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    Good afternoon, forum users. We hope for a sober expert advice.
    12 years of struggling with infertility, underwent a lot of treatment in his native France and in America, where we live for several years. I have endometriosis, a progressive and virtually zero shansyay on pregnancy.
    Already almost decided on surrogacy, but ... I do not understand where to go and where to look. I know that in the US it is legal, not as much as in France, but is very expensive. Ready to read in India, Ukraine, perhaps even in Russia. Advise please where it will be better, safer and at a reasonable price.

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    You have to solve a lot of problems and issues, first of all - legal. Read about the personal experiences of others, to find out the price range.

    We have experience with the program in Turkey. The process coordinated by the Ukrainian company, we had a donor egg and a surrogate mother in Ukraine.

    At a cost - EUR 30 000. There were several options cheaper, but they do not inspire confidence. The site was , but he's not working for me today.
    You can write a personal message, to tell more details.

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    We had surrogacy last year. It was really hard to find reliable place to go! The thing was not only in agencies fees, but also in fact, that there are many scammers between them. That's why we decided to contact clinics directly. This way you can not only save some money, but also the risk to face fraudsters is much lower. We were about to go to India and we contacted their clinic and arrange our meeting with their doctor. But then we saw a video on youtube about woman, who experienced surrogacy in this clinic. She told there horrible things! She told that despite of fast finding of surrogate mother, the clinic does minimum check of them and takes women with diabetes and obesity in surrogacy programs. And it was not the first time we’ve seen such review! So we canceled our meeting immediately. I'm not telling that India is a bad choice and all clinics there are unprofessional. I'm just saying you should pay attention to every detail. Btw as I know India is now closed for foreigners.

    So we started to look for another European clinic. And one of them caught our eye, Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom. The reviews about it were different, but most of them were positive. And also their price is lower than in other countries. We paid 39 900 euro for like everything, starting from oocyte donation and finishing with all needed documents. We were met at the airport, provided with comfortable apt and food. We had a manager, who translated everything. They even provided us with smartphones with Ukrainian phone numbers to ease our communication. All these services were already included into our package. The whole amount of money was divided into 5 parts. It was nice because we didn't have all sum to pay right away. We had time to collect and give away each part during each of our visits.

    The clinic found SM for us in 2 months. We thought it will take much longer. So when the program coordinator contacted us in 7 weeks after our first visit and told us this great news, we were shocked and pleasantly surprised! We didn't expect it will be so fast. We didn't choose sm by ourselves. It doesn't matter how she looks. The most important is her health, ability to carry a baby and presence of her own children. That's why our doctor chose sm for us. Their doctors make all psychological and medical tests to be sure that woman is suitable for the procedure. Also they check sm during the program weekly. I hope this info will help. Good luck, dear!

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    Yes, biotex is nice clinic. We had a good experience there. Our treatment went well and we were fully satisfied with all services. What I liked the most is people's attitude.
    As Dee. R said, we were provided with the driver, accommodation, interpreter, food and even smartphone. So all were on a high level.
    When I driver met us at the airport, our surprise had no bound. He drove us to the hotel, where we left our luggage, then we moved to the clinic. Our first consultation with the doctor manager was great. We were told in details about all packages they have. We did several tests. And after that our journey began.
    Btw, if you want to go to Russia, you should know about some pitfalls of a legislation. According to it, the surrogate has a right to take a baby. So, in case she wants her baby back you won't have any rights. As for India, yes, the surrogacy is forbidden for foreigners.
    Of course, you can choose whatever you want, I've heard something bout Czech and Belarus if you want you can look onto.

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    yes, we aslo have been in kyiv where we took our child. The time flies but I remember that day. It was like yesterday. We came to the maternity house to take out our baby. That little eyes with smiling face. Tiny hands and sweet voice, I felt in love from the first second and It was not only with me. When my husband saw this angel he forgot everything. The only thing we wanted is to take our baby home. But we should wait to made our documents. And after this we could go home with our candy. Now, when we overome all problems in our life and I can say we are glad to have a good experience there.

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    Oh my God, so many people visited that place. I love all who work in biotex. They helped my faily to become full. And the clinic is also nice and kind people. I was satisfied with everything. Many thanks to them.
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