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    jersey123 New Member

    Hi, about 2 weeks ago i had an hsg test and came to find out that both tubes were blocked. My doc said that one tube the dye did not even enter which could be the result of a spasm and the other tube filled all the way up with dye but it didnt spill out showing a block at the end. He still believes that there is hope that the tubes could be opened up. I am now going to a great fertility doctor and he has scheduled a lap for me on 8/28 but i have to admit im pretty nervous. Has anyone had the same experience and success after going through a laparoscopy? Any feedback would be appreciated...thank you!!!

    Me 31 blocked tubes
    DH 30 perfect

    have been trying for a year with no luck
    Lap 8/28 :pray: for a miracle!!!

    harpjs New Member

    I had a laparoscopy but not to unblock my tubes.. just to see if anything was wrong. So I can't help you with the success rates but the actual lap wasn't bad at all. I only had one incision in my belly button. I never took any Rx pain killers, just tylenol a few times. My belly muscles were a little sore for a few days and I had some minor spotting for a few days. I don't know if that helps at all but that was my experience with the lap. Best of luck to you! I hope it all works out for you.

    sharfish New Member


    Hi Jersey 123-I'm a Jersey girl too!, I had a blockage in my left tube following my HSG last year in which I had to have laproscopic surgery in Dec, my doctor wanted to see if it could be repaired but when she went in, my fallopian tube wasn't attached but wrapped around my ovary, apparently they could only tell this by laproscopic surgery. It had to be removed. I am now in the process of IVF. I still have my other tube but for my condition and my husband's IVF seemed like the best choice after a few months of trying following the surgery.. You do not need any tubes for IVF, that's the good news! I wish you lots of luck with the surgery, it wasn't bad for me, a little shoulder pain due to the air they blew into me which I needed pain meds for 2 days. Feel free to pm me. Good luck!!!!

    Kelly1 New Member

    similar situation in Kentucky

    Jersey girl,
    I see that your are about to have your lap, and I wish you the best of luck. I had an ectopic pregnancy in April, and I found out from an HSG in June that both tubes are blocked.

    Originally I was set to have my lap on August 17th, but I had to switch clinics due to insurance purposes. My new doctor put me on birth control to thin the lining of my uterus before my lap that is now scheduled for Oct. 7. (waiting from June to October for a lap is horrible).

    We are praying for the tubes to be able to be repaired, but my OBGYN thinks that in vitro will be our only option. My fertility doctors is more hopeful, he even thinks that the tubes could have had a spasm. I guess they don't really know until they get in there.

    Best of luck!

    Airman'sBaby New Member

    I never was able to have a lap to repair my tubes, but I did have 2 laps to clean out endometriosis, so I figured I'd give you some general advice about the surgery.

    The one thing I cannot stress enough is get up and move! As soon as you can be mobile, walk around, even if you're just walking around the house- it'll help the gas absorb. Having that gas trapped in your back, shoulders, and collarbones hurts 100x more than the surgery itself. The surgery itself isn't bad at all- just little incisions. I had 3 incisions the first time (belly button, and one on each side of my abdomen) and 2 incisions the second time (belly button and right above my hair line in the center). I was crampy for a few days, but it was nothing compared to the gas that was trapped in there.

    Sitting around makes the gas settle, and it's kind of like the air bubble in a level- it tends to migrate to whatever spot is highest. If you're laying on your left side, it'll move to the right side of your ribcage. If you're sitting straight up, it'll spread itself across your back or chest. If you lean slightly to one side, it'll move to the side that's highest.

    Wishing you the very best with your lap! Hopefully they'll be able to repair your tubes!!

    jersey123 New Member

    Thanks for the tips they were very helpful. Si had the lap and it was successful. They found a paratubal cyst that was pressing against the tube and closing it off. After they removed it he put dye through both my tubes and they are now clear. Im so happy!!. He did say though that the proof will be in the pudding. the true test is to see if they actually function but he said they looked pretty healthy. Im feeling positive that i can get pregnant naturally. Did you try for a while before resorting to ivf? thanks

    Airman'sBaby New Member

    I'm so glad your tubes are open!!! Hopefully that's all you need- it'll be a lot easier on you financially! We did try naturally before I went in for my first lap. At that point, I knew there was a possibility that there might be some adhesions, but didn't know for sure. They found that my tubes were blocked and also twisted. When she did the chromotubation, one drop of dye came out. We were discouraged, of course, but for the next 11 months we were not NOT trying, but we weren't doing anything to prevent it. My endo flared up again and I had my 2nd lap. The second time no dye came out at all. The doctor kept trying to force it through, but they were completely blocked. I had so much dye in me that (TMI) it was leaking out for a week. I looked like I had sex with a smurf. lol The doctor said our best bet was to go on to IVF, because the odds of opening my tubes were slim to none because of the way they were twisted.

    Prayers4baby New Member

    Hi Jersey girl,

    I was happy to read the results to your lap. I also have one blocked tube. One the second HSG, they gave me anti-spasm meds to make sure it wasn't a spasm. We are now trying to decide what's the next best step. Surgery or keep trying with IUI. (unforunately the right ovary keeps producing follies and that is the blocked side). We are afraid that if we do the surgery it won't help. Yikes!!! I am glad that they figured out what was wrong and corrected it. Best of luck!!!!!!

    Raquel_09 New Member

    Hi Prayers4baby,

    I too had an HSG just last week on the 28th and I was found that I have a blocked tube. I thought it was my right ( the side I ovulate more) ,but it is actually my left. The RE told me that the HSG is not 100% accurate and 50% of the time the tube is not even blocked ( yes, becuase of a spasm) . The HSG also depends on how skilled the radiologist is. Some don't put enough of the dye in. He told me he thinks I can still get pregnant. I have had 2 IUIs. He can do more and with injectibles, but he wants to make sure everything IS ok inside. So I am having laparoscopy surgery on the 25th ( eek, right before Thanksgiving!) He said since I have insurance, that it should be covered and he recommends it.
    He told me instead of throwing in a lot of money for IUI's with injectibles, lap should be the best thing to do.
    This was my advice from him. Everyone is different. I wish the best in your next decision.

    dylansmommy New Member

    hi i too am scheduled to have a lap next week on wed...they never brought up the idea of trying to repair the tube...i think due to the risk of ectopic pregnancy if the cillia are unless they have a miracle they will take out the blocked tube and check around to make sure nothing else is causing issues and then we shall try one more time with iui and injectibles...if that does not work we will attempt ivf in jan next year...i wish you all the best of luck

    bmarlenny New Member

    The same thing happened to me, I had a tubal reversal done but the fluid did'nt go wither way, the doctor said it must of been spasm, now i'm also going to have a lap done to see, if this doesnt work its ivf to go :cross: Good luck in your test let me know how it goes.

    kashiruvana New Member

    I had a lap to unblock both tubes in August of '10. I was told not to TTC at all for the rest of that cycle and the full next cycle because of the risk of ectopic pregnancy, but after that, we started TTC again (with Clomid and then injectibles but naturally otherwise) and I got pregnant in May of '11.

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