120/box and a box has 21 suppositories. I have to take 2/day which means that $120 will only last for 10 days or 5 days after ovulation. So if I hadn't got it when I was pregnant it would cost me at least $240/cycle while trying. There are other progesterone medications out there but I don't know how much they cost.

    LittleEricJenn New Member


    Thanks @Gambler! I appreciate your comments. 'm sorry to hear about your loss. My prayers are with you!

    I am fortunate to have started Progesterone as soon as I ovulated this month. My progesterone had come back low the previous two months so the dr. prescribed it to be take upon ovulation until I either get preggers or get my period. I'm crossing my fingers! I ovulated I believe on Sunday and started taking it that afternoon. It definitely made me feel a little weird - about an hour after I took it I felt dizzy and extremely tired. It lasted about 30 minutes. Monday and Tuesday's dose didn't bother me a bit. I think it just needed to get into my system.

    Anyway, it's good to know that Progesterone my delay AF. I'm hoping for a BFP but we will see. Thank you again for commenting!

    Best of luck to you too!:flower:

    happyladybug New Member

    I also have been diagnosed with low progesterone. I have been TTC for about a year and a half. My Dr. put me on progesterone after ovulation, and it did delay AF. We tried that for about 6 months, and then my DR. suggested Clomid, because it will naturally raise progesterone. So we tried that for 3 months. we have taken a break from the all the meds, because I felt terrible on them, but I will start back on the Clomid next month. I haven't been successful with either treatment yet, but I have a friend who has a beautiful son, and she had to take progesterone too. She has also had two miscarriages though, because of low progesterone. My Dr. is confident that once we get my progesterone evened out, that I will get pregnant. I got dizzy spells and headaches, along with other side effects from the progesterone...and my Dr. suggested taking it at night before bed, and that helped quite a bit...but I still had a tough time with the side effects. I hope that yours aren't as bad as mine were. I will say some prayers and keep my fingers crossed for you!

    LittleEricJenn New Member

    Thank You!

    Happyladybug - what a cute name!! Thank you so much for your note. Sounds like it has been a long ride for you too. I'm scared of becoming depressed over this whole thing to tell you the truth. I was so hoping this would just work right away. I'm on day 28 tomorrow (taking Progesterone now for 8 days straight) and I have a feeling I'll be getting my period within the next 5 or 6 days. Just frustrating. The doctor has not said anything about Clomid and I think his next step would be to put me through the Hystosalpingogram in March. I have heard that Yams (not sweet potatoes) can act very similar to Clomid. I've heard to take it in the two weeks prior to ovulation to get the best benefit. Taking after OV would produce a negative effect. So, for now I will take day by day. Thank you again for your comments! Good luck to you as well! :)

    prismarie New Member

    Hi to all! I'm currently 5dpiui. I just started 250mg progesterone suppositories... What is the normal dosage does anyone know? I was on 50 mg of progesterone until confirmed pregnancy then went up to 200 mg until m/c at 6 wks...

    happyladybug New Member

    I was put on 100 mg the first month I was on progesterone, and then when that didn't seem to work, I started on the 200mg the following month. Not sure what normal is, but those are the doses I have taken. Both were after ovulation, and none of them ended up in a :bfp: for me yet. Keeping :cross: for you!

    LittleEricJenn New Member

    Good luck to you HappyLadyBug! Fortunately I did not feel horrible on the Progesterone but I'm thinking of this next round to take at night before bed. Either that or take it vaginally as I've heard some women do. Not sure yet which would be better.

    RisingSun New Member

    My experience with Progesterone (Prometrium)

    Good Morning,
    I would like to share my experience being on Prometrium, which I hope will be helpful for others. I started Prometrium after I had my first positive ovulation test. I am currently taking 200mg 2X daily orally. When I first started taking Prometrium, my first side effects I noticed was a little dizziness, but as time when on it felt more like I was slightly drunk than anything. LOL...

    Then, I became tired and fatigued, and I would go to sleep early and/or take a nap mid day.

    I am taking two pills a day, so I need to space them out. I would take one pill around 2pm, and one pill at 9pm. At this time, I noticed none of the dizziness and/or drunk feeling, but I still feel tired and fatigued after I take the pill(s).

    I actually have a question that I would like to pose, did anyone notice a temperature increase since taking progesterone? I have noticed a steady temperature increase after ovulation, and when I began Prometrium.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.

    - RisingSun

    LittleEricJenn New Member

    Re: Experience with Progesterone

    RisingSun - this is interesting! I have had the exact same side effects as you. Not so much the dizzy but the feeling of being drunk/out of it. I was also fatigued. I did not chart temps but i think I'll do that this time. I'll be on day 11 of my cycle tomorrow and have stared ovulation testing. When do you suggest charting temperatures? Is that always in the morning before getting out of bed? I have an ovulation thermometer I think.

    Also, are you on 400mg total for the day? I am only taking one 200mg pill in the morning at breakfast. Thinking of taking vaginally at night this next round. . .

    happyladybug New Member

    I had the dizzy/drunk feeling on the prometrium, among sooooo many other side effects. When I told this to my DR. he switched me to a different that the pharmacy he works with compounds them self. After switching brands, I had the extreme tiredness, but did not have most of the other side effects. Dr. said that many people react badly to the prometrium. Just thought I would share in case another brand is a option for any of you.

    RisingSun New Member

    Follow up- Prometrium

    Sorry it has taken me sometime to respond, I have just returned from my vacation.

    I started charting my temperature on cycle day one (CD1), when :af: arrived. I have continued to chart my temperatures each morning before I get out of bed, but only using a regular thermometer. For me, tracking my temperatures has been very helpful.

    I was able to see a clear increase in my temperatures after I ovulated, and since taking Prometrium my temperatures have stayed well above 98 (between 98 to 98.8). My coverline is usually 97.7.

    I hope this helps.


    LittleEricJenn New Member

    Temp Charting

    Thanks Rising Sun! Now it's my turn to apologize. I have not checked the site in a while. So I went through my second round of progesterone with no luck. I'm on day eight for this cycle but have not started charting my temps. Great for you that you start on day one and chart all the way through. Sounds like a good habit to form! I will try that next month if this one does not pan out.

    Good luck to you as well! :)


    Diorbeauty_pr New Member

    Hello decided to jump in.... :)

    I have taken progesterone and prometerium pills...

    My re suspected my two pregnancy losses at 6 weeks exactly with my ob was probably due to low or decreasing progesterone. We found out I had enough progesterone to Get pregnant...enough for it to stick but then it will keep decreasing until 6 weeks and that's when it all suddenly stops!!! After seeing a viable heartbeat. On this pregnancy I went back to my re and at 4 weeks ...had a sono and progesterone level down at 19 ... One shot of hcg ( pregnyl) and progesterone in oil 1 ml... I started that day prometerium 200 mg twice that's 400 mg of prometerium and 1 ml of pio daily.

    I was reduced at week 9 to three pills of prometerium...two vaginal and one orally... At 10 or 11 wks can't really remember , only twice but still vaginally...I. Still with that doses...progesterone is at level 51 which is right in the middle not high but not low for second trimester. I believe if I leave it It will go dangerously low and I might loss this pregnancy,

    Up till now it hasn't been first the injections were sooo hard on me,,,I could move I couldn't even walk or sit down or even lay down. I had to take a week was so difficult for me. But the pills are just fine


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