progesterone after IUI

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    JCG0309 New Member

    With my previous IUIs (and previous RE), I took progesterone (vaginal suppository) after the IUI. When I asked the new RE about progesterone, he said it wasn't necessary. His feeling is my body is producing progesterone naturally and I don't need it.
    Are you taking progesterone? Is it necessary?

    Lori123 New Member

    I have never taken progesterone with my IUI's - but we have MF IF - and my progesterone has always been good when they test me. Are they checking you (bloodwork) to make sure your levels are high enough?

    Rayna714 New Member

    i had 1st IUI on thursday, i started prog. yesterday--saturday

    Just~A~ New Member

    My RE didn't prescribe any with my 1st IUI (numbers were fine); but I think she prescribed it with the 2nd IUI since the 1st one didn't work. "Just for added oomph," she said.

    Will they check your progesterone in a week just in case?


    maybebaby2007 New Member

    You only need progesterone supplements if your levels are low. They do not typically prescribe it as prophyllaxis.

    Rob&Irina New Member

    same here, no progesterone first 2 IUIs then with progesterone...

    jenedens6102 New Member

    If they have done bloodwork and determined that your numbers look solid and it seems as though your body is doing what it needs to do on it's own then that's fine. I was only on PIO injections after my IVF but never had any progesterone support after my IUIs.

    barb_wall New Member

    i did do prog. after my 1st IUI...i assume i will continue to do so when i have my 2nd IUI (which should be in the first week of Feb) RE said that if you are "advanced in age" (35 and older) and or you have had a history of MC then you should take the prog through the 1st trimester....but i have noticed from reading on here that many RE do things very differently...B

    Dona New Member

    I am on it also. My RE prescribed it just to be on the safe side as it can't hurt. I am also on an estrogen patch called Vivelle. It's just a clear, rectangle patch that I change every three days. Both of these are up and through week 8 of pregnancy. I'd MUCH rather be safe than sorry, it can't hurt to be too cautious!

    shb24 New Member

    My RE does prescribe Prometrium with IUI, regardless of b/w. With IVF, he prescribes Progesterone in oil injections and the Prometrium tabs.


    TinaBellina New Member

    I've been prescribed progesterone for every cycle, but in pill form, not suppository. My girlfriend did her first IVF cycle (and got pregnant! yea!), and they had her on progesterone injections for a while; now she's on the pill and she said it makes her feel drunk. Personally, I haven't had those kinds of side effects, so maybe she's on a higher dose.

    jeylan New Member

    Progesterone after IUI

    I think that RE's vary on this. MY RE had a 6 month old progesterne test in my files from my OB/GYN, which was normal. He didn't order new tests at all, but went straight ahead to prescribing 200mg progesterone suppositories 1/night.

    I had COH/IUI with 300mg injections of follistim d2 to d10, then one shot of ovidrel, then the iui.

    Perhaps the follistim suppresses progesterone kicking in? Perhaps most 44 years olds have progesterone problems so he didn't bother to test me?

    TTC 2yrs
    DH fine (43)
    Me poor reverse (44)
    First IUI 1/6/07
    Waiting (it's 7d post iui)

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