Question on when to take Femara pills

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    SM5 New Member

    I will be starting Femara in a few weeks after AF shows up. I'm pretty sure I will be taking 2 pills a day, don't have my bottle with me. They are 2.5mg pills each. I have a question, do I take one in the morning and one in the evening or take them both at the same time? Tiny little things! Big difference from the clomid that's for sure.

    dedication New Member

    I took mine all at night. So if they are 2.5mg, then your prescription probably says 5mg 1 x per day, so you just take both at night. Once you get your bottle, it should be written on it though. Good luck to you :) :bsv:

    SM5 New Member

    Thanks. I checked last night as I already have them just waiting to take them. It says 2.5mg pills. Take two pills each day. So that would equal 5mg per day. I just wasn't sure if I could take them both at the same time. Since it says they can cause drowsiness I don't want to take in the morning and be tired. I will take them at night before bed.

    Curiouskat New Member

    Two pills each day = Take both pills once daily.
    Take one pill twice daily is what it would say if it was divided. The purpose of the 5mg dose is to get a big effect, not frequent, but small effects.
    Likely the directions from your prescriber are not clear to the pharmacist filling the prescription, but instead of calling to clarify, the pharmacist left it equally ambiguous. Good luck!

    SM5 New Member

    Thank you for the reply. Can't wait to start taking these to see how they work. 4 more days of prometrium first.

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