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    Can everyone who achieved or did not achieve a pregnancy describe symptoms from day one of transfer on. I have had cramping similar to menstrual like cramps since day 2, I am bloated, my ovaries ache too, my chest is so sore I am brought to tears. Does this mean I am not PG? I do not remember such continuous cramping from my first IVF although we had a BFP it ended quickly in a MC. I did have spotting around day five then...I head into day five tomorrow. I transferred to A quality embabies last Thursday using a donor.

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    First of all, congrats on your transfer. Second, RELAX!
    I had my 5dt on 9/17. I had severe cramping, worse than AF type cramps, mainly at nighttime. I had a mild case of OHSS, was constipated a lot and was taking estrase and PIO injections. All of those were a factor for me. The PIO will give you cramps and I was told by my IVF nurse that it may have been more intense for me because of the constipation along with it. Taking colase helped quite a bit. I had a little bleeding from the ER, but after ET, my 2WW and pregnancy never had any.

    Since learning that my pregnancy isn't viable, I've been stressing now that the AF cramping I was having was a early sign of things not implanting correctly. Never will know. My cramping was much worse than AF type cramps. I was informed that cramping is normal, so I'm lost.
    I hope this is the one that sticks and continues to grow healty. ;)

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