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    emmyloo New Member

    Dear All,
    I am in the middle of cycle 1 of Clomid, and am at CD12 today. This morning I am having very slight cramps, like I would normally have the day before a period plus am ultra-emotional. Like bursting into tears at nothing.
    Is cramping a sign of ovulation? I am a bit confused as to what I should be looking out for? I have no other signs. I am off for a scan tomorrow with my specialist. I guess I am just crossing my fingers that the cramping is a sign of something happening because I feel like nothing is happening despite 10 days of Provera and 5 days of Clomid.

    Thanks guys!

    Bri79 New Member

    Hi Emmyloo... It could be a sign of Ovulation. Are you using OPK'S? Those will help you pinpoint the time you O. Good luck!!

    2010mom New Member

    Hi Emmyloo-Cramping is definitely a sign of ovulation for me. I don't normally have cramps during my cycle, however, I have very distinct cramps/pain in my lower abdomen when I am ovulating.

    Hope this helps!

    ahhny New Member

    emmyloo: I did exactly what you describing during my last cycle. CD12 I started cramping--mainly in my right ovary. I thought it could be ovulation but my doctor didn't do my U/S until CD18 so I figured it was too early to be ovulating but according to many of the girls on these boards their doc do the scan at CD12. Also my doc told me I did not need to use OPK's cuz he didn't want me obsessing. When I went in for my scan they didn't see any good follicles but I still wonder if maybe I had already ovulated and they missed it so this month I am using the OPK's and BBT to try to help me pinpoint it better. I would assume that you are ovulating and :dance:just in case.

    emmyloo New Member

    Thanks guys. I did an ovulation test last night and it was negative. The cramping has gone now but the moodiness has not. I also feel quite bloated and like I am retaining heaps of fluid. I am guessing it is just because the Clomid is encouraging the body to produce more hormones.

    With the ovulation tests, when I read the instructions it said you meant to have not urinated for 4 hours before doing it? Is that right? I am always going to the toilet (I drink lots) and so this is impossible for me, except for maybe first thing in the morning, but even then, I still go to the toilet at least once but usually twice during the night. Weak bladder!!!

    I don't know whether that would have affected the test or not....

    crhribal New Member

    emmy, the typical signs like CM, I don't get until AFTER I ovulate and I have the blood test to prove it. I am on Clomid and I am ovulating on day 14 according to my blood work.

    I suggest keeping a private calendar and write down every little twinge, cramp and your moods. It comes in handy a month or two from now when you are looking back to see if you see a pattern.

    OPKs do not work on me so they not work on you, since you said it was negative or the timign was wrong.

    Good luck!

    MrsJeremy New Member

    emmylou- I too drink a lot and have to go the the girls room a lot. My DH tells me I have a squirrel bladder! I haven't got a positive opk yet but I'm only on cycle day 13 (last cycle I think I o'd on day 16). I have to restrict my drinking and try not to think about needing to urinate.

    Parsnipsalad New Member

    I didn't have any ovulation signs on my Clomid cycle, in fact the only way I knew I was ovulating was when the ovulation kit gave me a smiley face! I was completely surprised! I usually have CM, but apparently Clomid can dry up your CM.
    Hmmm, who knows- I'm sure that each woman reacts differently!
    Good luck to you!:babydust::babydust::babydust::babydust:


    Girl, I broke out crying in the middle of the cereal aisle at the grocery store!!! That's totally normal. I also started to cry in the middle of class when my ceramics teacher tried to help me with a form I was doing.

    Are you doing the ovulation predictor kit? Those are the best ways to tell if you're ovulating or not beside looking at the follies on ultrasound.

    Your CM can dry up on Clomid so that's no longer totally as accurate as it would normally be if you weren't on it.


    The girl who does my ultrasounds told me that after the follicle bursts and you ovulate, there will be a black spot in there where the fluid is from what was in the follicle with the egg, so she said you can tell if you've already ovulated.


    I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one getting up in the night to pee.

    kapper247 New Member


    Can you use these if you are using ovidrel and clomid?

    emmyloo New Member

    Hi guys,

    So I had my scan last Thursday and the specialist was really pleased. There was one large follicle and she said it was the perfect response to Clomid. She said she was sure I would ovulate within a day or 2. So that was some good news. So off I went thinking I would ovulate Friday or Saturday. I took the OPF tests each morning over the weekend and also this morning and still negative response. The second line was darker yesterday than Friday or Saturday but still no smiley face.
    This morning I have slight cramps and really sore nipples - you know where it hurts to put your bra on. So maybe I am ovulating today or tomorrow. God, it's all confusing!!
    Anyway, I have to go and have a blood test on Thursday to confirm ovulation.

    P.s. today is day 17, so not too late to be ovulating I guess....

    sarahqq New Member

    I never had any symptoms even though others have claimed. I bought my clomid from this site and they sent it to me without a prescription and I was surprised at how fast I got pregnant. It was within 2 months. So I know it was real.

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